Posted by: David | February 13, 2010

The JUMBLE Is So Lame … Why Do I Even Do It?

While we’re at the table having dinner, or breakfast, we like to read, work on crossword puzzles, or the Jumble. I usually do the Jumble. Lately it’s been even lamer than usual. For some reason I like to unscramble the words, but not so keen on figuring out the “answer”. The answers are usually groan-inducing.

My penmanship is not so great. But I figured out the puzzle. Go me.

There are some more useful projects underway at the homestead. As the sun returns to us, my wife ordered garden seeds a few weeks ago and faithfully started the onion seeds last week. Also she started geraniums, asters and some black-eyed susans.

Here’s the little indoor plant workspace in our basement.

The onions, red and white. Same varieties as last year.

Our onion crop last year was amazing. Probably because we had so much rain in the spring and early summer. We’re just about at the tail end of the onions we harvested last fall. They kept really well. My wife made some onion rings a few weeks back. Yummmmmmm.

Some flower seedlings.

I placed an order for a bunch of parts for my Fuji touring bike. The fine folks at Performance Bicycle didn’t have what I needed but were kind enought to direct me to Alfred E Bike, where I put together this parts “wish list”. Finally last night, I put all the stuff into the cart and ordered it.

Drive train parts mostly. And a pair of new tires.

My bike sits in the stand, waiting for surgery. The basement’s kinda messy. Sorry.

Well that pretty much covers it for the moment. There is another very exciting project underway some miles from here. My daughter and her husband have started building their new home. The foundation is done and the framing should start soon. Maybe I’ll get some pix of that soon. Happy Valentine’s Day all you cupids and wannabes. It’s a dumb holiday, but at least there’s candy.


  1. Alfred E Bike? What’s their slogan?

    What? Me Pedal?

    I know, funny name huh? Really good prices though. Apparently they’ve been in business since 1972. And they were very helpful via email. Some bike shops don’t care much for working on old bikes.

  2. Basements are supposed to be messy…I don’t see the doggy basket on that bike?

    The growing season never ends for you.

    Thanks MTAE, you’re right about basements. Our attic looks way worse. Actually Oliver doesn’t like my bikes at all. I could bungee him down to the rack on the back I guess. Today I took off the chain. Tomorrow I will do some more dismantling.

    You’re right about the growing season too. Especially if you count all the houseplants. There will be some flower porn soon. Orchids, and the walking iris is gonna bloom tomorrow.

  3. walking iris??

    Yes, it’s in the iris family. Here’s a nice page describing it. I’ve taken a few photos too. The blooms only last one day, after which they shrivel up most pathetically.

  4. Nice looking sprouts, D.
    But I suppose all the girls tell you that. 🙂
    I used to do the crossword in the back of the TV Guide. Then I felt kind of 0-o about that. Then I felt kind of o-0 about subscribing to the TV Guide. Still, if something amuses one, it’s worthwhile, no?

    My girl done sprouted them sprouts. They will hopefully become our onion crop this summer, if the weather cooperates.

    A few posts back I went on about a jigsaw puzzle that my BFF and I had quite a bit of fun with. The stupid thing was that I’d bought this puzzle as a gift for his daughter some years back. She was under 10 for sure, and us 50-somethings were having a tough but amusing time with it.

    I like your 0-o and o-0. We’ve subscribed to TV Guide, but only under duress. When friends’ children are doing those fund-raiser thingies for their schools.

    Thanks for your comment museditions!

  5. re Fuji Touring — I have a 2010 Fuji touring and only major change from standard set up was to get Sugino Xd 26-36-48 triple — this gives me much better range of gears.
    I hope you enjoy the set up too.
    Thanks for your post.

    Thanks for your comment Ev. I’m the second owner of this bike, which I think is from about 1993. Having ridden the bike for a few years I was pretty happy with the gearing, so I wanted to keep it the same. It’s geared somewhat like a mountain bike. I don’t tour with loads, but I guess I could with this kind of gearing. I had 35c tires before, so I hope that the 32c Schwalbes are OK. A fellow touring guy said he liked his Schwalbe tires. I’ll be posting more on this project, as I don’t have a hell of a lot else to blog about …

  6. That work bench — it seems to be attached to the shelf: what was that originally for? It is a beautiful work bench, and I can’t imagine what it was built for.

    And the little plants? You have to do that this way because your summer doesn’t start till late in the year. We are having a cold spell now here (in Spain), but other years, by mid-February, even though the weather would still be dreary, the almond trees would start to blossom.

    You have such a good eye for photo reading cantueso. That little table was custom built by me about 20 years ago, to accommodate a little electronic keyboard teaching system that my dad bought as a gift for my daughter. It was connected to a Nintendo gaming system and was supposed to be an easy way for a student to learn to play a keyboard. My daughter found it rather frustrating, but she was only 10 years old. The table is not attached to the plant table, and is sturdy, but rather crudely constructed with rough-cut lumber and a plywood top.

    We always start plants indoors under lights like this. In general, the last frost date is in May. By then our indoor started seedlings have been potted up once or twice and are living out in the greenhouse. As much as I wish we could grow things like almonds and olives here, I am not planning on moving south. Ever. I love it where we are. But I’ll be looking forward to seeing your almond blossoms.

  7. I really should garden, you inspire me.

    Thanks for your kind comment GFTG. Yes, you should garden. Everyone should. End of sermon.

  8. Yes, everyone should garden. Me: I have to move back to NH just as my harvest comes in so I don’t anymore. Too frustratin’ – but next year I am on sabbatical so I can stick around and peel the onions as it were. So maybe I will do it again this year. For now, I am counting the days til my peonies blossom. Which is about 125 or 130, or so.

    Thanks for backing me up on this vermonter. I guess it would be frustrating to not be able to follow through the entire cycle. However, gardening is a fairly scalable activity. I would say that growing alfalfa sprouts in your kitchen constitutes a gardening activity. Keeping houseplants too. Or tomatoes in a 5 gallon bucket, etc.

  9. Imagine having a frost in May. However, for some strange reason here you get to hate the rain and love the sun each more and more. The difference is just too big.

    The rain feels abject, the sun feels glorious, and none feels normal or average. Also, in winter it is impossible to recall the summer. Whether in summer it is also hard to imagine winter I don’t know, because I would not even try.

    I think our minds’ internal clock has a short cycle when it comes to weather memory. Maybe the body’s perception of it is more influential than the memory data, and that is a constantly refreshed stream of sensory information. We’ve had snow in May. At a commencement ceremony at the college some years back, our facilities people built two snow men by the commencement tent.

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