Posted by: David | September 22, 2008

Aloe Flowers Again!

What a determined plant this aloe is. This is the 3rd time in less than a year! In the library of the college where I work, there lives this amazing and venerable aloe plant.

I actually saved a little envelope of seeds from the last flowering, you may remember, just back in July. I don’t think they’re fertile. Tried to germinate some in moistened paper towels inside an anti-static bag (that a new hard drive came in) … they might still be buried somewhere on my desk at home … I should look for them.

So, yes, back in February this plant flowered, then again in July, and now as Autumn officially begins, it’s doing it again. Proceeding with exhaustive photo documentation …

Early last week- just getting started.

Two days later. This flower stalk grows very fast.

Last Friday.

September 22, 2008

Here’s the view from above the plant.

I intend to keep you up to date on the flowering of this magnificent plant. Meanwhile, out the back door of the library, the crows are tending to some brown patches of grass.

Not sure what these crows are doing here, but they’re fairly noisy about it.

Sorry for the randomness. It’s the best I can do in these tumultuous times.



  1. The flower looks like an asparagus tip to me, and now I really want some nice roasted asparagus.
    I love your plant posts. At the boyfriend’s new place, the landlord gave me free reign on the yard. Oh spring, I can’t wait for you!
    Right, enough about me. I love your plant posts and I’ve never seen aloe bloom anywhere except here on this blog.

    Thank you talea, I’m happy to hear that. We grow asparagus but have never tried roasting them. I bet that would be delicious! And my pee would probably smell like asparagus EVEN FASTER!

    I’ve never seen the aloe flower before either and this plant is like some kind of aloe porn star! Stay tuned …

  2. The picture from above looks like he’s putting up his dukes while trying to kick someone. The Ultimate Flower Championships!

    That’s funny B&G. We were just talking today about maybe parking another aloe that lives in the library near “The Champ”. Maybe some inspirational flowering, and then, perchance, pollination, could happen! That would be so COOL!

  3. Gracious, I hope you put up a screen or something…

    Nice idea vermonter! Actually the younger aloe is barely an adolescent, so this should be a pretty good show. According to what I’ve read ( 🙂 ) succulents have no desire for privacy. More to the point, they have no desire at ALL. So we voyeurs can just stand back, stare, and drool.

  4. awww…I hope the tumultuous times smooth out for you, and can’t wait to see how that bad boy flowers 😉

    PS: “I actually saved a little envelope of seeds from the last flowering, you may remember, just back in July. I don’t think they’re fertile.”….I don’t, this flower-talk always sounds so provoc to me..totally sounds like you’re talking about a chick, hahaha 😉

    Oh Romi, you have a one-track mind. Well maybe 2 tracks. But thanks as always for your comments. I’ve fallen behind on the Year of the Chick, so I’ll get my butt over there soon. Promise!

    The tumult mentioned was that of the world today, not my particular life. Things are pretty smooth here, else I would not be blogging about such meaningless drivel. 😀

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