Posted by: David | September 7, 2008

Autumn Just Ahead

I haven’t had much time to play on the interwebs lately, due to so much activity. First there was my daughter’s wedding (see previous post), which was great, but took some recovery time. The last bits of detritus from that event are all but gone from the house.

After the wedding- where do all the flowers go?

And the little window and table ornaments?

And the extra jordan almonds (hope nobody broke a tooth on them)?

A few remaining stems drop their blossoms on various surfaces around the house. Mr. and Mrs. B (the newlyweds) are back to their busy lives of work and school, respectively.

Then came the beginning of the 2008-2009 academic year at the college where I work. We’re welcoming our biggest-ever class of first-year students (the PC term for freshmen), which we also did last September (380 then). Last Friday about 400 new students moved in. It’s so touching to observe them, with parents, siblings, friends, sometimes even grandparents, from this safe distance. Already knowing that stressful joy of dropping the kid off at college, that beginning of the launch into adulthood, it’s more, well, entertaining I guess, to watch others move through it. I was stationed in one of the residence halls with a student helper to assist the newbies with getting their computers connected to our campus network and the interweb. Gotta have that Facebook and AIM.

So I haven’t had much time to post, is the point of this post. We (my department and me) are working this weekend. But I do have a couple more pix from recent weeks. So here they are.

Made some salsa with stuff from the garden. It’s going to be HOT.

Blanching some green beans for freezing.

Last year at this time I was going on and on about the sweet corn. Well this year some woodchucks have been taking their share. (And I’ve sent 2 woodchucks to meet their maker! 😦 ) PLUS the winter sqash and pumpkin vines have grown through the corn like gangbusters. So I haven’t even put a single kernel into the freezer yet. Last year’s crop of sweet corn was so amazing that looking at this year’s was nothing but disappointing. Almost depressing. One must have something to look forward to, I always say …

Just a few more days until they start circulating proton beams at the LHC and my wife turns 50. Woot!


  1. Next year we are going to have a vegetable garden if I have to hold my cane over the kid’s heads to make them plant one. We had container tomatoes this year and had a fairly good crop.

    The green beans look so good.

    It must be sort of a relief to have the whole wedding thing be over and get back to the routine of life. At least it was for me.

    Good Luck with the beginning of the new school year!!

    Thank you Joan, I hope you do have a garden next year. Gardening is good therapy, exercise, and then there’s the produce itself, which you can photoshop and put into your blog. It looks extra delicious when you oversaturate the colors.

    If you can get someone to till your garden patch, the planting part is not that strenuous. I do most of my gardening sitting, kneeling, or crawling. Weeding however, is fairly arduous.

    We’ve had some gorgeous tomatoes this year too.

    It was a HUGE relief to have the whole wedding thing behind me, especially since it went so well. My daughter and wife did some very excellent planning.

    So far, one day of classes in, the school year is going great. It’s always nice to see those happy, optimistic young faces every fall. Around Thanksgiving there are more frowns.

  2. Half of the reason I visit here is to see you use words like “detritus”….the other half is listening to the cool-ass stuff you grow in your garden (and the associated pictures)…the other half (oh wait I’ve run out of halves) is that you are freakin’ funny (even though you killed two woodchucks…eeek!)..

    That is all 🙂

    Thanks Romi. You’re pretty freakin’ funny yo self girl! I always appreciate your comments.

    The woodchucks had it coming to them, just like the rest of us. I forgave them their sins before administering their painless departures.

  3. The photos are awesome, as usual. The blender photo is beautiful, and the green beans blanching came out great — it’s not easy to photograph food.

    Woodchucks! I had a woodchuck do so much damage to my garden one year I thought it had been vandalized. But vandals wouldn’t dig up Dutch bulbs and eat them. Oh, and hey, another time we looked out the window and saw a woodchuck standing on its hind legs — it was like 3′ tall — walking over to our puppy to, presumably, eat it. It was lumbering over to it like Godzilla the Woodchuck, and our puppy was just sitting there watching it, fascinated. We had to run outside screaming and shouting and pelting it with rocks.
    That particularly brazen woodchuck met a violent end; but live by the sword, die by the sword, I always say. Always I’m saying it. Our neighbor blew it up somehow, he used an explosive. Dynamite? Can a guy who works for the phone company own dynamite? He caught it living under his shed and vandalizing his garden.

    Thank you Wendy. I think I need to make another batch of salsa this weekend.

    Funny/scary about the puppy and the giant woodchuck. 🙂

    Dynamiting woodchucks! This reminds me of joanharvest’s post written by the wasband on the foiled squirrel electrocution. Those were the days!

  4. Did you see? Some hackers got into that neutron collider. I read it first in a Spanish paper, but looked it up to send you the news that you have been waiting for. The whole thing might still blow up, because if those kids got in just for fun, others might have gotten in long ago.

    I have not been here recently, on your blog, because on my new blog there are comments, and many were about some language teaching scam, things that I want to know.

    It is awful, that beam circulator. It does take one’s mind off Palin, though. That is most welcome.

    I had not seen that cantueso, thanks for the url. That is alarming. I recently read a thriller novel about a particle collider in evil hands. It wasn’t pretty. It tied in to a whole apocalyptic scenario. It was sort of neo-spiritual science fiction.

    Thanks for stopping by. I like your new blog and I’m glad it’s keeping you informed and entertained.

  5. When I saw the bit on the news about the end-of-the-world-blaster contraption, I thought of you…

    Well thanks C, I’m flattered. What they’re looking to do with the “contraption” is to resolve some of the nagging questions of physics’ theory of matter. I hope that some practical applications arise from this research, beyond sucking the cosmos into a black hole. 🙂

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