Posted by: David | July 21, 2009

Don’t Write This Down

Hi Internet! I’ve been pondering this for some time now, and see other bloggers occasionally doing the same. Perhaps more often now with the distractingly exaggerated allure of Twitter and Facebook, we bloggers are wondering again why the hell it is that we continue to prattle on … I surely don’t know, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. My attention span has not yet collapsed into a black hole. Aren’t you lucky!?

I use a pen
that has no ink
to write down thoughts
I do not think

A rose is a rose.

I hang on your every word, but please don’t hang on mine. I may not mean what I say OR say what I mean. Same goes for what I write. This has already been written. Don’t write this down.

Having promised you nothing
I can honestly say
that I think I’ve delivered
in my own little way

It’s the bowl of cherries.Β  Again. They look sorta pathetic don’t they? $1.99/pound.

The deer ate our hostas
our tomatoes have blight
still somehow I manage
to sleep through the night

I’ve sprayed them and sprayed them and sprayed them. Hope they make it. 😦

For real, the deer totally demolished this hosta plant. Bastards!!

What the hell is with this verse?
Wait a sec, it’s getting worse …
Thirty days has September
April, June, and November
all the rest have 31 except February
which went WEE WEE WEE all the way home

What’s the opposite of nihilism? Would that be somethingism?

Repeat question: Is it wrong to be prejudiced against bigots?

Where does the expression “OK” come from?

I officially proclaim this my most random post.


Normally I would have apologized in advance. Not this time.


  1. Don’t apologize! I love your witty verse.

    Thanks C. πŸ™‚ I didn’t apologize. Actually.

    Thanks, that link provided a nice concise briefing on OKAY. I like the idea that it has African roots myself.

  2. I think this was a great post. And did you write the poetry, as IdeaJump seems to think?

    2 dollar for a pound of cherries is very much. I get them here for € 1.35 the kilo, but I prefer grapes. The shop is called Azahara and is a girl’s name here. Azahar is (washed down) Arabic for orange flower. It is a beautiful word, but I have never seen the flower. The shop belongs to an immigrant from North Africa who has opened 13 vegetable shops in the Madrid region and serves things so fresh and good that two big supermarkets in the neighbourhood could no longer sell their fresh stuff, since his is about 40% cheaper.

    Well thank you very much cantueso. And yes, I wrote the little rhymes. To call it poetry is profoundly generous.

    To me $2 a pound seems a good deal. I’ve seen them as high at $6. They all come from Washington state, about 3000 miles away. I love them. I love grapes too.

    Yes, azahar is a beautiful word isn’t it? That’s nice that the small shop can compete with the supermarket and provide good produce. I wonder why he is able to sell his stuff for so much less than the big places.

  3. I love this post. You are excellent at randomese. $2/lb out there? A steal!

    Thanks maleesha. πŸ™‚ Yeah and the cherries are really good too. They should be even cheaper out there in Montana, right? Closer to Washington?

  4. He can sell cheaper than the big places because he does his buying and selling a day at a time. The supermarkets need to place their orders in advance, and they actually buy cherries the way you would buy canned food, not according to today’s situation, but according to shelf and warehouse stats. So they often run out of things, and more often they have things rotting on them.

    In Lucerne a veggie man set up his shop in front of the supermarket. In the fairly rich north part of Madrid I saw a veggie man installed in the entrance of a supermarket. What do you call that in biology? Symbiosis?

    The Moro owner (this is what they call immigrants from North Africa here) works very hard, and he probably does not pay his employees a correct salary. But what would a correct salary be if nobody else would give those immigrant girls a job anymore?

    They call them Moro and Mora to their faces. There does not seem to be any tension though. I have been told it comes from “Mauritania”. Shakespeare’s Othello is also called a “moor”, though sometimes described as a black man. I always call them Arabs and the Spaniards correct me.

    Interesting commentary as usual cantueso. What slang terms do the Spaniards apply to the Swiss I wonder.

    The veggie folks in the supermarket entrance must be symbiotic or else the supermarket would not allow it. It’s hard to imagine that the supermarkets would tolerate this without any kind of benefit to their commerce.

  5. No, these short things are called poems. There is a famous one, do you know? something like “I took the plum that was in the icebox..” Maybe I can find it later.

    Yes, there was a bitch, but it was on a “train of thought” that had nothing to do with this blog. You said: “Why did you say that?” which reminded me of English exam questions here.

    Let’s say the story is that ABD was a very successful film. So the exam paper asks: “Why do you think the film was successful?” But the examiner meant to ask: “Why was the film successful? Give your opinions.”

    Exams and academe are two of your favorite targets aren’t they? Not to fuel your fire, but I would suppose that the seeking of opinion is merely a device to stimulate writing. Your English exam may as well use popular media to elicit speech. Personally I thought ABC was a terrible film. πŸ™‚

  6. It would be terrible if you simply gave up on your blog. Why don’t you simply republish things? Ideally since your blog is mainly about gardening, you could now republish last year’s July gardening, maybe cut out some and add some. That would be the same every year. And the same blogs would reappear just as the same seasons reappear, which does not make them boring, but evocative.

    And so the reader would compare this year’s garlic to last year’s garlic and this year’s mustard harvest to last year’s and thereby learn something.

    This way you could have a blog of about 12 x 4 recurrent posts or a few more or less and all of it in such a pretty order, an order which is both logical and natural.

    Why thank you cantueso, my most perseverative* commenter! I do not intend to give up on this blog even though I so often wonder why the hell I do it. I wonder why the hell I do all kinds of things that I do every day, day after day, for many many years. Evocative- that is a very nice compliment. Thank you.

    The gardening journal is one of the few useful purposes of this endeavor, for those reasons you mention.

    *This is a lighthearted jibe in your direction. Have you ever heard the term perseveration? No malice intended.

  7. I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

    “forgive me They were delicious” is not as nice as the rest.

    However, your last one is very nice !

    The idea to rhyme verse and worse………

    Hmmmm. Any Yiddish in your background?

    Yes, that’s a lovely little poem there, about the plums. Who wrote it?

    You, uh, LIKED that … really? Surely you jest.

    And yes, there is Yiddish in my background. Definitely, but from my distant childhood. Does rhyming verse and worse clue you in on that somehow?

  8. Just bought some cherries yesterday. Couldn’t tell you what I paid for them because I didn’t look. I’ll buy them at any price. Not prudent, but I luv ’em!

    I’m intrigued that a small vendor in Spain could undersell the supermarkets. Wish that were true here. I’ve seen so many small independent operators in all kinds of businesses having to shut down when the big guys moved in.

    Absolutely, cherries are PRICELESS!

    Cantueso is nothing if not intriguing, eh?

  9. The garden was dry
    Now it is flooded
    The rose bush died
    soon after it budded

    The raft is in place
    just waiting for the sun
    If it ever warms up
    The summer will be fun

    I like reading your blog
    I enjoyed the short verse
    Your poems are nice
    Sorry, Mine are much worse

    okay –

    WOW lakecrazy, that was like the best comment EVER! Actually it was MORE than like it, it WAS it. Thanks! πŸ˜€

    I must disagree
    that your verse
    is worse,

    Thanks for the most definitive OK info link yet, as well. Cecil Adams is very persuasive. And the idea of an abbreviation fad is positively titillating!

  10. Where does the expression OK come from?

    <Evidently, it depends on whom you ask.

    Considering how many
    times a day
    I have to click
    on that word “OK”
    it really would
    be nice to know
    whence came the K
    and whence came the O!
    But apparently I
    will never be able
    to know any more
    than your wiki table.

  11. My life has just taken a completely new turn.

    I wanted to learn how to record, but I did not know what an MP3 is and all the literature seemed to assume that MP3 is what everybody has, though some mentioned iPod, that I thought was a telephone. I saw many very small MP3 at Ebay for € 1.95 plus mailing charges and so I ordered one.

    I have not yet really found out how to make it work, but it works all the time anyway, and I put on my favourite nana, a guitar solo, a pretty thing

    It is played by Kaori Muraji according to Google, but there is a man playing, and according to Wiki Kaori is a woman.

    The little MP3 has been playing that same nana by now surely more than a dozen times, as I never get tired of it, but I wondered where and how its battery is, and when I went to the net to look for information, I found out that

    1. this thing is actually called an iPod.

    2. it is not clear how it is recharged.

    3. it is about 20 times more expensive than what I paid so that

    4. mine is actually not an iPod, but a clone, an imitation, an anonymous copy.

    So I looked up the legal info: Apple sued and won: the imitator (Samsung, according to my computer) appealed and won because the court was in Asia someplace, and the imitator turned around and sued Apples for 100 million dollars saying they had lost a big market share because of Apple’s law suit. This is still pending.

    Really sad. But the thingie does play the nana like nobody else has ever played it….

    So you got a bootleg iPod? Congratulations. If it’s like an iPod maybe you charge it by plugging it into one of your computer’s USB ports? I hope it gives you many hours of pleasurable listening and/or drowns out any bad noises happening near you.

    Thank you for that link to the YouTube video. What a beautiful piece of music. I think I’ll go over to Amazon directly and buy an MP3 of it. In that video the guitarist is listed as Pepe (Romero?)

    I don’t own one of those mp3 players but I should. Probably I haven’t because I don’t seem to need the portability of the music. But I’ve listened to them and seen plenty of them and I really should have one. I would go for an MP3 player too, although the iPod Touch or iPhone are just insanely amazing. Except that around here the AT&T cell signals are very inconsistent. And who needs to spend $100/mo on that? Not me. I already waste enough time on the internet.

  12. Those crazy Bostonians… starting acronym fads! I love the comments and the poetry and how you were able to get us all to do you research for you! OK!

    Thank you Care, you’re right! Thanks to all who pitched in. Now we know more about OK. OK then …

    Another thing I wonder about from time to time is if there is a name for that breath that you breath after every some number of shallower breaths. It’s a deeper breath, and when one yawns, it is the goal of the yawn to capture this type of breath. What is that called?

  13. Do not stop blogging. Good, glad you’re not. Gardens and poetry! Garden poetry! Random cabbages! It all makes my head spin. Which is quite delightful.

    Thanks museditions, for the encouragement, it sure is nice to have a fan. πŸ™‚ Randomness is supposed to be simple, but it’s not.

  14. Random is cool. I can’t believe how much time other websites like Facebook steal me away from blogging. I hear you on that!

    Facebook is very compelling because of its immediacy and frequency, but all those stupid apps, quizzes, and sociospam are really tedious sometimes.

  15. The little device? It is an imitation. It cost about 2 dollars. It is minute, about the size of 4 of those avatars on this post. I put in only one tune, as I won’t listen to music so often and one is quite enough for the time being.

    I don’t yet know what those AT&T signals are. My device is not connected to anything. I recorded that guitar. Yes, it is Pepe Romero. I read through the comments there, in Youtube, and I saw that Pepe Romero was mentioned frequently, but I thought they meant somebody else. I had never heard of him. Spaniards only mention AndrΓ©s Segovia. But I think this Pepe is even better, less bookish than Segovia, more on his own, but I don’t know a thing about it.

    “Pepe Romero” sounds very funny as a famous name, because it is very common, almost a name you’d use to refer to nobody in particular.

    A music playing device that holds one song only. That concept is somehow fascinating. But then, listening to things like Recuerdos de la Alhambra IS quite enough for the time being, as you say.

    The Spaniards, having every right to be proud of Segovia, are very proud of their culture, aren’t they? But hey, who isn’t?

    Pepe Romero ?=? John Smith

  16. Do you know this one? It is by Robert Burns and it not supposed to be nonsensical, but is a dialect and sounds like it :

    To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest, With The Plough

    Wee, sleekit, cowrin’, tim’rous beastie,
    O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
    Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
    Wi’ bickering brattle!
    I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
    Wi’ murd’ring pattle!

    No, I’ve not read this bit of Burns. As I’ve mentioned here previously, I’m practically illiterate. However, I have experienced firsthand the subject matter of this verse, yet I’m not sure what Burns is getting at. Should the tim’rous beastie just relax and watch the plow pass by, or continue the brattle over having its home utterly destroyed? Perhaps that’s why it is thought to be nonsensical.

  17. Ah — I knew there was a reason I liked to hang out here — besides my darling brother-in-law and all his ramblings in the garden!! It is that another fan/regular actually quotes William Carlos Williams — my all time favorite poet — “So much depends on a red wheel barrow glazed with rain beside white chickens.” Ahh — the masterpiece!!! And don’t let Dave-0 fool you — no illiterate there!

    Oh YEAH?! Who are you callin “not illiterate”?!?! Thanks to cantueso for bringing literacy and culture to this barren blog. πŸ™‚

  18. The poem by Burns is not non-sensical. He writes in his own dialect. He tries to philosophize on the age-old question of evil, or why would the mouse have to suffer, or what would give man the right to drive a plough through the mousie’s housie.

    (The system has just underlined “plough” and suggests “plow” instead, but that is a pity because it hides the origin of the word, the German Pflug pronounced “pfloog”.)

    I read about the tomato blight in the Herald Tribune which has now become part of the New York Times, a long thing, but not of interest to you. Apparently it is all over, partly because of the bad weather you have had and partly (they say) because so many people have taken up gardening because of the crisis and Michelle’s example. I did not believe that Michelle’s example was going to catch on. I still don’t.

    43 million “households” are growing their veggies.
    Have you ever met an American who lives in a city?

    Yeah, that gardening thing will never amount to anything.

    So my wife has figured out that the Great Tomato Blight of ’09 is all MY fault. Heard of Typhoid Mary? Well I’m Tomato Blight Dave. Apparently I’ve done something terribly wrong with the dirt and now the world is coming to an end. Crap. I can’t do anything right. 😦

    The more people who try having a garden because of Michelle, or anyone else, the better. πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I used to BE an American that lived in a city. Couple of cities in fact … New Haven, CT and Portland, OR. I guess Concord, NH probably doesn’t quite qualify as a city, more of a large town. I found in my twenties that the rural lifestyle was more to my liking.

  19. Yes, as a name “Pepe Romero” would be “John Smith”.

    Well damn! That John Smith sure can play that guitar!

  20. RE Pied Type:

    RE: a small shop underselling TWO big supermarkets in the same neighbourhood:

    The owner of the shop works very hard, drives a round and and gets things fresh every day, sometimes twice a day. Sometimes there are lines around his shop. He might even get things directly from farmers. The supermarkets buy wholesale and have the power to push down prices if they buy a ton at the time for later distribution via computerized warehouses.

    However, this treatment is only for processed food that can sit on the shelves for months. Fresh food has to be distributed much more individually, often can’t be piled up, often needs checking, and so supermarkets don’t make money on fresh food. They are not interested in that business.

    Yes! And that fresh food is the best food. Supermarkets do the best they can with it, but I bet that the amount of fresh food lost there is significant (10-20%). Which is partly why they’re less interested in it. That reflects what the customers buy.

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