Posted by: David | September 10, 2009

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Yeah, not for reals. Bet you thought I was gonna recycle an old post. No way. Original ‘Content’ Only. Not a speck of cereal … You would only want to fast-forward through the Previously, on … segment anyway. My wife usually does this at the beginning of Rescue Me, which irritates me, because I like the psychedelic background music while reviewing Tommy Gavin’s recent exploits, it’s like a flashback to the ’70s man

Yes, we like Rescue Me. It’s edgy and dark. That’s how TV makes you feel nowadays.

Anyway, the WordPress Akismet Spam Filter has trapped an heroically tortured bit of prose which feels worthy of sharing. Mind you, I have edited it minimally, removing only the hyperlinks, which, regrettably, were nowhere near as interesting as these words …

Women looking altercation as a sign up to men USA. Virtuous People. I am generous of a goth broad with piercings and some tattoos, but I am pacify a absolutely gratifyingly girl that likes to be treated well. Don’t be impudent to me when we talk on webcam. If you aren’t into girls like me, that is relaxed with secure someone you are into. If you like girls like me then we should talk and spy what good of discountenance we can go to ourselves into. I’m pretty yield minded and consenting to prove upright less anything once.

I’m pretty yield minded too. Hope I can prove upright too. I guess. But this Corn Moon brought a sad thing to our window. I’m sorry to have to show it to you, but it’s a compulsion of mine. To show you gross pictures of  dead things. I’m sorry about that. There’s really something wrong with me … A poor little goldfinch somehow got its head caught in one of our feeders and died there. I feel a little guilty that we’d let the feeder get so empty, and this has never happened before in the 2 years we’ve had this feeder going. We just got a little too busy I guess. Mind you this is a truly rare event. We keep the feeders going with sunflower seeds year round (about 400 pounds of seed annually) and hundreds of birds visit every day. But the poor thing got its little head caught between the chute and the bottom. I wasn’t sure the bird corpse was going to come out in one piece, but thankfully it did.

No, this bird’s not pinin’ for the fjords.

And this full moon also brings the most incredibly huge onions we’ve ever grown. Planted as almost invisible green threads way back before the monsoons in early May. They did so well with all the rain. Best onions ever. And then there were the  mutant squash that sprang from the compost pile.

Below is Oliver’s view from the big picture window.

Morning photo. Harvested onions on the picnic table with a mutant squash.

Heavy rains in spring and early summer = beautiful onions.

Here’s an even bigger mutant squash on the vine.

Here’s a normal squash sprung from the compost pile. The variety is buttercup.

This full moon also brought the largest-ever crop of new students to the college where I work. For the 3rd year in a row.  And this class is bigger than the last one by almost 25%. Amazing. We call them “first-years” instead of freshmen. The campus is so totally abuzz when they return. 🙂 It’s very uplifting.

Here are a bunch of students in front of the library entrance. The library was made from 2 old barns and a silo.


  1. OMG. I must have problems because the poor bird head made me laugh. If the birds publish an annual Darwin Awards, this guy wins. Awww.

    I LOVE the mutant squash picks. We had a freeze the other night and we are still figuring out if we will have any salvageable squash.

    Guess I have that problem too, as the Monty Python parrot sketch was the first thing that popped into my brain. Visual to a fault, my brain further tries to figure out why the little birdie couldn’t just pull its head out from under the seed chute. Perhaps it was a juvenile and thus inexperienced bird, or, what I think really happened, the angles didn’t allow it to get the footing needed on the perch, combined with the bird’s inability to figure out that it would have a better chance of release if it first pushed further in. There’s also the possibility that some other bird was involved. I think we both know how easily a bird’s neck bones can be snapped, assuming that you’ve raised broilers in your farming endeavors.

    When we cut open the mutant squash we’ll be optimistic, but chances are we’ll be disappointed. Hopefully the seeds will roast up tastefully. Some squash seeds are a tad bitter. Sorry you had a frost already. We’re expecting one early this year. Lowest so far is 41°F.

  2. I had a chickadee pass on at my bird feeder last year. Actually the killer feeder was my wasband’s. I love feeding the birds.

    I’ve been scarce lately because of my granddaughter but she’s getting bigger now and can amuse herself more and more.

    Hope you had a good summer and are enjoying being back to school.

    Thank you Joan. I’ve been silently admiring your grandparenthood over at Whatever I Think and the baby’s blog. That binky footage brought back memories. 🙂

  3. What a pleasant photo overlooking the yard…it must be nice to see that each day. I know you put a lot of work into it…

    With the amount of offending I do on a weekly basis, I will reserve comment on the finch to maybe save my soul from eternal damnation.

    Yes. It is nice to see this each day. We are blessed. 🙂

    Thanks for your service and for your comments. Eternally damned though we may be.

  4. Sing, sing, sing

    Thank you Nimish, for sharing this spectacular video. It renders me speechless.

  5. Gosh, am I the only one who feels awful about that poor bird? I can’t help it. I’m imagining how it must have suffered in there. 😦 I’m such a downer.

    That is your library? How cool! Are you not allowed to say what college this is? I’d like to know, just out of curiosity.

    I have seen whole blogs written similar to what you posted of your spam comment. What is that?

    I’ve said it before, but your yard is awesome!

    Hi birdpress, thanks for your comment. Yes we felt pretty bad about it too, and in trying to figure out how the poor thing met its end I imagined the suffering too. It was awful.

    Yes, the library at Colby-Sawyer College was built in the early 80s from a couple of rehabbed barns and a silo. Check this link out for the full story.

    That was a spam comment that the Akismet filter caught. The links I removed linked to hookup sites, in this case probably east hemisphere females looking for mates? Hard to say. But yes, the internet has so many uses doesn’t it?

    Thanks for repeated compliments on the yard, I certainly haven’t tired yet of seeing it and posting images.

  6. Oh that poor bird. 😦 I’d never heard of such a thing happening, but Joan reports a similar incident. I’m going to take a very hard look at my feeders, current and future.

    Love the pic of your campus. Bet that building is one of a kind.

    Thanks for your comment PT. Trust me, bird feeder fatalities are extremely rare. In fact, this is the only one I know of in 14 years of bird feeding.

    Yes, the library is a very unique building. I was fortunate enough to have my office there for most of this decade. Unfortunately, my sense of Feng Shui was so off that I was not able to correctly position my desk until the last year of residence. Now my office is in the basement of the main administrative building of the college, Colgate Hall. It’s all good.

  7. Oh no, birdie, at least he got to go with his face in some yummy food, that ain’t so bad right? 😉

    And the mutant squash was lovely, it looked like a pumpkin, is it odd to carve squashes for Halloween?

    PS: i don’t watch Rescue Me but I know what you mean about dark and edgy TV…like I can’t stop watching Breaking Bad…a high school chemistry teacher that cooks crystal meth…didn’t know any teachers like that when I was in school 😉

    Nice try Romi. The yummy food was pretty much all gone.

    Re: mutant squash. We have a saying, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then carve a jack ‘o lantern out of it.

    I got hooked on Breaking Bad last season. It’s an awfully dark little show isn’t it? Was NOT happy when the girlfriend OD’d and teacher just let it happen. NOT happy at all. 😦

  8. I don’t watch dark downer TV (unless you can count Bones in that?) Love that library! Sad abt that poor bird…

    Guess I’m all caught up here. Happy New Semester of School!

    We like Bones too. It’s more gross and disgusting than it is dark. And Bones herself is quite the whack job caricature. Fortunately, she is beautiful, just like the rest of characters on the show. Thanks for getting all caught up C. I need to get caught up too. 🙂

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