Posted by: David | April 16, 2009

Just Click Publish

This is my 213th post. So on the Fahrenheit scale it’s just past boiling. You know, 212°F. Unfortunately there’s no hot water here, so you can’t even make yourself a stinkin’ cuppa tea. Sometimes I wonder why it is I go on blogging. Often, actually. This may not turn out to be one of those memorable posts, of which there have not been many, and for that I apologize. But let’s not start off on a somber note just because I can’t remember any of my memorable posts. Better reasons will be coming soon. This is going to be one of those posts that “writes itself” but not in a good way. 😦

There ought to be a name for this kind of post that some of us bloggers apologetically write once a year or so when we cannot think of anything to write about. I think fellow blogger birdpress captured the essence of this phenomenon with her recent post titled “Ennui”. I would hope that most of us know by now that this is OK.  We don’t have to refund our readers’ money after all, now do we? It’s merely the pressure of the instantaneous interwebs that impinges on our normally placid, collected, and meditative states, urging us to not abandon our faithful reader, patiently waiting at the screen for new words.

Ennui captures this postless state pretty well. Birdpress’s webcam self-portrait illustrates this so nicely. We’re not sure what this is,  but we do it anyway.  We each have our own reasons for doing it, but I cannot help but feel there’s got to be something common that we’re all tapping in to.  And this connection makes us feel a teeny tiny bit obligated to, and a sometimes larger bit sorry for, our readers. All 3 of them.

Note to self:  Please stop writing notes to self.

Just click Publish.



  1. I’ve erased a lot more pointless posts than I have published. But in each case, the writing of them still served a purpose, still passed some time thinking and writing about something. It just turned out to be not worth making public at that moment.

    Interesting … I generally don’t bother writing a post unless motivated. I’ve never deleted a post, though I’ve “aborted” a couple. I have only one draft that’s about a year old or more … can’t get it to be interesting. If any of this writing serves a purpose, I’m not really sure what that is yet …

  2. The best way to court the muse is to be there at your keys when she shows up.

    Jeez, I’m at the keys quite enough I think. Here muse-y muse-y muse-y!!

  3. I don’t feel important enough to write an apology post for not posting. I’m really very sure that nobody cares, LOL. But I know that when you read a blog regularly and then don’t see a post in a long time, sometimes you wonder why. So, I guess it was that kind of attempt. 😕

    I think we do care. A little anyway. It’s a convenient form of caring. And a nice connection, a weak bond, not likely to last. Anyway your self-portrait was very captivating.

  4. As I always say, sometimes you just don’t have anything to say. I’ve never worried about it because one day I probably will.

    When I was a kid I did a lot of performing, but I was never on offstage. Even when I was getting recognition as a jock I’d just do my job and leave. People had varying opinions of me because I didn’t talk much but I truly had nothing to say. Ya’ll saw it, what more can I add?

    Much of that comes from a phrase I’ve used since I was a kid,

    “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Then it became even more prominent after a throat injury. When writing is your main method of communication you may not get good at it but you sure do become comfortable.

    The most difficult task in writing is making the most mundane moment of your day interesting. That’s where the fun begins.

    Nicely put Mr. Zell. You made the most of your puck-induced dumb spell. Silence is something we could all stand to practice more often.

    That quote appeared in my high school yearbook more than once. It’s how the quiet kids feigned eloquence. I chose a Groucho quote. “Whatever you say is a lie. He’s only a shell of his former self, which nobody can deny. Whoopee!”

    How true it came to be.

  5. Just when I was going to try and make a list of what I thought were your best posts.

    I think I have 126, but since I keep throwing out some and re-writing others, the total number means nothing.

    ♥ 😀

    For some reason I don’t like to go back and edit old posts, except for bad grammar or typos. A form of snobbery no doubt.

  6. I cannot imagine how it would be snobbery. I think it is lack of interest. At this point the WordPress geeks have been correcting their new “home page” feature for 9 days, but today at 8 am the spook was still the same as on day 1.

    They are trying to include visits to your home page in the stats in two ways: first only in your private stats as hits for “home page” and when that has gathered a certain number of hits, include it in the “top posts” as hits obtained by the latest post.

    I can’t figure out what the commercial purpose of the novelty could be.

    All right, lack of interest then. I rarely reread my old posts, but imagine that someday, perhaps when I am sick in bed, or have progressed to the next chapter of my life (if there is one), then I might be interested to see what I was thinking about in the blogging days. I don’t examine my stats very closely either. I write posts for almost entirely selfish purpose, which is akin to snobbery in my careless calculus.

  7. I can’t see it as snobbery. It is a lack of priorities. That is not basically a defect, but maybe an impediment as a lack of orientation.

    But why can’t you make coffee? Don’t you have one of these

    They are wonderful, also to make coffee or a prefab soup at work or in a hotel room.

    OK fine. Lack of priorities it is. Thanks for trying un-label me as defective, but I won’t have it. However, I am happy to report that I AM oriented. Aware of 7 directions. Up, down, east, west, north, south, and in.

    I do make coffee, but drink it at any temperature below 150°F, so do not need the nifty little heater. I had one of those once, but hardly ever used it. I’m not one of those who feel the need to have my comestibles “piping hot”.

  8. A story of priorities. I have two Nazi posts.

    One is Riefenstahl, the movie director. I dislike her, because she is a good example of stupidity linked to great artistic achievement.

    The other one is Speer. I rather like him, and his prison diaries are certainly the sweetest, funniest, bravest things of the 20th century that I have read. A weak hero.

    Now this: these two often get almost the same number of hits, though Leni is liked slightly better (probably because of US feminists and new agers).

    I watch them and it just makes my stomach really tense. If Leni wins three days in a row, I intervene to prevent what bloggers call anthropophagism: the trend of a post pushing another similar post off the Google listing = out of existence.

    That is: because of certain priorities, cheating becomes the lesser evil.

    These 2 Nazis were both artists at heart, were they not? Architect versus filmmaker, not difficult to see which would be more popular, though your assessment of the feminism and new age-ism feels right too.

    Certain priorities you say? What would those be?

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