Posted by: David | January 28, 2010

Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea

So they say NBC is, like, hitting the bottom. Or something. But only there, back in December ’09 could one see Captain Kirk and The Alaskan Rogue Lady do dramatic readings from each other’s books. Priceless!

Palin and Shatner. Thespians on Conan O’Brian’s show. Whatever.

Bill is so short! It was a new high in lowness. Hard to put into words. Brought to you by Hulu and Bing. Watch the commercial at the beginning because you have to.

This has nothing to do with the title of this post. But if you experience any of those symptoms, please call your doctor.


  1. You dog. I was afraid you were sick!

    Yes, sick with titleitis. I was spinning in front of the TV this morning and some damn drug commercial came on. The side effect disclaimer got stuck in my head and became the title for this previously written post. It seemed to fit. Lucky for me I don’t get sick much. Thanks for your empathy! As a reward for your calling me a dog I offer this graphic:

    No Dogma

    • Oh, thanks. This is something that I could put to very good use one of these days.

      I can email you a larger version if you like. Name your file format; bmp, jpg, etc.

  2. Add “suicide” as another side-effect. I once got a prescription that included suicide as a side effect. Or thoughts of suicide, suicidal thoughts.

    I wonder how they discovered this side effect.

    Yes, and death, the ultimate side effect. I expect that they discover these problems during the human trials phase of drug development.

    Placebo subjects suicided. Oops. 😦

  3. This was funny…I saw it the night after they did the readings. I think the two of them are quite similar.

    Yeah it was in early December I guess. I see the similarities … one piloted a starship in a 1967 TV show and the other shot elk from a helicopter. One played a cop and a lawyer on some other TV shows and the other was governor of a frozen state where winter nights last all day long. Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, I know, thanks for commenting MTAE! Your wit is highly appreciated here!

  4. Have you watched Shatner’s Raw Nerve? I expect to see Sarah Palin on there, which really will induce nausea and vomiting. He fawns over everyone so, not really listening to them but thinking of what he’ll say next. If she’s on there, and I expect her to be, he’ll be sickening.
    He made Gene Simmons cry.

    Wow Wendy, no I haven’t seen that. But thanks for letting me know. We don’t have Bio channel. The excerpts I can see on Hulu are quite nauseating, as you say. Shit!

  5. The news here is full about the weather there, and I started praying for your roof and also for yourself and your wife and your cat and Oliver when they announced here that there would be historical levels of snow in (can’t remember where, a big city).

    I calculated it was about 8o cm, and this in a big city. Madrid goes bust or belly up or cap in hand when there is more than 2 inches of snow.

    “Bust, belly up, cap in hand” is what I learned two days ago from an article about US banks. They are really funny, and so I used them here where they do not fit, which is a pity.

    Well thank you for your prayers. I’ll ask our local deity’s representative to reroute your prayers to folks well south of us who were hit by the “snowpocalypse”. We didn’t get a single flake here. Sunny yesterday and today. I’m glad too, though I feel sorry for the folks who make their livings running the ski slopes here. It’s been a very un-snowy winter so far. I see your current post is all about the snow.

    No problem on the bank quips. Non-sequitir totally acceptable here.

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