Posted by: David | February 17, 2010

Walking Iris, Bicycle Crank

Sorry about the stupid title. It sounded good to me. Sorry for apologizing.


And why does the title even matter? I don’t know. It just DOES. This post is mainly to illustrate the blooming of our Walking Iris plant. Its blossoms last for just one day, then they shrivel up and fall off. I believe we’ve seen these here before, but hey, every flower has its day, right? Then there’s my bicycle project …

Ain’t it a pretty little flower?

One day later. Completely shriveled up.

But don’t be sad, there are beautiful orchids blooming nearby.

This is the backside of the bloom. They are facing out the window.

Part Two. Bicycle crank removal. For the uninitiated, the crank is where the pedals are. I mentioned that I’m working on my Fuji Touring bicycle in a previous post. Between the original owner and myself, I estimate this bicycle has about 10,000 miles on it. It took some figuring to determine what I needed to get to restore the drive train, which consists of crank, chain, and the cogs on the back wheel, called the cassette. Well after about a dozen emails I think I have my parts order all straightened out. And I’ve been disassembling the bike.

Here’s my crank removal tool fully inserted and ready to pull off the chainring assembly. Just a little clockwise rotation of the lever and …

Are you getting excited yet? Well check out how worn some of the sprocket teeth are …

I wrote on the chainrings with a Sharpie as I was counting the teeth. I didn’t see that the number of teeth was stamped on the rings already. Duh.

And now my order for parts from Alfred E Bike of Kalamazoo, MI is complete. They say the parts should ship by Friday. My bicycle is completely stripped and ready for the operation.

Looks sorta skeletal, huh? Moved it to another section of the basement so it would show up better in the photo.

New tires, tubes, crank, cassette, chain, and brake pads. That ought to do it. I hope it all comes together as well as it all came apart. Wish me luck.



  1. You’ll have that bike out on the road in no time, Dave, I have confidence in you. As for the flower porn, it’s beautiful. As per usual. The backside of the bloom is really spectacular.

    Thanks Wendy! Looks like the parts have shipped. I got a little UPS thingy in my email. But it says the package is only one pound. Hmm. That can’t be true. Glad you like the flowers. I liked your potted parsley shot too!

  2. Normally to put things back together takes much longer than taking them apart. Yes, if the package is only one pound, they sent you the wrong thing. However, since winter there lasts way into spring, you’ll have that bike ready in time even if it takes you two or three months from now. Around Easter you’ll have a holiday, won’t you?

    Does the Walking Iris have very large horizontal “roots”?

    Maybe they meant one kilo. Or 10 pounds not one. Or maybe it’s a partial shipment. I’ll be surprised if there’s a mistake in the items since I exchanged about 10 emails getting everything straight. Putting the bicycle back together won’t be hard, but whether the gears will shift properly will be the big trick. I’m taking a bit of a leap of faith here. Thanks for your encouragement.

    The Walking Iris doesn’t have remarkable roots. But apparently it has another common name of “twelve apostles” or “apostle plant”. Our specimen has been in a pot by the window for several years. It blooms every few months.

  3. There’s something very special about a blossom that lasts just a day. You appreciate it so much more.

    Wendy said it first, but yes, the orchid shot is spectacular. I’ve always been a sucker for backlighting. The added translucence is nature’s piece de resistance.

    I agree with you on the ephemeral blossoms. Also remarkable is how tightly they shrivel. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with the other common name of “apostle plant”.

    Orchids are, like, the opposite. My wife is an orchid genius! They’re beautiful from any angle and the flowers last forEVER!

  4. I like your title. It’s, like, about what it’s about. Gorgeous! (I mean the crank; the flower’s kinda pretty, too.) You are the only person I know who can use the tag “flower porn” with a straight face. If indeed you did. 🙂

    Thanks museditions. It came into my mind as a play on “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” but only inasmuch as it contains four words and a comma. I think the flower porn tag may have been co-generated by one of my humorous commenters. I’m certainly not the first to try to capture the overt sexuality of flowers. Thanks for your appreciative words.

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