Posted by: David | July 2, 2009

It’s Still Raining

Yeah, it’s raining rain. Not men, like in that really stupid song. The days are getting shorter, someone pointed out to me today. OK. I’ve set a goal to cut down on pointless complaining. But this rain … it’s been raining for what seems like a month. This week has been like 80% gray so far. Bleh.

Since the last photo-filled post the garden has literally exploded. Well not literally. But stuff has grown so much in the last 2 weeks it’s amazing. (if the sun ever comes out more pictures will be taken) Except for the peppers. They’re quite puny still. Very healthy looking at the growing tips but they need the hot hot heat that we ought to have had by now. The only heat has been what I generate while spinning to the Morning Express lady on Headline News Network. Robin Meade. Sigh.

Look at her expression. She and weatherman Bob Van Dillen were running down the current doofus.

Robin has a different hairdo every day. She comes on at 6:00 which is when I’m usually in my cool-down phase. Lately she’s been taking Fridays off or jumping out of airplanes with George Bush Senior. It’s upsetting when she’s not on. The local news, which starts at 5:00 and give weather forecasts every quarter hour, plays 3 commercials every 5 minutes. And the weather forecasts lately have been … OK … enough complaining about the weather already. Something happier …

My awesome daughter got me this for father’s day.

She got me this cool t-shirt too.

She also gave me some new cycling shorts, which I really needed. The kind with a nice chamois pad liner inside. They’re great, I’ve used them a few times now. Some really nice gifts. Good Father’s day this year. Blogfriend Curious C made a garlic artichoke pie in honor of the holiday and my garlic obsession. We made a garlic scape pesto shrimp pizza. Wish we could grow shrimp in the garden too. With all this frackin rain …

Garlic scape pesto under fresh mozarella and split shrimp.



We’ve got a blooming cactus going on indoors. Regina Spektor’s new album, Far, is still soaking in to my cerebellum, even after 15 or more listenings. Her music and lyrics are so, um, unique. Björk-like. Love her! So it’s like it says on the t-shirt. Life is Good.

This cactus flower doesn’t know that it’s raining outside, or does it?

Weather for today? Forecast says rain, heavy at times, with thunder storms possible in the afternoon.


  1. Do you know who wrote ‘It’s Raining Men’?

    Paul Jabara and, wait for it, Paul Shaffer.

    It’s pouring here. We’re putting the tore in torrential.

    I like but haven’t had Jelly Belly’s for years but I’d walk past them to get to that pizza. That’s awesome looking (and, I assume, tasting).

    My girlfriends garden has been bursting. I looked out earlier in the week and it was okay. This morning? Like a green adolescent with a growth spurt.

    Oh. My. Hmmm. Paul Shaffer. Somehow that just … uh … makes sense? I guess I’m relieved that it wasn’t that other Paul. You know, the guy with the glasses and long blond hair … he’s probably dead now, like everyone else … SHIT! Paul … uh … help me out here, you KNOW who I’m thinking of right?

    FINALLY it was sunny today! I cut the grass AGAIN.

    You could walk past the Jelly Bellys but you shouldn’t. They are wonderful. I wonder why there isn’t a garlic flavored Jelly Belly! Hey, Jelly Belly guy, you made snot flavored beans for Harry Potter’s sake, how about a garlic flavored Jelly Belly, huh? That would be awesome!

    WILLIAMS!! Paul Williams. Damn!

    • Hahahahaha. Nice recover there, David. It’s funny you mention Williams. I recently saw Phantom Of The Paradise. Yikes. The 70’s were a very odd time.

      You’ll be glad to hear I had some Jelly Belly’s last night. There was a bowl at a cookout I was at. I laughed, thought of you and ate a handful.

      Shoot, I guess that movie must’ve slipped by me while I was graduating from high school. I’ll be on the lookout for it though. Nothing like a good glam rock spectacle to lift the spirits. Yes, the 70s were odd all right.

      Thanks for thinking of me when you eat Jelly Beans, my son. Now go, and sin no more. Or, if you have to sin, try eating the Jelly Bellys one at a time. For that is the Way Of The Bean. 🙂

  2. I used to keep Jelly Bellies in a jar on my desk at work. I loved ’em, and they brought visitors to my out-of-the-way office.

    Yep, that pizza is to die for. Bet it tasted even better than it looks, and it looks divine.

    Yeah, it was really really good. I like to slice the shrimp longitudinally so that they lie flatter on the pizza and it makes them spread farther.

    Guess you and Ronald Reagan had something in common!

  3. I sent the post about the art critics’ blather back up and wrote that they were muppets. Little by little, all along 4 or 5 hours, it dawned on me that you had presisamente said that they were not muppets. Now I checked and see that indeed muppets are somebody’s creation. Then what did you say were the funny people of that video that you quoted?

    You quoted it on my “What’s opera, doc” post, but Youtube took that video off, and so I had to take out the vídeo, which leaves the comments intact, but I have not yet found them.

    Right, not muppets. Those fuzzy creations came from the mind of the late Jim Henson, who passed away much too early. He was a master puppeteer. The “Creature Comforts” animation on art and its criticism were from the Aardman folks, who produced Nick Park’s Wallace and Grommit stop-frame clay animation series. Nick Park is a total genius.

  4. mmmm….jelly bellies and garlic pizza. Sounds to die for.

    Yes! And miraculously nobody died. And it finally stopped raining today. So there!

  5. i like the way this post kinda sidles up to that red fleur.

    I’m glad you liked that vermonter. The first snap was about one day before the second. The flower lasted about a week in all. You might have noticed too that on the second day I tried to arrange the candles more symmetrically. My old graphic design teacher would have scoffed at that. 🙂

  6. > “You might have noticed…” <– no, actually. Barely into my coffee so far. But I *love* those "difference" pix games in the back of People magazines. I just didn't know til now that I was playing one here. Kewl!

    Well, hmm. This comment was snagged by the Akismet spam filter for some reason, my HTMLly friend. Any hoo the candle on the left was moved to the right about 3/4 inch. I cannot believe you didn’t notice that, caffeinated or not. Perhaps some Cheezits would’ve been useful, brain food they are. 🙂

  7. I like that song…especially the remake for Bridget Jones’s Diary…for the pivotal fight scene.

    Cool Father’s Day gifts!

    (P.S. It’s always okay to complain about rain…at least that’s what I told myself this morning as I was getting poured on during my hike.)

    No offense to anyone who likes It’s Raining Men. I like a lot of really stupid songs too. 🙂 I need to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary again. I love Renee Zellweger. As well as a lot of stupid music.

    I think we have a small July 5 coincidence going on Allison. I got pretty drenched riding my bike that afternoon. It was nice when I left then it suddenly got dark and rained hard enough to soak me thoroughly. We’ve had 3 days of sun now and it’s really helping a lot. The Gray World was really getting to me for a bit …

  8. Cheezits <– snackfood of champions.

    Speaking of songs: last night was the first clear night we have had up here in a *week* and I went up the Common to see Citigrass perform brooklyn-bluegrass which seems to me a collateral relative of newgrass a la tony trischka, david grisam, bela fleck, etc….on the bandstand, presented by the Craftsbury Chamber Players. The set included a GREAT Stevie Wonder number (I Just Called To Say I love You) that got about 10 people up off the grass dancing and doing cartwheels, and a suprisingly effective MJ tribute (Billie Jean) that really benefited from their high tight harmonies. I really wish I had thought to bring my flash recorder. I really wish I had the MJ on tape. I really wish…

    Well your commentary was enjoyable even if you didn’t get to record it. Some things just cannot be captured anyway, right? Naaaa

  9. …I could spell “grisham” on the first try.

    I could edit that for you and delete this comment but it would probably cost too much at my rates. You think about how you want posterity to remember your comments and call my agent. I think you sorta know him. Oliver. Small, white, hairy … pretty bad breath …

  10. Or even GRISMAN. There. Dammit, Dawg…. I spell check in my veins. if it’s spellt right, don’t worry: I can fix that.

    And the Internet loves us anyway. Down with capital letters!

  11. That has to be the most beautiful pizza I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’ve seen a lot of pizzas. And it’s a pretty good lookin’ cactus, too. And believe me when I see I see A LOT of cactus. I stepped on one just yesterday.

    My kids keep telling me the rain this summer has been so oppressing, and my friends tell me their gardens are suffering. I feel for you, but I’d trade you for one of these 100-degree days we have every day now They make me feel sick and physically weak, even when I’m inside with the air-conditioner. I don’t get much accomplished during the summers here.

    Sorry to hear that. I thought it was a dry heat down there. I couldn’t take that kind of heat for too long. I’d feel like a torpid lizard. Estivating. I would not even have the energy to say leave me alone I’m estivating.

    Thanks for the pizza and cactus props. I bet you have seen nearly one million pizzas. Maybe I have too. I did work for Domino’s for a short while back in 1977. I delivered pizzas around Concord, NH in a Gremlin. Yes, with a Sterno-fueled warming oven in the back. I got to know Concord streets pretty well, but the people of Concord were lousy tippers back then. 😦

  12. Ah! A pizza delivering boy! Imagine! A pizza delivering boy.

    A pizza delivering boy’s thoughts on life

    You find that quite amusing, hmm? Perhaps you’re thinking of that joke … How do you get a philosopher off of your front porch? Pay him for the pizza. 🙂

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