Posted by: David | April 18, 2009

A Tree Grows In Izhevsk

My wife is sits on the couch reading a magazine called The Week. We’ve subscribed to this thin little weekly ever since my BFF gave us a gift subscription several years ago. Mostly a digest of other news sources, very few ads, and a little humor here and there. The Week runs a column where listed are a few things each for which the current week has been good or bad.

So she’s reading some stuff out loud while I sit in the blogging chair, contemplating the fact that I have some photos in the camera, and I’m all dressed and ready for a bike ride which I need to do before it starts raining. There are a bunch of comments I need to answer, and I still feel evacuated of blogworthy ideas … the muse has not bit me in a while. Then she reads this.

Artyom Sidorkin of Russia, who went into surgery this week for what doctors believed was a large, malignant lung tumor. Doctors found and removed a 3-inch-tall fir tree growing in his lung. “I thought I was hallucinating,” said the surgeon, who thinks Sidorkin must have inhaled a seed.

I think I’ll finish the coffee and get on the bike now.



  1. Here’s another story with a picture:

    Yeah, thanks. Seeing the photo is what clued me in to this being a hoax. Just another dumb logger accident.

    😦 Note to self, do NOT inhale trees.

  2. I think the story “A Tree Grows in Artyom” would be a great read.

    That should have been the title of this post, Mme. Editor. Someday I’ll get it right.

  3. Uh, don’t inhale any flying firs while you’re out there huffing and puffing and biking.

    Very good advice, thank you. I don’t believe the tree growing in lung story at all.

  4. i saw this on the TV news! huh.

    Huh indeed. Here’s another skeptic.

  5. *i* believe it. no particular reason. There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    It’s possible that Artyom inhaled a twig, but not possible for a seed to germinate in that environment. The disgusting photo seems to show greenish looking pine needles, which cannot happen without sunlight, even in Horatio’s dreams.

  6. Then again, his name anagrams to “I drink yam roots.” Too much vodka, maybe?

    Now THAT is impressive! Who had too much vodka, you or Artyom?

  7. OMG VTer! That’s an amazing skill! What does MY name amagram to?

    She’s wicked smaht! Don’t let her fool ya.

  8. IdeaJump? CuriousC? Hmmm… “*I’d* pour sumac juice…” (no yam roots for you!)

    Oh yeah? Where’d them asterisks come from?

  9. and Thoughts 0-Dave h0gs a hot duvet.

    Ahem. Oliver, OFF the couch!

  10. p.s. there is no skill involved. Go to and use their fancy-dancy anagammer. Fancy yard-man carnage, that.

    Way cool! If’n ya like that check out this whatchemacallit. Click random or enter a word. From Kevin Ultimate Knowledge Worker.

  11. I’m totally using this image in a poem. Thanks “fir” posting! Great story.

    You’re welcome Becca. I’ll bet there’s more to this story, but please let us know when you’ve versified it. 🙂

  12. Also– can you send us some more photos for Clementine? We really liked the last ones but ended up using what worked more with the poems in that issue. But I’d love to feature you in the next one.

    I would love to. I’m flattered and paranoid that my leg is being pulled. Is there a theme? I think I told you already to feel free to use any images that you’ve seen posted here … I repeat that. I will send you an email for further inquiry. Thanks for commenting.

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