Posted by: David | January 1, 2009

Happy Oh Nine

I predicted that this day would come! And lo, it has. Here’s another startling prediction that I made on the eve of this horrid decade. What? The first prediction wasn’t startling? Whatever …

[Please see me afterward for a full refund.]

Anyway, prediction number 2, made in the final days of 1999, was lost in all the Y2K hoopla. That’s a fun word isn’t it? Hoopla. So the prediction was that English-speaking peoples of North America would refer to all the years of the first decade of the 21st century thusly. Two thousand one, two thousand two, two thousand three, etetera until the end of 2009. Two thousand ten, I predict, will be called “twenty ten”. Yea, verily.

I came to this prophecy after a vision quest and many (7+) hours of fasting followed by my usual morning cup of coffee. Usually it’s fasting and supplication but I skipped the supplication due to being asleep. And supplication is no fun anyway. Sorry this is not true. At all.

I’m not really sure when it came to me, but I should start to see results as 2009 unfolds and people begin referring to next year. Please let me know if you hear anybody calling next year “twenty ten” OK? I expect the royalty checks to start arriving by September or October.

This could be one of my most pointless posts ever! Thankfully, it was short. Happy New Year to all and let’s hope that 2009 is a bajillion times better than 2008.



  1. Happy New Year! Way to get it started off with a laugh!

    Hey Maleesha, thanks for your comment. Best wishes for 2009!

  2. Yea, verily, the day did come and the sun rose as never before. And the people, seeing this, knew he had spoken the truth, and they called him Prophet.

    Um. Yeah, OK. What do you think? Twenty ten or two thousand ten?

  3. You’re like a numerological Nostradamus!

    Happy New Year, David. If this post is any indication, keep up the pointlessness!

    See ya,

    Thanks for the encouragement Chris. I’ll do my mediocre best. 🙂

  4. I predict “oh ten.”

    Hee hee. 🙂 Yup, Palin will be back for “oh twelve”.

  5. What have you been smoking?

    Mostly maple, but also some oak, ash, and Toyota exhaust. 🙂

  6. I’m going with “twenty ten” . It has a good sound to me. I love a good pointless post. Have a Happy New Year!!

    Thanks Joan. Glad you agree. Yup it’s the sound … “twenty oh x” (where x=1-9) just don’t flow.

  7. you are funny — so the Oh in your title is a Zero and the zero in the date is an Oh! At work (that would be the giant HP) we are already saying twenty ten so I believe that will be the trend. Enjoy 0h-9 — it can only get better than oh-8, right!

    Thank you Carol. Good catch editor lady. How does one properly spell “oh” when it’s standing for the naught numeral?

    Twenty ten at HP, check.

    I wish you hadn’t asked about ’09 being better than ’08. Oh maybe you’re not asking but exclaiming it (hence the exclamation point)? Either way, oy. When “well at least we’re near the bottom” reads as optimism … er, uh … gulp?

  8. Happy “Oh Nine” to you too, and it is SO gonna be twenty-ten…people are already saying it as they project future sales at work, hahaha…good call! 😉

    Thanks Romi. Well I guess it’s loud and clear from Corporate then. I wish my prediction about chocolate toothpaste would come true too. We were supposed to have that by 1995. What the hell are these scientists working on anyway?!?!

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