Posted by: David | January 6, 2009

Photos of Israel

My BFF and his very fine family (guess that’s a VFF?) made a trip to Israel recently. I was a little worried about them because of the fighting in Gaza, but each family member was armed with their own digital camera. They had a wonderful time and no rockets came any closer than 5 miles to where they were. They toured around and visited with family and felt quite secure most of the time.

A Tristram’s Starling at Masada, the Judean hills in the background.

My friend’s daughter (12) has a knack for photography. She really caught the cat’s expression here.

She took this one too.

Glad they had a good time and made it back safely. Thanks for letting me use these photos.



  1. Hello from New York! Those are very nice photos. I think a future photographer is in the works for her.

    Hi Mike and thank you for your comments. She has a good eye, but I think she wants to be a veterinarian. Like many young girls do …

  2. She is already a photographer!

    The cat wears the same expression as this year’s fashion models, a bit put off and a bit skeptical and a bit arrogant and somehow not too sober looking. She has a great fur and she is well fed, and all of this is only visible because it is a great photo.

    (They say that three-colour cats are always female. They knew this in the little town where I used to live. They also told me that during the war there were few street cats and only very thin ones, because they ate them when they were fat enough.)

    Yes she has a natural sense of the frame and a good eye for things to take pictures of.

    You totally nailed that cat’s expression! Every year’s fashion models …

    Eeewwww. I like to think I can eat almost anything. But I don’t think I could eat cat. Unless I was starving to death … 😦

  3. A friend of mine lives there. He was an intern for a show I did. Good, all-American kid who went there for an exchange program, it altered his life and now he’s raising his family there.

    Excellent pictures.

    Thanks for sayin so CZ!

    I guess Israel alters a fair number of peoples’ lives.

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    Glad everyone made it home okay, too.

    Gotta love them Judean hills. What a vista! It was hard to crop that one.

  5. It’s so good to hear they had a safe and nice trip….by the way that picture of the cat is amazing…and even as an overall, I’ve never seen a tri-coloured cat in that colour-combo before…it’s very becoming….can you tell I’m a cat-person with a cat of my own? 😉

    Yeah … y’know I didn’t really know that you were a cat person with a cat of your own. I bet your cat would love to be on the internet! Romi, have you been drinking?

  6. Oh My! Those photos are amazing. I feel so bad for that anyone has to worry about their life in such a wonderful place. Thanks for posting this!

    You’re welcome Joan, thanks for enjoying them. You put an interesting spin on the life in Israel idea. The desert’s beauty contrasts starkly with the unending ugliness of war.

  7. argh…it is all so difficult….what is happening in Gaza is appalling, as have been the persistent provocations. i would not pretend to be close enough or knowledgeable enough to have an informed, sophisticated political opinion. To me it just seems either that everybody has a “good” reason to act this way, or nobody does.

    Hey vermonter, bringer of patron saints! Argh indeed! I’m not pretending either, just sharing a few nice pix. I just Googled “Patron Saint of War”. There ain’t one. Thank god! There IS however, a sort of patron saint of peace. St. Elizabeth of Portugal. Interestingly, her feast day is July 4.

  8. Hi, I’m new here – I’m anne. Thanks for coming by my place- these photos are gorgeous, the first one doesn’t even look real- so amazing! Glad to know you, I will be back 😉

    Hi anne and welcome! We have lots of blogs in common don’t we? I’ve lurked on your blog for a while now- I like it. I use lots of photos here and usually they’re mine, but sometimes exceptions must be made.

    So. Thank you and come again. 🙂

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