Posted by: David | August 26, 2008

The Wedding

Last weekend my daughter got married. It was a lovely wedding on a perfectly gorgeous late summer day. She was as radiantly beautiful as I’ve ever seen her in all her life and a good time was had by all. The “one awful thing” that someone had told me would have to happen was never evident to me as the day unfolded. But then, I was wearing a tuxedo and in a state of euphoric detachment. I did get a photo of one bad moment though. There were about a dozen children attending the reception, and their table was well stocked with favors such as coloring books, crayons, and little tiny jars of bubbles.

This flower girl ran out of bubbles. She was inconsollable for a minute or so.

Their was another incident involving a couple of the flower girls. Despite a flawless performance at the wedding ceremony, they somehow collided on the dance floor. Neither was injured.

The mother of the groom was able to pry them apart after much giggling.

The ceremony was held at a beautifully quaint church in Bristol, NH. The pastor was an amazingly patient and luminous fellow, guiding the chaos through a rehearsal on Friday evening and the actual event, some 45 minutes behind schedule, with more good cheer than one could imagine possible on a quite warm August Saturday afternoon.

After the ceremony, bride and groom rang the church bells and posed for photos.

The newlyweds were showered with rose petals as they left the church.

As with most weddings, cake was involved. My wife and her friend, an experienced cake decorator, took on the task of making the wedding cake. It was a divine, dark chocolate cake with a buttery creamy frosting that took some 15 hours to prepare, spread over several days. Its bottom 2 layers were baked in Vermont, while the top layer was baked in New Hampshire, where it was also frosted. In several phases. Apparently, cake decorating is something like finish carpentry, where the later steps are able to cover the mistakes of the earlier steps.

It took up our entire fridge for a couple of days. We dumped a lot of jars of old jellies and pickles.

The reception was held in a lovely (yes, I’ve used the word “lovely” 3 times now, dammit) fixed up barn behind the Inn on Newfound Lake in Bridgewater, NH. The cake was delivered to the reception via special Wedding Cake Delivery Module constructed by the mother of the bride in the back seat of her ’99 Saab. I had wanted to get a picture of the delivery module, which consisted of an aluminum foil covered corrugated box, with detachable flaps, supported by a plywood leveling platform and many rolled up towels, but it was jettisoned after Wedding Cake Delivery and burned up in the atmosphere.

After delivery, wedding cake was further decorated with orchids and ivy.

There was an amusing little mess just a minute after this picture was taken.

While fishing cake fragments from her wedding dress, my daughter found a few rose petals too. She really seemed to have a wonderful time and I guess that spread to the hundred or so guests. Congratulations dear daughter and son-in-law, all your care and love made for a really wonderful day! We’ve put the remaining piece of cake in the freezer for your anniversary next August.

Earlier in the day, the bride arranged the table with the memorial candle and photographs.


  1. lovely lovely lovely – there is nothing more to say – just lovely. congratulations dad on taking that really big leap of faith and letting her go

    I can honestly say that it wasn’t that big of a leap. My daughter has a pretty good head on her shoulders (usually) and she and her husband spent a good enough number of years “living in sin” first. So for both of these hardworking, serious people tying the knot was well considered and well planned. They are both abnormally thoughtful and careful, especially when I think of myself at those years closing in on the Three Oh.

    But thanks for your congratulations, just the same …

  2. How did it feel being “Father of the Bride”? Nothing bad happened at my daughter’s wedding either. Her cake was beautiful. My daughter’s husband’s grandmother and aunt made her cake the night before the wedding. I think the homemade ones taste so much better. Your daughter looked beautiful. Congratulations to your family.

    Thanks Joan, it felt kinda weird but that was probably more due to the fact that I was wearing a tux for only the second time in my life. It was really nice walking down the aisle with my daughter because of how happy she was.

    The guy who runs the place said that it was the best wedding cake he’d ever had. I bet he says that to everyone who makes their own cakes. The funny bit was that when we delivered it, early in the afternoon, he didn’t recognize us as parents of the bride. He was rather harried and disturbed because two of his people couldn’t make it to work that day. There was a lot to do … So he was short-staffed and he had a headache, as he explained to us later in apologetic mode. But the cake WAS really REALLY awesome. There’s still a big piece of it left in the fridge and it’s kind of on my mind right now …

  3. Wow! Everybody looked lovely! we bet you looked lovely too, in your tux there, d-lev. sorry there is no photo of *that* πŸ™‚ It’s funny you mention that business about the One Awful Thing. We (the family — that is to say, relatives near, distant and informal of the bride and groom) are planning a wedding for next summer on the farm and the bride was consulting my cousin’s wife who also got married at the farm, and the wife said DON’T wear a long dress or a dress with a train. On her wedding day, the cows got out (or, rather, into the Designated Partying Area) and left plops everywhere — but who could blame ’em? There were fragrant & tasty lilies all over the place.

    Thanks vermonter! Lucky for me I cannot take a picture of myself. Kind of the way a terminator cannot self-terminate I guess. And the pictures that my sister’s mate took made me look like Pee Wee Herman’s Older Older Brother. Perhaps, if one of the professional photographer’s shots of me make me look more like The Man I Think I Should Look Like, then I will post it.b And we’ll all be sorry then. πŸ˜€

    Your story about the cow flop wedding is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it. That’s really more the kind of wedding I pictured my daughter having, only with horse manure, not cow.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day, David. Best wishes to the happy couple and I hope, one day, the bubble-less child gets over the trauma.

    Thanks B&G. The flower girl did recover quickly from this trauma. However, it took her much longer to recover from the trauma of me yelling at her (or so it seemed to her at age 2). Her name is phonetically almost identical to that of our dog “Ollie”. Well, a couple years back he was trying to hump this adorable toddler (or something like that- don’t quite remember) and I yelled at him “NO OLLIE!” She thought I had yelled at her and commenced to bawl loudly. I felt horrid of course, but it dragged out for a good couple of years before she finally talked to me a mere month ago. That’s when I learned that she was, in fact, a feline princess named Serafina. She had a magic wand that she waved at stuff in our house, making sound like “pkoosh”, and fixing whatever might be the problem. Dry houseplant, hungry kitty, messy table, etc. all set now. It was adorable. And such a relief. Though I think that she’s still scared of me. Glad she doesn’t know about my mob connections. πŸ˜€

  5. Cake…

    I’d have probably made the trip if I’d seen that cake earlier…


    Wishing a happy future to the happy couple! πŸ™‚


    So. You like the cake then. I wish you could have some. Really. Thanks for your happy thoughts NB! πŸ˜€ Furthermore, I’ll bet that you’d be the funnest wedding crasher ever!

  6. Lovely, beautiful delightful, comely(?), exquisite, captivating! I love my thesaurus.

    I’m glad all went so happily (well, except for the unruly flower girls – haven’t we had this discussion in another post?)

    How sweet to make the cake, too. Mom IS a dear. My grandmother made my wedding cake… and then swore I would be the last gkid to get one.

    I love your thesaurus too! Thanks for your sentiments. (Yes! Mom IS a dear all right! Her 50th bday is right around the corner! I smell more CAKE!)

    I’m not remembering our prior exchange on flower girls … but, well, honestly I’m not remembering a hell of a lot of anything! The flower girls were so great! All of the kids had a great time and many of them danced quite a bit. Somewhat dangerously at times πŸ˜€

    Nice of your grandma. Were you in fact the last grandkid to get the homemade wedding cake?

  7. *smug grin*

    Of course. And if someone else is funnier, you just throw the nearest dessert on their face and call them “knaves”.


    Most of us wedding guests were cake-loving knaves already, and so easily entertained at that. No contest! πŸ˜€

  8. You know I’m big on the cake, but in this case I must focus on how absolutely LOVELY your daughter is!!! Well done father πŸ˜‰ Your description of the wedding along with the pictures made it seem like a beautiful occasion, I’m glad it went off without a hitch!

    …now forget her…I’M NEXT!! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Romi! It was a very fine day on so many levels … I wondered if I’d be able to come up with a decent post on it.

    On this last day of Month 8 of the Year of the Chick, I think we’re all cognizant of the ticking of THAT clock. Should January 1, 2009 arrive without The One at your side, maybe you can rename your blog again.
    The Year of the Hag
    Spinster’s Whining
    Romi’s Too Good For You, Fucker!
    The Year of the Dude
    I Just Ate A Baby!

  9. This was such a lovely post (yes, I’m using “lovely” too, dammit!) and the bride and groom are so beautiful. I loved your description of the cake — it sounds delicious– and the transporter used for delivery. The photos came out great, really nice, and the one of your daughter arranging the memorial candle and photos made me a little teary. Thanks for sharing this with us, David, and congratulations to your and your wife, daughter and SIL!

    Thank you Wendy. It was fun to write it once I had the pictures picked out. You may have noticed that I finally replaced my avatar photo. No longer am I an angry red squirrel, but now a goon in a tux! What a transformation, huh?! πŸ™‚

  10. hahaha…I love the new blog name “Romi’s Too Good For You, Fucker!”…but somehow I feel like “Year of the Hag” is going to win out in all the focus groups…lol…

    Glad you like it Romi- and it’s TRUE TOO! Right? At your age hagdom is still a long way off. Don’t forget what Arthur C. Clarke said: “The future isn’t what it used to be.”

  11. oh ! how beeeeautiful, mr david.
    so . . . . loverly, really.
    Im sure you’re a proud Pops.
    Congrats to the new couple!

    Thanks Red. It WAS loverly. The newlyweds had a fun week camping!

  12. The pictures are fabulous and your daughter was (and is) absolutely gorgeous. I am sad to have missed the wedding but the reception was wonderful, the cake was spectacular, the dancing lively, the night was as perfect as you could have wished for.

    Thanks lakecrazy for that sweet comment. I’m glad you made it and hope you had a good time. Sure is nice to look back on it! πŸ™‚ The newlyweds are now back to their normal lives, as are we.

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