Posted by: David | June 2, 2009

Garlic’s Progress

Sorry this is kinda OCD and all, but when I come home from work on a nice sunny day to putter and weed in the garden, the sight of the garlic just makes me feel good. I’ve been watering the garlic I planted last fall, which I don’t like to do normally. Prefer to rely on the rain instead of watering. Except for drought conditions or tender transplants. But I’m going OCD on the garlic. It’s pampered garlic. I wanna see heads of garlic the size of my fist come this July.  So you have to look at more pictures of it. Sorry. You know my blog has a money back guarantee, right?

In the early evening sun …

Should be starting to make scapes really soon.

I should relay some bicycling news too. I went to Concord yesterday, having had the day off, and it being the birthday of my late mother, I bought myself a present. New cycling shoes and pedals. They’re Shimano. I’ve been riding with Speedplay pedals for the past few years. So I’m trying a new type of “clipless” pedals. Not sure why they call them clipless really, since all the different kinds of clipless pedals require the special shoes and some kind of cleat system that, well, clips to the pedal. They’re sort of like ski boots in that a twist of foot heel outward is supposed to disengage the cleat. Disengaging while still moving is the best strategy, since failure to disengage while stopped often means flopping to the road on one’s side, just like the little tricycle riding raincoat wearing dude on Laugh-In. A certain number of flops is required and I predict that the Shimano pedals may require some flops in getting used to them. They seem “stiffer”, but I’ve barely tried them out yet.

So now it doesn’t seem like I’m so obsessed with garlic, right?



  1. Great garlic photos. I looove garlic!! My son-in-law just bought a new bike to get back and forth to work so I don’t have to get up early and bring him. I remember him telling my daughter he had Shimano pedals.

    Thanks Joan. I love garlic too. Hooray for your son-in-law biking to work. I need to do that too. It’s only 13 miles. Shimano is the most common clipless pedal. Please let me know if and when he experiences clipless pedal flopover so I can have a silent chuckle. The very first time I flopped over was right in front of a bike shop, with a mom and her two young daughters coming out the door. They tried to stifle their reflexive laughter at seeing me hit the sidewalk. I told them to go ahead and laugh, because after all, it was funny. 🙂

  2. Oooo, such happy garlic!! I love garlic in or on just about everything but dessert — and there might even be a garlic dessert out there somewhere that I’d adore.

    The bike thing … well, the logic of requiring helmets (to protect you when you fall) vs pedal clips (so you can’t get your foot down to save yourself if you fall) escapes me. I’ll either walk or drive, thank you.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a garlic dessert. Garlic ice cream! Of course only fanatics like me would ever consider such a thing. The bike thing … it seems to go all the way back to my very first decade. Though the earliest bike I’m able to remember at all is a “sting ray” type that I rode around the streets of Hallandale, Florida as a pubescent teenager. Then there were bikes in my twenties, thirties, and forties. I now find that cycling gives me a visceral pleasure not unlike dream flying. Since I don’t often fly in my dreams, and barely remember dreams at all, I guess I’ll stick with the cycling. Its benefits have so far outweighed its costs. Though one close call with a minivan a few years ago gave considerable pause. My morbid mind has too often pictured my wrecked and bloody corpse entangled in the bicycle frame at the roadside. It just does that all by itself. Stupid mind!

  3. and the Garlic seems to be appreciating your pampering! love the photos.

    Thank you C! I probably won’t make garlic ice cream. Ever. But a garlic pie is worth putting some thought into.

  4. O

    There is a weird plant growing at my neighbors and now I remember where I’ve seen it. It might be garlic.

    And you’re bday is ??? I’ll make you a virtual garlic pie. I think we are ON to something here.

    – Care aka Curious C

    My birthday is next Monday. Maybe we ARE onto something! Here’s a recipe which Google yielded up all too quickly. Your idea of artichoke is really interesting. Some kind of subtly flavored vegetable to make up the body of the pie and harmonize with the garlic … hmmmm …

    The weird plant growing at your neighbors … did someone plant it or is it a volunteer? You’ll know if you tear off a bit of leaf and it smells like garlic. The allium genus, of which garlic is a member, is rather populous, so it could look similar but smelling it should be a strong clue.

  5. Happy Birthday Dear Brother-in-Law! May the garlic and mustard seeds rain down upon you as if it were manna from heaven!! I realized I had fallen behind on your posts! How can that be? Glad to see the garden shots — I have missed them over this hard winter!! I really want to taste that home-grown garlic. I believe the heads I buy in the store are dried up and bland (lovely to look at). Best wishes to you on your birthday day!

    Hi Carol! You haven’t missed much, I’m afraid. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a fine day, capped off with a nice evening out at a fancy New London restaurant, just the 2 of us. We were the youngest couple in the room … sweet!

  6. I WAS RIGHT! Happy Birthday. I’m going to run over and smell that plant (and make the neighbors wonder what I’m doing?)

    Yup! And your birthday is today so HAPPY Birthday 2 U Curious C. Careful of those neighbors. If they’re growing garlic then hooray for them, but I’ll bet they’re lilies or something. 🙂

  7. Again that was very nice the way you remembered your mother’s birthday.

    I finally, just now, found out how to put a link into the sidebar. There is nothing to it. It is simply a HTML link in a text widget.

    The reason it failed so miserably before was that I typed the link into the title space of the widget.

    Yes, thank you, and it was nice growing up how my mother’s and my birthdays were only a week apart. She passed away in 1995.

    I see you’ve given me a nice link in your sidebar under the picture of Oliver. Thanks cantueso! I’ve always been honored to have your nod to my blog on your F I S H I N G blog. 🙂

  8. Well, it does take little to honour you, I must say, mustn’t I.

    However, this morning I thought what a great idea that was to buy new cycling shoes and pedals to celebrate the birthday of your mom who is no longer around.

    Shouldn’t you also remember your grandma that way and your grandpa and your grandma’s sisters and brothers? And there might be also some former friends who are no longer around in a more factual way and whose birthday(s) should also be remembered kindly.

    And if this new idea could become operative on a larger scale, the world might be freed from those silly father’s and mother’s day and Valentine’s and Polar Bear’s and Earth’s and Peanuts’ Day etc.

    Yes, very little. 🙂

    Actually I think birthdays are overrated. Valentines and Earth Day should be every day, and to hell with all the other candy, flower, and greeting card holidays, as you say!

  9. No, no, I would not agree with you, because I would want to keep Christmas.

    I’m not surprised. Humbug.

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