Posted by: David | April 3, 2009

Is This Any Good?

Random webfind. Stop motion animation and a new musician, who might be interesting.

Oren Lavie, his first album released last month. His MySpace page.


  1. Pretty damn cool. Thanks for sharing that, David.

    Yeah, my BFF’s son and his friend started a comedy blog (they’re teenagers) and they linked to this cool video Tony vs. Paul. After Tony vs. Paul got done this music video came up in the YouTube after-links. I liked the way the lady “walks” with a kind of swagger. And I like her hair too.

  2. I found this song on someone’s blog a while ago but I haven’t seen the video yet. I absolutely love the song. I have it on my music player on my Myspace page. Thanks for the video.

    You bet Joan. It’s a hooky little toon ain’t it? Jeez, I haven’t been to my MySpace page in forever. I should check in huh?

  3. I would say yes, that is pretty cool. Great find.

    Thanks Dekonstruct. Like your t-shirts too! Especially the nerdy ones. Ever thought of putting on a t-shirt?

  4. Love this. It was fascinating to watch, and the song is great.

    Thanks for voting Wendy. Sometimes I don’t trust my own taste. Wonder why?

  5. Saw this recently on another blog. Fascinating trying to figure out how it was done.

    Stop motion animation, the classic technique updated with some digital tools. More than that I don’t know. Yet.

  6. Thank you, I’ve actually seen quite a few t-shirts with that on them already. Mostly “There’s no place like:”.

    Maybe I should do one that’s more designy that includes those numbers… hmmm

    Of course, I guess it’s pretty obvious to us geeks. The line that occurred to me was “It’s all about”.

  7. As neat as it was…is it wrong of me to be waiting for waiting for someone to get n*ked?

    Jeez MTAE, I can’t imagine how (y)our mind could go there just by seeing a hot redhead sleeping in a bed in the morning … Oh yes, how wrong wrong wrong!!! 😀

  8. Very, very cool. Thanks for posting this.


    Glad you liked it LK. That could be additional proof that you’re NOT old yet. IMHO, geezerhood is reached when one gets stuck in music from decades past and cannot appreciate what’s current. Congratulations. 😀

  9. yes it is any good.

    Another quality vote. Checked out his MySpace page? There’s 3 or 4 other trax there.

  10. I normally have bad reception for sound, but right now, maybe because it is Semana Santas and all of Spain off to the beaches, I could open that video, but oooooops I can’t take that voice, absolutely, not for a second, it sounds so fake and slithery. So I had to close quick.

    My number1 love at Youtube has now disappeared. It was a Mahalia Jackson recording of Summertime, but made in the 60′, when she was young and did not mug so much.

    And my other number 1, a guitar solo by Alberto Iglesias taken from “Hable con ella” by glorious or divine Almodovar also disappeared, but then I found it on a Turkish site or anyway a site with a language so strange that probably it could not be identified by the copyright cops. And I often thought I should get her for you (reading Steinbeck and learning new pronouns), even if only for you to see that video: completely helpless, almost unintelligible, and yet terrific

    Thanks for your vote cantueso. Perhaps you have an opinion on the cuteness of the animation?

    If you find either of your favorites again, please send me a link.

    Oh, and by the way, you can only have one number 1. 🙂

  11. Only one Number 1? There are lots of Mahalia Jackson Summertime recordings, but they are almost manneristic, as if she had ended up imitating herself, imitating her own quirks.

    I had not looked up Youtube for more than a year. Later I will see if I find her again.

    Alberto Iglesia’s “solo for guitar” is in fact a violin talking to a cello which I remembered as a guitar. The video is so bad that you can’t believe it is intentional. I don’t know enough about video to try and guess whether it is just one long desperate failure of somebody who wanted to send out a message. And yet it fits Iglesia’s work. It is called Yasdik.

    Yes, only one Number 1. You’re not very mathematical are you?

    Thanks for that link. Interesting music, very romantic. I see he has worked on many film scores. I like his music! I see what you mean about that horrible video. If it was somebody trying to “send out a message” as you guessed, that message would be something like this:

    “Help! I need a job. Somebody gave me this camera and a black pillow and I don’t know what to do next … maybe I’ll turn on the radio … ”

    I think I’m a little disappointed that you could watch that horrid little video “many times” but you could not stand the one above “for a second”. I agree with your “critique” of Lavie’s vocal quality, that is, if “fake and slithery” constitutes a critique. IMHO there is much more to a performer’s music than his or her voice characteristics, assuming a basic ability to stay on key. There, I got that off my chest. Please don’t be offended.

  12. I have watched it many times. Sometimes I thought there was a kitten on the floor at the beginning. Sometimes I concentrated on a floorplan the author draws and resolutely crosses off. So I thought that some relationship had broken up.

    Now I’ve changed my mind again and admire your patience with the horrid little black & white video. So many songs/videos are about broken relationships. 😦

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