Posted by: David | February 2, 2009

Things You Oughter See

An  art professor friend sort of pointed me to some animated films by a guy named Brent Green. He’s got a MySpace page and a bunch of short films on YouTube.  Other than just plain weird, it’s a little hard to classify these films.  But the word “anguished” somehow comes to mind. And inspiration from the Brothers Quay.  He seems to be a musician as well as a spooky animated filmmaker …  I’m sorry to keep linking in my posts lately, but in lieu of more genuine “content”, i.e. the crap I make up, there is a compulsion to share the wondrous things one finds on the Interwebs. This guy’s crude-looking animation caught my eye and wouldn’t let go …

Hadacol Christmas, Part One of Two, by Brent Green

I’m sorry if this creeps you out.  You probably are not interested in part two, so read on. The next thing you oughter see is me up on the roof this past weekend. Yup, clearing away twelve metric tonnes of snow. Or something like that. You should be happy that you don’t have to do this. Shoveling snow is bad enough. It took about 4 hours. I was tired afterward. Real tired.

This fracking sucks it big time.

You start at one end of the peak and throw the snow down. Because it’s a big job that you are obsessively compelled to complete, knowing that it will take a long long sucky long time, so you have to pace yourself and not waste energy trying to fling the snow too far or too fast. You don’t want to give yourself a heart attack. Crissakes!! You must be some kinda lunatic!

Yup. Certifiable! Hope muh roof don’t collapse!

So that was the weekend. In other news, they’ve found a “twin” black hole to the one they found in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Not like finding a black hole in OUR galaxy was bad enough, they have to go and find another one in some neighboring galaxy called NGC253, or “The Sculptor Galaxy”. These “black hole buddy” galaxies are really just too much to bear. I just don’t get why they’re calling them possible twins. Like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in that idiotic flick. Anyway, I’m glad Earth is at the outer edge of the Milky Way. So if you were not bovvered by the creepy animated films of Brent Green, me sweating up on my roof, or the supermassive black hole that’s sucking us RIGHT IN, then you oughter have a look at this one last thing.

Yes! It’s that horndog of an aloe plant at work. It’s knockin’ out another flower!

Snow Suit Update … the label inside the garment


  1. Actually, I really like Mr. Green’s animation. It think the Paddington-esque overlays is cool, especially since he’s using overhead projector film or something and isn’t concerned with exposing edges (or sequence numbers). It’s especially cool the way he’s obviously doing it digitally, and could easily scan his drawings and animate them in Flash or something, but doesn’t – the combination of old school stop-motion and modern geekery is part of the charm. I was about to watch part two, but then clicked to comment and now have to wait for it to reload. Oops.

    I’m also impressed with the structural integrity of your roof. Twelve metric tonnes, huh? Unless your roof is significantly more than 660 square feet, that’s pretty close to the load limit of even heavy duty residential roofs (40 ppf). 😉 At least you got to work out the winter jumpsuit though.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the animations Keath. My artist friend went to see a live performance by Mr. Green at EMPAC recently. There are videos of such performances at his YouTube and MySpace sites. If you like that sort of thing you might also like the short films of the Brothers Quay.

    12 metric tonnes was a very rough estimate. In attempting to measure the depth of my paranoid fear of waking up dead under collapsed roof, ceiling, and attic debris, I recalled a horrendous snowstorm we had 4 or 5 years ago that dumped 42 (yes!) inches of snow in a 24 hour period. It was not light fluffy snow either. That didn’t collapse the roof. And that exposure suit works ME out. I sweat like a pig in that thing.

  2. I love the animation! Thanks for sharing that. I had to show it to my husband. So cool!

    The other pics are great too. Nice snow suit. 😉

    You’re welcome birdpress, but thanks go to Mr. Green and my artist friend. Thank you for your comment. The “snow suit” came from the local dump. US Navy issue. Why someone would dispose of such a valuable garment I have no idea.

  3. All I could think of when looking at the snow covered roof was “wheeee!” When I was a wee ‘un we used to jump off the roof into the unbelievably massive amounts of snow that piled up in the back yard. By back yard, I mean the three feet of open space before beginning of the Hansel and Gretelesque forest. Ah, good times, good times.

    I too, love the snow suit! Does the person who threw it away have no need for warmth and protection!?

    Yes bling lady, I’ve heard of your upbringing amongst the faeries and forest people. You and your brother really lucked out in the parents dept. They don’t make people like that anymore. 🙂

    The snow suit … I think I’ll add a photo of the garment’s label. It was manufactured in 1989. I have no idea why someone would get rid of such a useful piece of clothing. It’s so very warm!

  4. awww…I love that horn-dog plant of yours! I hope that I can produce offspring at that rate when it’s time for me and my future mate to spread our love via a generation of “mini us’s” 🙂

    PS: lookin’ slammin in your one-piece snow-suit there…meow! 😉 , and wow that seems like way too much work…is everyone with roofs supposed to do that? Hmm…

    I hope that no flower stalks sprout from your person Romi. But best of luck in your quest to mate and reproduce. I’m sure your children will be every bit as adorable as you!

    It IS too much work. I’m insane! I saw a commercial on TV this morning from an insurance company. The guy said to be sure to shovel your roof after every snowstorm. What a bunch of crap! Such commercials are a new phenomenon. The insurance companies are not so happy about having to pay out when an insured roof collapses. Last year was a record setting year for total precipitation, a lot of which was snow. But I don’t know if the statistics show an increase in roof collapses. If not then why would they spend money on such commercials?

  5. Please, whether you could go to my “fishing” blog to see whether for you too the font is minute. Very small font both on the blog and for the dashboard and stats, but normal font for instance in the Herald Tribune (which I read to see how your crisis is coming now that it has hit Spain, too.)

    I have a bread in the oven, wonderful bread with raisins. Have to quit.

    Nice that we can control font size in our web browsers. I subscribe to a print magazine called WIRED. They routinely use microscopic fonts. I have to wear 2 pairs of reading glasses sometimes. Grrrr. 😦

  6. It was the zoom! The zoom had to be clicked twice to bring things back to normal. I had been looking at “Settings” and “Profile” and in the HTML of some recent posts, because in the Help Forum they said it was dangerous to import text through Word.

    I studied the label that was in the “garment”, and I don’t know what to think. What is the label reader to think?

    Thanks for the info. It’s almost as useful as my “garment” info. Not sure why, but I’m glad you don’t know what to think! You know that I mean that in a nice way! 🙂

  7. nice snow suit O’Dave…and as a vermonter I otta know….

    Let me guess … since you have a grey watch cap like mine, only better because it has a bright red inside, I’m betting you have a snow suit too, only better than mine in some cool way. Do you think this Fear Of Rooves Collapsing is yet another manifestation of apocalyptomaniacal dread? Or what?

    HEY, the real question I have for you is can I post some of the pix I took of Tucker the latest wonderpup?

  8. I told you that JPEGs get dark in time. Now look at this. The film was made in 1996. The photo could be quite old, but of course not as old as my photos that turned dark. It could be they only turn dark if you reduce their KBs before putting them away.

    I took this photo to my computer and made it lighter, and all the faces became clearly visible, though the colours all became washed out.

    You are delightfully stubborn on this point, but I think that you’re starting to understand. When you wrote “It could be they only turn dark if you reduce their KBs before putting them away” you hit the proverbial nail on the head. JPEG is a “lossy” compression format. Reducing the file size removes more information and of course it will change the way the file appears when next opened. What I keep trying tell you is that a jpeg file cannot change on its own. Digital files do not “deteriorate” or “erode” (unless you want to count what could happen when cosmic rays or other ionizing radiation happens to pass through one’s hard drive … ) or otherwise spontaneously change. They are fixed texts. Capisce?

  9. Yes, now I am almost sure that is the reason my files got dark. Today I had to look for a better picture of a 800 year old bell. Bell are interesting things, and it used to be very difficult to make them and then to lift them up into a tower. Many weigh a ton or more. (I think I read 13 tons, but now I can’t believe it anymore). Well, the pictures of the bell of Notre Dame were nearly black.

    The reason it has taken me so long to figure this out is that I would have expected people to know better when they hang their pictures up in Wikipedia with a name and a license and an exact description of their camera and film .

    Posting pictures on the web with their exposure, film, and camera information is sort of like saying that one of the cows whose milk is in this cheese had a big brown spot shaped like Australia on her left side, and ate a bushel of dandelions last June. I say it’s safer to distrust what one finds online, regardless of any claims of accuracy or provenance. Accept it for entertainment value only. Even Wikipedia. Maybe some day that will change.

  10. Proust had wonderful stories to show how surprised anyone would be if he knew in what context they are remembered by other people.

    I am telling you this because I have noticed that now you have become linked to cabbage. This is because I asked you why you did not have cabbage. And I asked about that because from way back I have been interested in survival agriculture, and from Begin and from Russian stories I found out that cabbage soup is the cheapest food available, whereas from Meir and from Churchill I learnt that in a densely populated country chicken can be produced even when grain can’t be imported anymore, because chickens feed on grass and scraps of anything. —

    My interest in survival agriculture is due to WWII when Switzerland was surrounded by war and had to sell arms to its probable future invader in return for food. So even parks had to be used to grow food. However, because of recent trends in the global economy I have sometimes wondered whether you might end up having to defend your veggies from neighbors the way Goldie Meir had to defend her chickens from the wolves : at night, with a gun, and ready to shoot.

    That scenario has crossed my mind too. Unfortunately, when things get that bad I expect we’ll be well out-gunned by the marauding, starving city folk from points south. They won’t be happy to have found out that city life is impossible without support from the Giant Machines. We’ll be killed once we run out of ammo. Or maybe Canadian tanks will come down from the North and just level our homes. Hard to say. I’m hoping that Jesus and his Henchmen come back in some big spaceships to pick up all the “nice” people like me and my friends to take us to New Eden, where we’ll live happily ever after. 🙂

    I like being “linked to cabbage”!

    I also like that Proust noticed how we cannot really know how others perceive us, or indeed how they perceive anything. Personal context is so important, and yet we do have many touchstones of commonality. Animals have that too. I’m rambling now …

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