Posted by: David | September 26, 2008


To begin a post entitled Randomiscellany, a sort of anti-oxymoronic redundant sniglet, I can think of nothing better than this image of something we made for dinner a couple nights back. It’d be great if I could think of something better, but hey, I don’t want to confuse my reader(s).



It’s a PIZZA! With shrimp, pesto, peppers, and fresh mozzarella. It was SOOOOO YUMMY!

I know, these are troubled times. Tumult, death, disease, disaster. When life hands us lemons, we make pizza. Actually we make pizza no matter what life hands us. This blog is not about bank failures or global warming. Nor is it about pizza.


My wife recently recently took on a quasi-theatrical project. She decided that the foundation, white painted cinder blocks, needed the brick look. So she started putting painter’s tape on the wall …

That’s not her reflection in the window. That’s Jane Doe.

She clamped the painter’s tape roll in the vise and sawed it in half so that it would be closer to the thickness of a mortar joint and would have a rough edge.

Next came the brick colored paint. Again, that’s not her reflection. It’s probably a vampire or something.

Federal Regulations prohibit my using photographs of my wife on the internet. She thinks this blogging is a bad idea. It will bring the blogstalkers to our home, where they will disturb our idyllic lifestyle. Jeez, Oliver does that regularly.

The brick colored paint dried for a day or three. Then she randomly applied some black paint with a sponge. Once that was dry the painter’s tape was removed.

The effect is very convincing from a distance. She planted some hydrangeas and stuff too.



  1. Wow, between the pizza and the brick wall it’s hard to decide which is better. I’m afraid I have to pick the pizza. I haven’t had one in so long that when I saw the photo my saliva glands kicked up. I haven’t had breakfast yet. I had better go eat my egg beaters. I don’t know why but the egg beaters don’t sound half as good as that pizza is looking right now.

    I have to say though, the brick wall is amazing. Who would have thought? That vampire who helped your wife did a great job.

    I assume you have been following the LHC problems. Now we have to wait until Spring to see what happens when they start colliding stuff.

    Hi Joan, yes I always think of you and your salivary glands when I post pix of foods you can’t eat. I’m sorry about that. But thanks for your amusing comments as always.

    She’s pretty proud of herself on the faux brick project. It really did come out nicely.

    I have been following the LHC problems. Have you tried the link in my blogroll? Here’s a recent post by one of the US LHC bloggers. Such failures are to be expected with something so huge and so new. I don’t expect that thought will comfort the black-hole-end-of-the-worlders though. If we’re gonna get sucked into a black hole, I guess I’d rather have it be during the summer than the winter. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m shocked, David! Putting undocumented ‘Jane Doe’s’ AND vampires to work around the house! Are you planning on running for office soon?

    Awesome job on both. I have to assume your ‘workers’ helped with the cooking so I’m not surprised at the level of greatness.

    Fear is a great motivator.

    Yeah, I have a whole staff of ghosts, vampires, and people in witness protection. They have mattresses in the basement. They work for peanuts. Literally. And peanut butter. You haven’t laughed until you’ve seen a vampire eating peanut butter! Blaaaah! (Bela Lugosi) πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, kudos to your wife on a job well done. It does indeed look quite convincing. And the pizza looks fantastic. Great idea. Homemade pesto?

    I’ll pass the kudos along. The pizza WAS good and yes, homemade pesto- what else?

  4. Wow – Elle est une vraie artiste du tromp l’oeil… I think those windows with the vampire reflection are especially convincing. So’s the trellis thingie. And that snarly bale of “painter’s tape” — it looks like you just peeled it off! Very impressive πŸ™‚

    Oui! C’est vrai. My wife actually took all the non-pizza pictures. Apparently she knows the right camera settings for catching vampire reflections.

  5. Unbelievable! I will say I was told about the plan and I was a bit skeptical — seemed like a master of trompe l’eoil was required but hey — just a secret sister/wife and a can of paint!!! It looks spectacular! Sooooo – let me get this straight — fantastically beautiful bride/daughter, phenomenal blue stove for free, and now brickwork on the foundation! Oh and I forgot the best one — the super collider broke after 30 seconds — this is David’s Dream Come True month in my opinion!!! Job well done! And tell that vampire/jane doe sister of mine that she did a fantastic job!

    Yes Carol, now that you mention it, September 2008 has been a pretty good month. Though I was not especially happy about the LHC problem, I guess I’m glad to have a few more months to live before the end of the universe.

    On the faux brick plan- I can happily report a minimum of skepticism on my part, having done something like this years back with the Kearsarge High School Drama Club, and knowing that it’s a pretty convincing illusion with the right colors of paint and all. I did suggest that she Google “fake brick painting” or something like that, and she did. But her method was her own invention.

  6. Wow, that “brick” looks fantastic! She could make big money with her mad trompe l’eoil skillz. Seriously, it looks fantastic. Is that the first time she’s done something like that? It looks professional.

    If I lived closer I’d hire her to paint my truck like that. Well, it’s really Buck’s truck, but it would look so cool all brick like that.

    Your pizza looks delicious. Is that tofu or cheese scattered around the shrimp? Or both?

    HAHAHA! That’s really funny Wendy! A brick truck would be hilarious! I wonder what that weird lurker dude that you posted about a while back would have thought of a brick truck.

    Tofu on a pizza? Jeebus, you think we’re like hippie tree hugging tofu eaters? Actually I love tofu, but that’s fresh mozzarella, which does sort of look like tofu. We wouldn’t put tofu on a pizza. That just wouldn’t be right. πŸ˜€

  7. Oh my goodness, I had to scroll by that pizza again.

    I have been reading the LHC blog for a while though I didn’t read today’s post. Que Sera Sera!!

    I figure if I get sucked into a black hole it will be a unique experience. Probably my last, but unique.

    I’m thinking it would hurt, but not for too long.

  8. Isn’t that paint going to peel off in summer ? But it looks nice. However, “the wife” must be a real power house, because all of your place, big as it is, including gardens and horses and lawn and garage and dog and cat and orchids, everything always looks spit and spank (???? I’d bet this is wrong; what could it be? spif and spank? spick and spank ?). Incredible. Makes me feel like a real slut (?? sluge? sludge? slug?).

    See this? I am in a hurry, though the tax thing only starts again in a week or so, but it has been such an exciting week with things coming apart in Wall Street so that everyone could see how they are made and what’s inside.

    I hope you’re wrong about it peeling off. But most paint does, doesn’t it?

    Yes, she is a power house.

    I think maybe “spic and span” is what you were looking for, and you came very close. Honestly I really like “spit and spank” a lot better!! πŸ˜€ You should not feel like a slug (slut is certainly NOT what you meant slut=whore … sludge=sewage). It’s nice that you make such a commendable effort with slang terms. These must be the most difficult things to keep up with for students of languages such as yourself. Maybe this is a good time to apologize for the idiotic comment I left at your Shop Talk blog regarding the “Assimil” name. Thanks for deleting it πŸ™‚

  9. And Palin! Coming apart, too! What a nightmare that was. And how nice to see that you can’t fool some of the people all of the time.

    And now McCain might get a little feedback, too, because it has just come out that he is a gambler, a big gambler, and has the complete gambling lobby on his side. Isn’t that pretty news? He and his campaign manager in Las Vegas?

    Little can be said about that Cindy. Wiki says Cindy is a philanthropist. I think we should not mention how McCain ditched his first wife. The gambling will do just as well with “the folks back home”. However, sometimes I wonder what his first wife thinks of the show

    Maybe you’ve noticed that I don’t discuss much in the way of politics here. In the spirit of honesty, and since you bring it up, I have to admit that while I was shocked at McCain’s choice of running mate, I was not surprised at the excessively calculated nature of it. For the record, I vote Democratic. However, the extreme polarization that we have now in the USA is very frightening.

  10. Wow! the painting looks neat on the house! Good job, Mrs. David!

    And yes, the pizza does look yummy ! Do ya have a gluten-free variety? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Red! I’d like to pass along your kudos to Mrs. David, who is also a redhead I should like to mention at this time, but it will only make her mad if I tell her some southern chick named Red that I’ve never met thinks her brick-painting is cool. Go figure! She doesn’t really get this blog stuff. Sometimes I’m not sure I do either. But that don’t stop me! πŸ˜€

    Wish we had a gluten free variety for you to enjoy, but no. Maybe substitute a graham cracker crust?

  11. As always, your post is delightful – in many ways.

    and the COMMENTS! are always entertaining. Maybe not mine, but everyone elses?! fun, fun.

    I like your comments C, and feel very fortunate to have you and all the other witty readers willing to read this twaddle. πŸ˜€

  12. you could totally fool me into thinking that the place was ‘brickified’, now that’s talent, kudos to her! πŸ™‚ As for your pizza, that is also talent, and I would not mind burying my face in that (after it cooled down of course πŸ˜‰ )

    Thanks Romi. She is pretty talented. I guess I’ll keep her. πŸ™‚ If she’ll have me. 😦

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    I bet you’d love our pizza!

  13. Your wife did a great job. It looks so real. What a great idea!

    Thanks beadden and welcome! Yes, like you, my wife has the artist’s eye and hand. And maybe the artist’s mouth too, but let’s not talk about that. πŸ˜€

  14. I put up the story of the 40$ stove. As said before, there are rarely any hits on a new post. It takes time for a post to move up at Google, as you can see if you compare “recent posts” with “top posts”. The top posts (at least mine) are all old.

    However, like most of your posts, this one isn’t spider-friendly, so that maybe later I’ll add some quotations from somebody or other to make it more classifiable.

    Thanks for doing that cantueso, I am honored to have you reformulate some of my own personal content. It’s like I’m a legend in my own mind. My blog recently passed the 20,000 hit mark and I celebrated this quietly by planting garlic. I’m glad my posts aren’t spider friendly, since I’m not a huge fan of spiders anyway.

  15. now why wouldn’t she have you?!?!?! You are 101 pizza toppings of awesomeness my friend, and you can quote me on that if you need to πŸ˜‰

    Well, she can’t not have me (to sorta quote Alanis) but that’s just a little self-deprecating pseudo-profundity which had the desired effect on you Romi. Thanks for your sweet compliments as always. πŸ˜€

  16. That pizza looks fantastic! Yum.

    Your wife must be some sort of wall genius person. That is just seriously amazing!

    But um…Dave? Vampires have no reflections. Just sayin’.

    THANK YOU Moonbeam! I was waiting for someone to say something about vampires not having reflections. That it was you is JUST PERFECT!! I can go to bed now and dream up my next post. Garlic will be involved, so watch out vampires!

  17. The brickwork is awesome! Imagine, painting bricks to look like… bricks! Brilliant! πŸ˜€

    The pizza also looks delicious, the next time you serve it, I’m coming over… your first blog-stalker banquet! πŸ™‚

    Hi Adam, thanks for stopping by! My wife makes nice bricks and nice pizzas. I guess I’m a pretty lucky fella! Thanks for the reminder. Eclectic dinner guests are always welcome πŸ™‚

  18. First time I read you, but I’m impressed! Awesome wall, great pizza, super-wife, husband to keep the show enjoyable…..sounds like you have a ‘mahvelous’ life!

    Hello soapboxdiva and thank you for your very kind comment. It is pretty mahvelous most of the time. Glad you found the show enjoyable πŸ™‚

    But wait, there’s more! It’s commercial FREE!

  19. […] – Randomiscellany saved by kincha2008-12-26 – Surely Shakespeare has a sniglet for it? saved by iain0101002008-12-21 […]

  20. I have not deleted any comments of yours. Right now I also cannot remember that you wrote in about Assimil.

    It was one of my stupider comments. Even if you didn’t delete it.

  21. I just found the comment:

    I had not seen the “ass” connection, because I pronounce that word more or less “esseemeel”.

    I see you went biking. I thought your winter lasted much longer. I also thought that maybe as soon as the weather gets better in the US, the news from there would be less gloomy. Have you seen there is a new name for the plight the economy is in: they call it a maelstrΓΆm (as if it were something foreign).

    I cannot yet imagine what will happen here. The boom drove house prices up some 500% in 10 years, bricklayer salaries, too. I cannot imagine how that could be corrected. Lots of people can only afford their flat because both work. Zero children. And of course soon there won’t be work for both.

    Well thanks for finding that comment. 😦 It still sounds stupid. I’ve admitted here before that I am an ignoramus.

    I like that word maelstrΓΆm! And yes, the biking was great! Winter is officially gone as of Friday, but here we can still get some brutal snowstorms well into April. They’re real heartbreakers too. Heavy wet snow on the muddy ground. It’s usually melted away within a few days, but what a mess it can be. I remember one such storm in ’86. April 20 or 21 and we got almost 2 feet of the stuff! So when the weather is nice, I try to get on the bike.

    I cannot imagine what will happen either. I read a “new age” book called “2012” a few months back. I had to push through it, because my mind is easily smothered with doom and apocalypse, which is just death writ large. Death is inevitable. We live in interesting times, don’t we cantueso?

  22. In summer, do you need a sprinkler to keep all that grass green? Here it is the absence of water that makes agriculture expensive and unreliable.

    So I sometimes wonder why it is not possible to have pipelines for water just as they have them for oil, all across Spain for instance or from central Europe to North Africa, even if it were only for personal use.

    In summer many people here only drink bottled water, because tap water smells and tastes of bleach used everywhere as a disinfectant.

    Our region is blessed with agreeable weather in the summer, and a good annual precipitation rate. I would never use a sprinkler on the grass, but if we have a dry spell, we sometimes use a sprinkler in the vegetable gardens. Reliability is totally dependent on the weather. Sometimes the garden just doesn’t do well.

    Our water comes from a drilled well with a submersible pump. It’s good to drink though it has a lot of manganese which stains the toilet.

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