Posted by: David | November 29, 2008

Day After Thanksgiving 2008

The back yard was looking decidedly wintry. Today it’s sunny but windy and I’ve managed to blow pretty much the entire morning surfing the interweb. Must try to go outside …



  1. That’s what it looked like on Cape Cod a couple of weeks ago. That was an interesting thing to wake up to.

    The Farmer’s Almanac sez we’re in for a cold winter. Safe bet that.

  2. I cannot see the video, because my connection comes on only when I click and often only when I click more insistently and say something offensive at the same time.

    I spent half the afternoon changing a header. You do that all the time. First the blue was wrong, next the writing was wrong, then it was too light and then too greenish.

    Your yard looks about half the size of Switzerland where (did you know?) its expensive supersonic jets can’t take off without asking Germany or France for permission, because there is no way for them to get airborne in its own small airspace.

    The colours of that winter photo are very nice.

    I’m sorry cantueso, I forget about your connection issues. The video you cannot see is just like the new header, but 11 seconds of snowfall.

    And yes, even as a seasoned computer user, insistent clicking and cursing are pretty much obligatory.

    Your header changes are nice. There appears to be a slight gradient in the blue backgrounds of both your blog headers. I like that, and the way you’ve placed the type is pleasing too.

    By city standards our acreage is substantial, yes. The illusion of Switzerland is caused by the distant view to the west. I will not allow any supersonic jets in my airspace. 🙂

  3. As to that connection, I went to the forum to say it was bad. After a short time, 10 or more people also came and said it was bad. Some said it took them up to 5 minutes to save a page.

    Finally somebody from WordPress support came in and said they were investigating.


    Do you think it would take those geeks so long to see what there is?

    I have a pretty good DSL connection at my home, and I’ve observed a lot of latency with various operations in WordPress. I’ve said this before, but I wonder if they’re just growing too fast. I wonder if they are able to fund the continuously expanding hardware needs they must have.

    Did the WordPress support person ever report back?

  4. It was like that in Vt, too. When I got up this morning I discovered a tiny trail of careful little foot prints leading through the snow across the dooryard and all around the whole outside of my house and then leading off again into the bushes. I followed the trail but whatever owned the feet must have levitated into the cloudy sky. Suddenly the footprints just ended. It was a small cat-like being who stalked us in the night…

    Ooo that’s kinda creepy vermonter! I wonder if some bird of prey swooped down and scooped up those feet and their owner.

    Today, the last of November, is cold and cloudy. The sky feels like it wants to snow. A few chores are calling to me from outside, knowing soon they’ll be muted by that heavy white blanket. Will I go out and do them, or will I stay glued to the internet? Hmm.

  5. On my dashboard it says that “David linked here saying…” Where is that link ? The reason I am asking is that recently other people have been doing that, and when I go to see their blogs, I can’t see any such link.

    I see those in my dashboard too, under “Incoming Links”, and I have no idea what they mean. They are often from blogs I visit infrequently.

    Anybody else know what those are?

  6. Vermonter:

    It was a R A T. Don’t worry. They rarely attack humans and usually they don’t break into houses either. If they do come in, gently pull them by their little ears and show them to the door.

  7. Haha…..I just spent this entire Sunday morning (and creeping into the afternoon) on the inteweb…but it’s so right! Haha….and nice snowy video..reminds me of what’s coming up tonight, as in a big snow storm and very tough drive for a Monday morning…sigh…frickin’ Canadiana 😉

    Well I finally did get outside and finished splitting up some firewood. Then the snow began again. It’s supposed to turn into rain, but whatever. We’re ready. Now it’s dinnertime and I’m on the stupid internet again. Need to make something with leftover turkey …

  8. To David:
    On my blog I have just seen that you thought something had gone wrong with the dates.

    No. This was an old post re-published. The English speaking world rejects Kant and quotes Hume instead. I do not know enough to understand it, but I have never seen an exception. It is very strange.

    I have put Kant back up three times or maybe four, and he got altogether maybe 21 hits. Compare that to Obama’s 13 564.

    But without Obama’s 13 564 Kant would never have gotten those 21 hits ! They came to read the old Obama joke and stayed to read Kant !

    That’s what I mean by blogging.

    OK, that explains it. I forgot that you sometimes re-publish posts. Thanks.

    I don’t reject Kant. But I’m too undisciplined to read him. I’m happy that he tried to figure out whether knowledge is actually knowable. Was it Wittgenstein who finally decided that was a fool’s errand? You tell me. Just the Cliff Notes please.

    With all your sophisticated idealism, cantueso, I think it’s amusing the way you count the hits. Have you read this NY Times article on “slow blogging”?

  9. Oh this was gorgeous, just GORGEOUS. I loved it. Thanks for posting it. I don’t know what the weather here was because I stayed on the couch, but it was undoubtedly un-Thanksgivingy.

  10. Hi David – I’m Wendy’s sister , JoAnn. Nice to meet cha . Wendy just told me about the beautiful winter video you took and I wanted to see it . I played it 3 times ! Not only is it easy on the eyes, it SOUNDS like winter . How perfectly peaceful . Are you going to make anymore ? You have to make the next one longer than 10 seconds tho. Just beautiful . Thankyou.

    Hi Joann and Wendy. I’m so glad you enjoyed the little slice of winter-to-be. An old coworker of mine that came up with expert malaprops would have called this the “harbringer” of winter. 😀

  11. I love malaprops, I really do. On “Trailer Park Boys” one of the characters is always referring to his mother’s “mating name.”

    OOoo that’s a really good one! Nicely resonant meanings with just the right amount of dopiness. Love it! And THAT sent me on a half hour Google.

  12. OH, okay! Maybe “mating name” is an eggcorn.

    YES! It’s an eggcorn! How wonderful is that. (Please note missing question mark in previous sentence!)

    And in another early morning fit of distraction, under your inspiration, finding the Eggcorn Database and Forum, I am crushed to read this announcement, when all I wanted to do was contribute “timberbox” (harbringer is already there).

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