Posted by: David | January 26, 2009

Sunday Sun

Sunbathing was one of the benefits of the greenhouse that I actually thought about while planning and building it. And it’s something I’ve been doing for the past few sunny weekend afternoons. Just after noon actually. The window is from 12 to 2. Even when it’s 15°F and windy, if it’s sunny the temperature in the greenhouse gets into the upper 60s or low 70s.  So I take some reading matter and a drink out there and catch some rays while it’s winter outside. And it IS winter outside. We have a respectable snowpack of about a foot plus. The deer, which we’ve not seen for months, have remembered our delightful backyard. They come right up to the back of the house under the bird feeders. Guess they like sunflower seed hulls. Oliver is not very happy about this. He doesn’t care for any other quadrupeds in his yard. He can barely stand it when the birds fly into the windowpanes, which happens a couple times a week. Traffic.

When they first came back, a couple weeks ago. At dusk.

Speaking of deer, you have to check out Allison’s photo of an albino deer. Her blog, well worth reading, is called “That’s What She Blogged”. It’s listed over there in my blogroll …

Deer tracks in the snow.

So it’s about time I posted another little bit o’ video, huh? Here’s a clip of the walk out to the greenhouse. Cinema verite. A little late for this year’s Oscars, but maybe next year?

It was actually quite nice inside. Over 70°F.

This photo was taken Saturday, a partly cloudy day. A little cool.

I was finishing off a book of short stories by Larry Brown and a depressing article in the New Yorker about “Doomers” of various types. Having just finished a long book by Daniel Pinchbeck on the expectations for 2012 according to various theorists, philosophers, shamans, and other wise guys, it was a bit of work not to get dragged down into apocalyptophobia. Or is that a mania? Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Word.

img_2959 img_2958
What do these birds think of 2012?

Speaking of birds, a chickadee got into the greenhouse somehow and kept flapping about. It couldn’t seem to figure out how to get back outside.


I got a good solid hour of sun. No tan, but something to keep SAD at bay. Don’t need no SAD. 🙂



  1. fun! all of it! the crazy walk to your sunroom. the beautiful birdies, the deer, the book review (sort of) … 🙂

    🙂 Glad you enjoyed it C. I bought the damned frozen-already-in-a-pan crusts and the grapes … Whaddya mean crazy walk ??

  2. You’ve got absolutely terrific photography on your blog, Mr. L!!!

    Just lovely.


    Thanks Laurie! Nice of you to say so.

  3. I wonder if work would understand if I sat in my car from 12-2 to combat SAD. I’m definitely over winter (though your snow pictures are quite pretty).

    Tell them Dave said you could do that. Either that or HR has to buy a set of SAD lamps to put near your desk.

    I’m over winter too, but it’s not over me. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get a foot of snow.

  4. oh i am so jealous! That is EXCELLENT!!

    If by “that” you mean the greenhouse thingy then by all means go ahead and be jealous. If you see the thing close up your envy will be tempered. It is really quite a funky piece of work. Hopefully we’ll get a decade out of it, but who knows. Next one I build needs to be attached to the south side of the house.

  5. Watching that cinema verité, that video of you walking to the greenhouse, if it went on for a few minutes more, would give me motion sickness.

    And what happened to that bird that got caught in the greenhouse? I wonder. They always act so desperate that they risk killing themselves flying up against the window panes. Once a stray cat got in by accident, got into that funny little pueblo house where I used to live, and she panicked and jumped up against the window panes until she fell unconscious and I could grab her and carry her out.

    Thankfully that video was only 30 seconds. The bird finally escaped through the door that I left open. Your cat story is interesting. Cats don’t usually get themselves into such extreme states. That was a very interesting place, the pueblo house. How long did you actually live there?

  6. The cat was wild. Maybe she had never been indoors anywhere, and as we went there only in summer, she may have thought that the little house was not inhabited and went in to see.

    She often came back from some excursion with a cobweb hung from one ear to the other as if she had tried to decorate her face for a party.

    In that little town there were many wild cats, and people killed them with poison and even with traps.

    I like that image of a feral cat with cobweb decoration. 🙂

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