Posted by: David | December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice All

This shortest day is a little bleak weatherwise. We’re into our second snowstorm which is predicting to add another fluffy white foot or more to the 10 inches of Friday night’s storm. The morning dump mission was a success, delivering two weeks worth of trash and recyclables since the transfer station was closed last weekend (power outage = non functional compactors). Oliver and I picked up the Sunday Globe and NY Times afterward. He really likes these little jaunts about the town. When he sees people walking, especially children, he gets excited and jumps from front to side to rear windows to keep them in sight as long as possible. When he sees other dogs he whines like a sonofabitch!! Which is just what he is, huh?

What did you call me!?!?

It suddenly became 3 o’clock. Yes winter is officially off to a brilliant start. What’s nice is that tomorrow will be a little longer than today.



  1. Wow… I don’t know where you live, but I don’t think I’d want to be there right now. I’m definitely not a fan of snow. Awesome dog, though!

    Hi mikewc02 and thank you for commenting. This here’s New Hampshire Lakes Region weather. The ski areas and skiers now have their xmas present! The dog will get used to it, in time. Winter has gotten off to a rather hard start for all of us. It looks like 2008 will become the “all time” record year for precipitation.

  2. Oliver is a cutie! The snow on your page, which usually bugs me, actually works very well with that pic. πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, it bugged me too, but my reader in Madrid (cantueso) requested it. I figured what the hell? It is winter after all. And it does work with the picture doesn’t it? When WordPress shuts off the snow the real snow in the photo will become more visible. Thanks for commenting birdpress.

  3. πŸ˜€

    The other day when I tried it out here it did not work, but today it does:

    Go to the top of the page, the header or banner, and move your cursor to the right of the page, and the snow falls towards the right. Then move your cursor to the left and the little flakes change course midway and start falling towards the left!

    The picture of Oliver is wonderful. That’s a nice fur coat he’s got now. It’s the kind of thing I’d wear to go to midnight mass on Christmas eve.

    It took me quite a long time to notice the WordPress snow’s cursor-related behavior. A week or two. Sometimes the direction is reversed and the snowflakes come toward the cursor.

    Glad you like the Oliver-in-the-snow photo. Now I have a nice picture in my mind of you with an Oliver coat entering a grand old church in Madrid for midnight mass. You should know that I picture you as that girl-at-the-window painting by Dali that’s on the sidebar of your blog. Your coat is a little scruffy. You shouldn’t have worn it to church. Especially midnight mass. πŸ˜€

  4. hey – I didn’t realize the direction of the snow until Cantueso mentioned that! Neato!

    Happy Appropriate Seasonal Greetings! (I read this in a post, too clever, huh?)


    Thanks now I don’t feel so dopey! πŸ˜€

  5. oh, goodness – I forget that I’m not signed in with my ‘usual’ account. oh well. You know who I am…

    Yes I know who you are and like you anyway! πŸ™‚ Well maybe I don’t really know who you are, but like you anyway?

  6. I love that his face was covered with snow…makes me think he’s either been eating snow and grabbing it and throwing it in the air. My dog likes snow for about 5 seconds and then she wants back in the house…which is kind of smart, but not very fun.

    Same with Oliver. He’ll even roll around in the snow for a few seconds. Soon he’s shivering. He should start biting and digging in the snow in the next few weeks. He will probably need to either see a real live chipmunk or hallucinate one in order to start snow tunneling.

  7. That girl at the window? I would have to eat a lot of polenta.

    But midnight mass: nada. Husband = American = anti relig complex fairly acute.

    I think I can wholeheartedly recommend that you eat lots of polenta.

    As for the irreligious husband, since I share the anti relig complex, I’d say wear the dog fur coat and go without him to midnight mass if you want to. Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  8. The happiest words I have ever seen — “What’s nice is that tomorrow will be a little longer than today.” I think it is funny that your readers are so fascinated with the snow. It is certainly beautiful from a distance but about the zillionth time I shovel the walk at 6 AM so Sol can get the bus makes me yearn for warmer climes. Enjoy your holiday break and keep those posts coming!

    Thank you Carol. Methinks nephew ought to take up the snow shovel himself. Why when I was his age I had to shovel a path ALL THE WAY TO SCHOOL! I say this as someone who is also REALLY TIRED of moving snow, which is what I did for most of the morning. After that I watched a couple of movies. I watched The Deer Hunter for the first time. Then I watched Snatch for the second time. I hogged the TV for like 7 hours to recover from snow moving. I think I’m recovered, but I have to get back to it tomorrow. Note to self: If you ever build a house, build it with a roof that sheds snow all by itself.

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