Posted by: David | April 1, 2009

You Never Know, You Know?

Today’s April Fools day. The computer worm that was supposed to strike today managed not to appear at work, and all things considered it was a pretty quiet day. Which is nice for a Wednesday. I’m looking forward to some time off next week, maybe I’ll spend some of it with you Internet. If you promise to be good.

A couple Saturdays back I was throwing firewood around.

As I was throwing and stacking the firewood, I was thinking about Sunday. My BFF had invited me to go on a “wolf walk” at this place down in Gardner, Massachusetts. Picturing some sort of Disney-fied Theme Park Cuteness, I said that I would not be attending. Even though it was to be in celebration of his birthday. Even though he said he’d already paid for my ticket. That’s how big an a**hole I can be. But as I was throwing the firewood around I remembered back some years to a time when he was up visiting us and helped us move that years supply of tree chunks to their penultimate positions. It’s tedious work, but we managed to have fun with it trying to hit each others’ flying chunk of wood. Sounds dumb huh?

Stacking the tree chunks helps me think.

So Google Earth showed me how close Gardner was and what a potentially pleasant drive it would be. And I realized I could get significantly boosted mileage out of my BFF and family by showing up as a surprise. So as I stacked the wood I decided to go. That’s how big an a**hole I can be. Whatever. It was very cool.Β  Not Disney at all. Just a funky post-hippie dude that raises wolves in a large, double chain link fenced area. One of the wolves, a 3 year old named Denahee, came with us on the hike in the woods behind the guys humble abode. His house was heated with wood too. Chunks of super dry hardwood scraps from a furniture making company.

Looks like a big dog, but it’s not. He was very at-home in his woods.

Denahee ran around us while we hiked, and he actually “guided” my friend’s daughter with his mouth. Not quite a bite, but we all thought that she should tell all her friends that she’d been bitten by a wolf. That ought to be worth some major street cred these days, right? When we got the top on the hill, there was a clear area of spruce trees where we all sat in a circle while the guide brought Denahee around to each one of use so we could feel his fur, his bony feet, and see his teeth close up. He was a beautiful creature without a doubt.


This tree-lined driveway was right across the road from the wolf talk place.

Our canine got his spring haircut recently. Followed by a bath and the I’m-on-fire-race around the house.

He really really hates this. He tries to bite the clipper. Note the ear-downage.

So last Friday afternoon, my wife hears a BANG out on the road. Apparently some guy in a minivan crashed into our telephone pole. I say ours because it’s the one from which our power and phone lines come off. Of. Don’t want to end with a proposition. Now do I? So anyway, she calls me at work to tell me about the cops and fire engines and all the rest of uh-oh squad. I’m just about to head home, and when I do, the car carrier with the wrecked minivan is going past me. The guy was OK, his airbags went off. But the pole got pretty badly busted and needed to be “splinted”.

Here’s how the injured pole spent the weekend.

And the new pole was up by Tuesday, the 31st.

This pole is taller and better than the old one.

Unfortunately the minivan also trashed a few of the little spruce trees that sort of act as a barrier between our house and the road. We’re trying to find out whether they can be stood back up, or replaced or what. Our people have to call his people about our trees. Or something like that. Let’s go to the back yard now.

This is last week. The snow patch is gone now.

Mr. Red Squirrel comes to give Oliver the agita.

About 20 robins worked the lawn.

The back yard is very brown, but all the garden beds are exposed now and some garlic shoots are poking up through the straw mulch. I’ll get a picture of them soon.

I’m happy to report that the aloe plant at work has decided to make 4 seed pods.

Shiny objects attract my attention. This is my friend Bonnie’s lab dishwasher.

That’s all for now. Happy April Fools Day everybody. Over and out.


  1. You are SUCH a goofball. The inside of a dishwasher? I’m laughing too hard at most of this post. Did I tell you that I had to read 20 pages of Call of the Wild to a class the other day? Earned my cash on that one. and I can tell I’ve matured since high school. I actually found London OK – I’ve stated for years that I really dislike him but that was my inner teenager whining.

    Thank you C! I AM a goofball. That’s a nice compliment coming from a substitute teacher. Was it Call of the Wild that parched your throat? Glad you’ve matured since high school. Guess that makes one of us. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey! Dave Bunyan! Leave some wood for the creatures, would ya? Geez!

    And how cavalier are you about your day?

    “Honey! After I throw some firewood around the yard I’m going to take the wolves for a walk.”

    “Oh, David! You’re such a stud!”

    Chris, you can call me Mr. Bunyan please. How cavalier am I? This was a weekend. I should get the wolf to do the firewood, huh? How did you know what my wife calls me? Are you spying on us? Or have you inhabited Oliver’s visual cortex? That would explain some of his behavior lately. How can I exorcise the comedian from my terrier? Guess I better get some holy water. BRB.

  3. You know, I bet it would be easier to handstrip that dog.

    I love the photo of the tree-lined driveway. And the wolf-in-motion pic is great too.

    Thanks birdpress, thoser were my favorites too.

    I appreciate the professional advice. Handstripping. Hmmm. How the heck do you do that? It sounds rough. The clipping takes about 15 minutes.

  4. I am so very impressed with your photo -slash- story entries. They always leave me shaking my head in wonder. I like the wood. I bet it smells heavenly around your “pile” of wood.

    Thank you Red. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you shake your head, I think that’s probably good for it.

    The green wood does have a smell. Mostly you smell the black birch, but oak and maple have their own smells too.

  5. Wicked photos y’got for this post, Dave! They’re all fantastic. I can’t believe you told your BFF you weren’t going, even after he said he’d paid for you!

    I’m glad you finally went, though. The wolf is beautiful, and the tree photo is amazing. Oliver is looking very wolfy himself in that haircut.

    …I keep scrolling back up to see the tree photo. That is really, really beautiful.

    As I said, I can really be a big dork at times. Ask anyone.

    Thanks Wendy, I shoulda got out of my car and tried to get some more shots of the tree lined lane. But I was waiting in ambush for my friend. You should have seen how Oliver sniffed me when I got home that evening! I’d actually had contact with the wolf.

  6. Wolf walk! Wow, I’d have been there the night before just to make sure I didn’t miss it. What a gorgeous animal he is. I’ve never seen one marked like that, but then, I’m out west.

    Wonderful tree picture. I can imagine driving through there in the late afternoon, with bright stripes of sunlight slicing at right angles across the road. For some reason I always expect to hear an accompanying clatter like a stick being run along a picket fence, or the whir of tires crossing ripple strips, or something. But no, it’s only sunlight and shadow — the visual without the expected audio.

    The wolf talking guy told us that his wolves were a cross between western US and Canadian stock.

    Nice imaging in your comment. The day turned out to be full of such sights. It was a mostly sunny day, and the hour drive down Route 202 took me through a few quaint NH towns. And at the top of the hill when we were all sitting in the circle each waiting for our turn to touch the wolf, a snow squall came and went. It was pretty cool.

  7. I think that with “from which” you do not need “of”. “From” would be needed if you wrote “the pole where our cables come from”.

    I finally did find out something about those colour changes. Some JPEGs don’t do well as GIFs, and vice versa. I changed my avatar about 3 times to see.

    Now I have not yet read the post and have to see what happened to the pole.

    That was my none-too-subtle attempt at language humor. Ha ha.

    The digital photo darkening phenomenon needs some scientific examination. We need data from other observers. No offense cantueso. πŸ™‚

  8. A wooden telephone pole!
    And the new one made of wood, too!


    That’s all they use around here. Vehicles crashing into them are fairly rare.

  9. No, I did not mean that this had to do with the changes that I have been complaining about. The JPEG giraffe had always been a little blurry. Magnified it looked as if it consisted of many slightly different colours. When I tried it on GIF it suddenly looked sharp.

    As to the changes, yesterday I landed on the blog where there were stills from a Steinbeck film, all of them blackish and one of them so black that its subject could not be discerned even on the larger version, and these photos had been put there 2 or 3 years ago by a blogger who admired John Ford. So at the time the photos must have been better!

    I wrote to him and asked, but have not yet had time to go back and see. In fact I wonder whether I kept the address.

    If digital photo files are copied and written many times over, the possibility of transcription errors increases. The JPEG method of compression is well known as a “lossy” method. When a photo is saved as a medium to low quality jpeg, information is lost. In other words, my friend, YOU ARE CORRECT!!!!!

    So I am finally ready to give up
    on arguing with you about this! I Googled “jpeg deterioration” and found quite a few writings by others experiencing this. Colors shifting, etc. JPEG’s popularity probably is coincident with that of the internet, in that the JPEG method of encoding photographic pixel data allowed for the fast and easy transfer of reasonable quality images in small files.

    I still say that a file written cannot change spontaneously, but the repeated opening and closing, writing, reading, and rewriting, copying, cutting, and pasting could explain some ofwhat you see, especially with jpegs. Here is the JPEG website.

    Let’s consider the matter closed. πŸ˜€

  10. Just me dropping by to admire that wolf again. Yep, sure enough, he’s still as beautiful as he was last night.

    If you’d like a copy of a higher resolution wolf photo, please email me and I’d be happy to send it. I think I owe you anyway, right?

  11. […] gray wolves. I just wanted to direct your attention to an especially handsome wolf pictured over on Thoughts-0-Dave. This guy’s markings (the wolf’s, not Dave’s) are more distinct and colorful than […]

  12. Thanks for the photo offer, Dave, but it’s more fun to come over here to visit.

    Nice of you to say so PT. πŸ™‚

  13. those robins look like poppin’ british red-coats from here! what a robust spring you have going on down there in Yourtown. We will miss you at work this week but since it promises to be rainy I am secretly pleased to anticipate much good reading and photo-pondering from the blogosphere while you are home and in between spasms of Bunyan-ing. have a good vacay, Day…

    Thanks vermonter! This week’s 5-day forecast is looking mighty bleak. April showers and such. So I will be leaning heavily on the blogosphere. Now where’s my damned blue ox?

  14. Monkey see, monkey do; is your Microsoft Office Picture Manager part of Office 2003?

    Oliver up there has again most bitchy look and that evasive glance that people and animals have when they are ready to attack. It is a pity people cannot fold their ears back, too.

    I’m using the Office 2007 version of the Picture Manager. When a photo needs more extensive revision I might use Photoshop, but that’s more work …

    Oliver doesn’t like haircuts at all. I agree about it being a pity we cannot fold back our ears. I also wish that I could sit on the floor and scratch my ear with my foot. That would be fun. πŸ™‚

  15. Great fire wood throwing technique. At first I wasn’t sure, but as I looked at the picture, I really could tell that’s solid form.

    I LOVE that picture of the path and the trees. I’m going to make it my screensaver with your permish.

    Dishwasher guts. Wow.

    Thanks! I’ve thrown STUPID amounts of firewood over the years, if you must know. Perhaps as much as twenty five metric tonnes.

    And it’s kind of flattering that you’ve “backread” my blog. I guess it’s payback for all the times I go back to laugh at your YouTube posts. … I WAS A SMOKER FOR TEN YEARS … AHAhaahahhhahahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

    It would be a signal honor if you were to use a photo from my blog as your wallpaper (I think you meant, not screensaver). Perhaps you should check out the black and white photos I posted as “royalty free wallpaper” back in 2008. You don’t really need my permish, but you got it.

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