Posted by: David | March 6, 2010

Flying Colours

Today was  the first totally gorgeous sunny day to give true hope of spring’s arrival. We still could get slammed with some horrendous snowstorms, but days like today are incontrovertible harbingers. The temperature hit 45°F by noon, so after some sunning in the greenhouse, it was time to take the overhauled Fuji bicycle out for its shakedown cruise.

This morning Oliver stood guard over the deer tracks leading to the bird feeders. The Stupid Goldfinches fling enough seeds every day to keep all the ground feeding critters very happy. The deer come at night. See their tracks coming in from back into the horse pasture?

Next week is Spring Break at the college, and everyone gets Monday off. I’ve taken Tuesday and Friday as well. So I’m just getting started at settling in to a relaxing slump. And today was a great start. Once the temperature went up enough, I donned all the necessary layers …

First a black cotton t-shirt, then all these, in this order. I was warm enough.

put some regular old pedals on for the shakedown ride. The driveway snowbank is holding the bike up by the left pedal.

Pumped the tires up to operating pressure (90 psi) after they’d been seasoning at 60psi for a week or two.  I need to get another set of pedals to match what’s on the other bike (so I can use the same shoes and cleats) but for now I just put some old fashioned pedals on and wore some ratty old sneakers. Headed south towards Henniker. It was cold, but not too bad. I turned back at about 5 miles out. The bike performed pretty much flawlessly. Shifted nicely through the entire range of gears. I only rode for about an hour, but it was quite satisfying. Didn’t see any other cyclists out on the road. There’s still plenty of snow at the sides of the road, and sand, but the new tires are so very rugged. My blue Fuji passed the shakedown ride with flying colors! Flying colors!

Hey! Don’t hit that dead chipmunk!

It’s not safe to take photos of oneself and one’s dog while driving, but it’s not as bad as texting on my cell phone. Which I don’t do. While driving. Oliver really likes his little weekly jaunt to the dump and the Kwik-E-Mart to buy the Sunday papers. He’s very attentive to all the happenings on the busy streets of Bradford.

Jeez, I said DON’T run over the dead chipmunk you dork!

Don’t have much else for ya here, Internet. I think there may be some significance to the fact that we’re at the tail end of our onions as my wife just put theonions out into the greenhouse.

Our onion and garlic dispensaries. On top of the microwave. Running low on both.

his purple onion is so full of life. It’s sprouting after being cut.

ou should eat these things. That crap about bad breath is pure bullshit.

There is one more thing. The walking iris plant has no less than 5 flowers on it, which will open tomorrow, for their one day of glory. I’ll try to get a photo of the blooms when they open. But here’s a photo of them tonight.

Can you find all 5 flower buds? Hooray for you!


  1. I spent some time in the greenhouse today too! I saw a few bicyclists out today on my car ride into Newport. Oakley and I chose to take a couple of walks to enjoy the nice weather before settling into some housework and garden planning. Oh and Oakley has a grate in the back to prevent him from riding dashboard style like Oliver does.

    Wasn’t it just the most perfect greenhouse day? I’m glad you saw some other cyclists. I was feeling a little insane and expecting angry rednecks to swerve their pickups toward me. Glad you and Oakley got out for some walks. Oliver really likes the “catbird seat”. I elbow him every few minutes just to remind him who’s the boss.

  2. We have the same kind of day happening all the way down here. I have not made it outdoors for more than a quick minute or so as I am tied to the computer today. Part of which is working on my blog – which it seems everybody I know is now starting up. It’s like they are sick of Facebook and now have interlinking blogs instead. You and my friend Elaine have been way ahead of the curve. I want to list you on my blog list. May I?

    Well I took a slightly longer bike ride today too. It was another beauty. 🙂

    You have no idea how interesting this comment is to me, and how nonplussed I am that you would consider this idiotic blog of mine to be even on the curve much less “ahead” of it … on any curve … ! I would be honored for this blog to be in your list. We call that a “blogroll”. I believe blogger’s etiquette has a quid pro quo sort of thing going on. So, you can let me add your blog to my roll, right? So please pop your URL into the box next time, OK professor?

    Facebook is fun, but the collection of folks I’ve met through the blogosphere is another form of endearing. Over the 3 years that I’ve spewed this randomness, fellow bloggers have come and gone. As often as I wonder why I click Publish, I wonder about this form. How long can it last and does that even matter? How much truth is to be found in blog posts and does THAT even matter?

  3. We’ve been getting temps into the 50s, with clear skies and light breezes. The ponds are thawing around the edges. There’s lots of snow melt, keeping dog parks and trails muddy. Spring is coming … but the meteorologists keep harping on the March and April blizzards we’ve seen in the past. Nature is such a tease!

    She is a tease all right. Today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday. I got about 90 minutes of sun time in the greenhouse and then took the bike out for another spin, which was shortened so that I could go meet up with my daughter and SIL at their house-in-construction. It has a fully shingled roof, doors, windows, and most of the interior partitions are framed. We spent quite a bit of time there checking out the spaces and marveling at how fast the builders are working. 🙂

  4. Ok — so it isn’t just me. There is a general consensus that there is hope for spring. The young lad kept stumbling out of his web 2.0 stupor to tell me that the snow was going away! This is progress. Seeing those shirts reminded me that they offer the full regalia for cycling if you are interested in being a living billboard. Do you wear the whole rig? compression pants and all? Anyway let me know if you like this idea — I have never had a single idea of what to get you (that you would actually like!) so if you would like any of these clothes — just say the word.

    Web 2.0 stupor: LOL! Duh, I know what that is … and is good for checking the weather, in lieu of going outside …

    Re: biking clothes. Note that all those shirts are solid colors. I will wear no logos, though I would consider this one:

    My wife would never allow me to wear “compression pants” (lest those with whom I share the road see the outlines of my equipment ((if they have binoculars, magnifying glasses, or other spying instrumentation)) and admire my manly physique). I do wear biking chamois underneath suitably baggy shorts, pants, or even pyjama bottoms. The ass padding provided by the chamois is necessary. As for the shirts, they are made of polyester materials that breathe and wick away perspiration (e.g. EMS “Techwick”) and I wear as many layers as needed for the temperature. The outermost layer is chosen exclusively for visibility. Dayglo green, orange, or yellow are good colors. I want motorists to see me.

  5. Oliver is so cute! He has such a round perfect black nose, I just wanna bite it off! (is that weird?)

    Also, I love me some onions and try to put them in everything, and bad breath whatever, that’s what gum and toothpaste is for 😉

    PS: I couldn’t find even one of those buds. I suck.

    Oh yes, the most adorable dog going in still photos and silent movies. I’m sure he would love to meet you, and maybe exchange nose bites. So please stop by if you’re ever in New Hampshire.

    I’m glad you agree on the onions. Gum, toothpaste AND tongue scrapers. But it’s worth it. Chances are if someone’s breath is that bad then A) you’re too close, B) they are ill, or C) they’ve been licking skunk butts.

    You totally do NOT suck! The buds are hard to see, and one of them was a double bud. As a consolation prize for you Romi, I changed the title of this post a tiny tiny bit in a Canadian sort of way. 🙂

  6. But when I told you that leeks and even cabbage also sprout in the icebox, you thought it was because they had been drying.

    Boy was I ever wrong. I stand corrected.

  7. Yes, and cabbage does it more neatly. It produces another little cabbage in its center, a pretty smaller version all folded up.

    Yes, the cabbages are wonderfully willing to make their delicious leaves at every possible scale. When I’m trying to read and understand an article on contemporary physics discussing the 9 dimensions needed by string theory, of which most are invisibly curled up, my forebrain is conjuring images of brussels sprouts and other tight little brassicas. 🙂 Invariably I either fall asleep or give up on reading the entire article. 🙂

  8. Colo”u”rs!!!!!!!! Hahaha…amazing, thank you! 🙂

    You’re welcome Romi. That u’s for you!

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