Posted by: David | June 15, 2009

Mid June Update

I had a birthday a couple weeks back. Big deal … 53. It’s a prime number. Lots of nice people wished me happy birthday on Facebook. I took the day off work and practiced bicyclism. I endeavored to ride my age in miles. It took a while at the speed I went. I made a day of it, stopped for lunch at Subway (hey Jerod!) and made it to 54, which is the longest ride of this season I guess. If I keep up this birthday custom I’ll need to switch to kilometers at some point.

You know something? I think Facebook is eroding the blogosphere. And Twitter. It’s like our attention span is on the verge of collapsing into a black hole. Time to invest in the apocalypse insurance my friends …

This is a perennial poppy in the herb garden, which is otherwise overrun with grasses.

I forget what these are called, but I love them.

There’s been a lot of digging in the garden behind the barn. It finally came to an end Sunday. It’s pretty soft soil, with a decade plus of horse manure and bedding worked into it. The expected number of rocks floated up last winter, and got stacked cairnlike.

Before the final 6 hours of forking.

After. There are 7 mounds on the right for winter squashes. 4 beds left for whatever.

I may be crazy to have dug all that out by hand, but so what if I am? After completing this task I went for a bike ride around my town and Newbury, the adjacent town. Newbury has an electrolysis business. Riding past I caught the scent of Sunday afternoon barbecue. Mmmm. If I stopped and checked it out they would say “Um, we’re closed” and I would say, “But it’s an emergency”. I’d leave before the police were called.

Be warned that there is coming an utterly boring catalog post, consisting of photos of what’s growing in each bed of the garden. This blog functions as a garden journal, as well as documentation of my ignorant, pointless, meandering, obsessive thought patterns. For now, as promised in the previous post, the garlic has begun to form scapes.

A few scapes a day are plucked to divert energy to the bulb.

Last year I read that it’s better to pluck off the garlic scapes sooner, before they make their graceful curlicues. So even though my friend and I chatted about how much we love the swirly stalks of garlic bulbilation, I’m picking them at just a few inches in length. Right now bed #1 yields about a half-dozen scapes a day. Should have enough for the pesto soon. The spring-planted garlic is not scaping yet, if that’s a word. Guess you’ll see in the big boring catalog post that I swear I’m gonna get right to any day now. After I’m all done procrastinating. Come to think of it, I’m falling behind in my procrastinating too. Today I discovered not one, but two issues of WIRED at home still in the plastic. Why do they put that plastic on the WIRED magazine anyway?


  1. Fascinating, all this garlic news. Being a city girl, I know nothing about the propagation of garlic. I just love eating it.

    You unnamed flower looks like clematis to me — one of many colors and varieties.

    The plastic on Wired protects the magazine in transit, keeps all those annoying lap cards from falling out, and most importantly, can carry advertising — either printed on the plastic or enclosed within.

    Thank you PT. I agree, garlic is fascinating, on so many levels. And yes, clematis. My wife told me that last year and I forgot. It climbs our front porch. I’m almost through the June WIRED magazine, then on to July, still in its plastic. Thanks for the explanation from the publisher’s POV. 🙂

  2. Oh, that purple flower is luscious! Although I love my desert home, there is no way I could grow half the things you do; I’ll just use your blog as a virtual garden if you don’t mind. We have various cactus blooming going on now. A surprising variety!
    Happy belated birthday! I didn’t know as I’m not on Facebook. I have to agree with much of your sentiment. Since I joined Twitter I’ve found that it’s siphoned off some of the energy I formerly gave to my blog. I have had to consciously decide to still post…real posts! People keep trying to get me to join Facebook, but, I dunno, I think that would just be too distracting.
    I didn’t know what “scapes” were until I viewed your lovely garlic. Can you eat them? Stir fried or something?

    Hey museditions, that’s TOTALLY what it’s there for. The virtual garden thing, so no I don’t mind at all. We’re trying to germinate some aloe seeds from a plant at work that flowers a few times a year, but they don’t seem to be doing anything …

    Trying out Twitter a while back, I set some kind of Twitter record. The time between my first and second tweets was OVER ONE YEAR. I’m rather proud of that in some kind of Luddite way …

    The scapes can be cooked and eaten. They are to garlic as scallions are to onions, capisce? But I put them in the blender with olive oil, walnuts, parmesan cheese and make pesto. It’s a June treat!

  3. my mum gets WiRED mag for no reason at all yet I keep trying unsuccessfully to subscribe. Should I play harder to get? Or just poach hers?

    Hmmm. Well that’s an unusual problem. Are you filling out the subscription cards with invisible ink? Using an unbreakable cipher? It’s a good magazine, and pretty consistently has something interesting each month. Articles are generally short enough for us attentionally impoverished folk, yet adequate. I’d say poach. It’s all online too, of course. Falling behind on WIRED is almost as bad as tweeting annually. 😦

  4. that blanket of garlic scapes makes my mouth water. Pedro for President. I mean PESTO FOR BREAKFAST.

    Hah!! Sez you? It’s oats ‘n flax for my breakfast. Pesto with dinner. We’re gonna try freezing some pesto blocks.

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