Posted by: David | July 6, 2009


The sun has finally returned to New England for a few days and it’s glorious.


Today was the release date of Issue #2 of an online literary journal called Clementine. The editors, Jeffery Berg and Alicia Rebecca Myers appreciate twang. Rebecca asked me if I had any photography I’d be interested in submitting, and I said why absolutely yes. Perhaps they could use some of the old black and white photos that I’d posted last year. And they did. It makes me pretty happy that others see something in those images that have been with me for so long. But even more so when those others are poets. Does that make any sense?


Please have a look at Clementine and enjoy the interesting poetry and photography. Thank you Jeffery and Rebecca for liking my old photos. 🙂


  1. Perfect sense.

    Well. Good then.

  2. that’s wonderful! I’m off to go see your photos. 🙂

    Thank you C. You may have already seen the photos when I posted them last year, but there’s poetry to check out too. I sorta liked “Aspects of Mrs. Morse“, among others. I may not know shit about poetry, but I know what I like. 🙂

  3. Pretty damn cool there, David! Excellent eye.

    Thank you Dr. Z! Perhaps I should have called this blog “Sights-0-Dave”.

  4. I have not yet been to your Clementine and can’t today, because I have become nearly cross-eyed trying so hard to read all there is to be read to understand recording. I would surely prefer to learn Italian or Portuguese rather than those insulting new languages that are nothing but commercial abbreviations.

    That sun does not look so very convincing yet. I wonder how all your veggies can grow with so little sun. Do you know what an Aubergine is? In US English it is egg plant, which however is a very ugly name for such a pretty thing. It is shaped like a pear, but it is bigger, about 5 to 6 inches long, and rounder on the big side where it would be more than 3 inches across. But its colour! It is a dark violet, shiny.

    And if it rains so much, don’t you have snails? And do you eat them? Spaniards eat them, and I find that awful.

    Clementine is not mine, but it will keep until you get to it. I’m not so sure you’d care for the poetry anyway, but you often surprise. And if you hate acronym-speak be glad you don’t work with computer geeks like me. One of my former coworkers and I would sometimes make each other laugh by uttering a sentence 2/3 of which were TLAs (3-letter acronyms).

    You’re right, the sun has not been very convincing yet. So many clouds every day. Day after day … This has not been a problem for our broccoli and cauliflower. The cabbages don’t seem to mind the clouds either, but I’ve had to spray for slugs, cabbage worms, fungus on the tomatoes, and such. Slugs, by the way, are like snails sans shell. I’m sure they’re delicious, but I won’t be eating them any time soon.

    I LOVE eggplant (yes aubergine is a much prettier name). It’s right up there in my top ten favorite fruits. Probably around #5. We’ve tried to grow it over the years, with limited success.

  5. Congratulations, David! I think that’s really great, just like your photos. I also find it heartening that a new literary magazine is starting up. Makes me feel like all is not lost.

    Thanks Wendy, it was a nice boost and the email from Rebecca arrived on my birthday, which was also kinda cool.

    All is NOT lost. How could it be?

  6. Do you consider aubergine a fruit? I only know it as a vegetable, though, come to think of it, I also do not know what the difference is between a fruit and a vegetable. Is it only conventional?

    I went to see Clementine, and yes, I do not like their idea of poetry. There is too much philosophy and not enough form. I prefer poetry that is close to song, like Dylan, Heine, Machado, Goethe.

    Dylan? You mean Bob? Being quite ignorant of higher forms of literature helps me to appreciate poetry found in Clementine. I don’t care for a poem if it fails to evoke any thoughts or feelings.

    Thanks for taking the bait on the aubergine fruit. This is a favorite lunch table topic for me and it always surprises me when people don’t know the definition of a fruit. In my opinion, vegetable is the larger category, that being any edible plant or plant part. Fruits are also an edible plant part, but they must contain seed(s), which aubergine, tomatoes, squash, zucchini etc. all do. Where does that leave garlic? It has no seeds, but a clove of garlic planted grows into a plant and produces another whole bulb.

  7. }…garlic? It has no seeds, but a clove of garlic planted grows into a plant and produces another whole bulb.

    I think that makes garlic a nut. Like a pea nut or a soy nut or a wing nut.

    OK. Wing nut then. I like that. And the way those scapes curl around in a circle is proof positive.

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