Posted by: David | January 23, 2010

Not Much Going On …

Except for all that sadness on the news of course. If you haven’t given some money to Haiti yet, please do. If you ever get to feeling bad about your life, just turn on the TV news for ten minutes. What a world.

It’s the dead of winter. We don’t have a lot of snow on the ground really. There’s supposed to be a storm coming tomorrow night but it’s predicted to warm up and be mostly a lot of rain. OK then … starting a post writing about the weather does not bode well …

Boredom is in the mind of the beholder.

Life is not boring though. Far from it. It’s been very busy.  This was the first week of classes for the Spring  2010 semester at work. It’s always great to have the students back on campus. They bring such life and energy to the place. The beginning of the Spring semester is probably the best time of the academic year. Except for a sprinkling of transfer students, all the students are returning students. They already know the place, unlike in the fall, when there is some stress for the newbies. And from the computer support point of view (which is my POV) there are a lot fewer calls to the help desk because the students got their laptops all connected to the network in the Fall.

One thing I’ve been working on is trying to figure out how to use Windows 7. I almost never post about technical stuff. Odd since that is my vocation, hmm? Well let me just say, since I have no other meaningless drivel to spout, that Windows 7 is easily the best version of Windows EVER. Starting with Vista, Microsoft took a close and loving look at Apple’s Mac OS, and did a fairly nice job imitating its look and feel. Of course, they also wickedly over-mega-hyped the CRAP out of Vista’s release, and it was not ready for market yet. It never really got ready. Still, it was not as bad as Windows ME, the worst Windows ever.

Windows 7 is built on the Vista design foundation, but it works really well. Like MacOS, it sort of makes itself fit on whatever hardware its installed on. Using the native imaging tools, I was able last fall to set up Windows 7 Enterprise on a relatively old desktop, install Office and our other common applications, and take the image of this setup with the Microsoft provided tool kit. I’ve since applied this image to about a dozen different desktops and laptops since with success each time. For you non-nerd readers, this is like knitting a sweater that fits everyone. It also represents Microsoft’s sincere attempt to deliver an honestly good OS with a fully functional tool set for IT professionals.  There’s even a free antivirus solution to help compete with that myth of Macs being virus proof. What? Yes, it’s called Microsoft Security Essentials and it’s free. I’ve been trying it out and don’t have reliable data on how good it is yet, but it’s a significant event anyway.

So I’m done talking about weather and work stuff now. Hope you all got your yawns in. It’s a beautiful sunny day here and time to go outside.


  1. We’ve been a bit short on warm get outside and do something days. And it’s really beginning to grate. It’s about now when I tie a knot in the end of my rope and hang on for dear life till spring comes.

    Well lucky you pied type! We here in New Hampshire start tying that knot in March. 🙂 Today was actually extremely productive. I was able to do the normal Sunday dump run and return home to get the chainsaw going and drop a tree right where I wanted to, make some rice pudding, and some fish chowder for dinner using the perfect leftover ingredients from the fridge. It’s almost enough to write a complete post. Maybe I should …

  2. I don’t know why I did not see this post before. Nor that picture. The cat looks incredibly wide, but I noticed that before that cats can do that, as if they had no bones inside.

    Yes, she does look rather wide. She’s a pretty large cat. Not overweight, but larger frame than almost all the other cats we know of in her family. This post was quickly buried by the successor post. Now I’m lagging again.

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