Posted by: David | July 21, 2008

Rebekah’s Cat

So I’m taking care of my friend’s cat again this week. She’s on a trip to Costa Rica. Her cat’s name is Pichu. I think that’s Canadian for “I like to pee in places you don’t want me too”. Anyway he’s a 13 year old neutered male with a long black coat.

He meets me on the stairs purring very loudly. He likes me.

I spent my lunch hour there. I brought some pretty good leftovers for me (steak, cole slaw, and this mashed purple cauliflower concoction) and fed Pichu his 1/4 can of Friskies or whatever. He totally loves that stuff.

You should hear the noise he makes while he’s eating the canned food. It must have cat crack in it.

After we finish our lunches I turn on the TV and click around the channels. On this particular Monday the 5-day forecast out of Vermont shows humid with chance of rain on into infinity, or the rest of the week, whichever comes first.

Pichu is facing away from the television set. He knows the 5-day forecast is BOGUS!

He’s an indoor cat anyway. So the weather means very little to him. Not that he’d watch TV anyway. The only time I’ve ever seen pets watch TV is when there are other pets on the screen. Or other recognizable non-humans. The humans are boring, what with their endless prattling about blabbety blah blah. Anyway, I think he peed on the linoleum just inside the front door. I’ll have to clean that up. I save scooping out his litter box until I’m leaving to go back to work.

On other fronts, there’s bad news to report. Apparently someone decided to prune the flower stalk off of the aloe at work. I’d been hoping that the seed pods might mature, in spite of the fact that the writer of the blog my aloe garden has informed me that the aloe cannot self-pollinate, so the seeds might be sterile. So I get to work this morning, and coming in the back door as usual, there’s a tied up extra large trash bag with the bottom end of the seed stalk sticking out. It had been cut with a semi-sharp instrument.

I hung it upside down in the vain hope that the pods might continue to ripen …

Probably it’ll just get thrown out again. So that’s too bad. Another bad thing is that a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the Route 114 cairn (v. 3.0) has been knocked down again. Although, I suppose it’s possible that it could have fallen, since it was of rather precarious design.

It could have fallen down too. Those top 2 rocks were crazy were they not?

Many other bad things have been happening lately too, but I don’t feel up to writing about them. Maybe you’ve already heard about them on the news. Things are bad now. Real bad.

Jeez, dad, you smell like a Canadian cat! WTF?!



  1. I’m the first commenter, YAY!!!

    I like your cat friend, he looks like a lot of fun.
    I stay away from the news because I can’t stand hearing about so much evil in the world, but I can tell by the look on Oliver’s face that something is up.

    Maybe you should put a sign on the aloe stalks telling people to leave them alone.

    YAY!!! Indeed. A special blogger’s treat to be the first commenter. Should it be commenter or commentator?

    Pichu is a pretty friendly cat for such an old coot. It’s smart to avoid the news on some levels, but hey, don’t you want to know when the UFOs are coming for us? Course that probably won’t MAKE the news on account of how THEY hush it all up.

    Next time the aloe flowers we will put a sign on it. And we’ll take care of cleaning up the flower droppings so the housekeeping folks won’t see the mess.

  2. Is Wendy only commenting if she can be the first one?

    Come on David! We have to create some GOOD vibes to balance out the bad ones! See and be the positive, right? RIGHT!?

    and, can you tell me how to pronounce Pichu? just curious…

    No, Wendy’s been commenting right along. I’m TRYING to create the good vibes, but it’s a lot of work sometimes, as you well know.

    The cat’s name is pronounced PEE SHOO

  3. I don’t watch the news, saheeb. Precisely because it’s all ‘OMG V R GONNA DIE!’ all the time.

    So as far as I’m concerned, the world is one gigantic happy place where new and wonderful things continue to happen regularly in an exciting manner.

    I like your attitude NB ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s all in the mind of the beholder.

  4. That is a beautiful cat picture, I mean the one where one can actually see the cat and its green eyes and the pillow it is sitting on and how it sits there neatly folded up everything.

    Cats love soccer. Some watch it only when Real Madrid is playing and some prefer the Barร‡a, but they really enjoy it. I don’t think they consider the little things running around as human people. They go by the rule that if it runs like mice, it is mice, and sometimes it is goldfish.

    Thank you cantueso. I’m extra flattered that you compliment a photo of mine. He’s quite a striking cat. He purrs with great gusto. My own cat is a mute compared to him.

    You’re joking about the cats watching soccer I think. We’ve had many cats over the last 30 years and I’ve never seen one of them give the TV more than a passing glance. But then, we’ve never shown them soccer matches. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have never seen a video game, but I know there is one called Pokemon, and there is someone called Pichu. Wiki says :

    “All Pichu have the ability Static, which paralyzes the foe 30% of the time it uses a direct attack on Pichu.

    Pichu evolves into Pikachu by gaining a level after its Happiness is 220 or above, then into Raichu when exposed to a Thunderstone.”

    I would rather stay a Pichu than be exposed to a Thunderstone. My Happiness is already off the charts. I’m frackin’ GIDDY with it. (Thanks Will Smith, for everything!)

  6. I think it’s commenter. If were a commentator I’d been describing it as it unfolds…I think?

    @ Curious C – Usually I’m johnny-come-lately on the commenting, so on the rare chance I get to be the first one I get all excited. Simple things for simple minds. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with you on ‘commentator’ being a more actively present and more sustained narrative. Blog comments are characteristically brief. So now I can stop using commentator. Thanks.

    It’s a treat to discover a fresh, clean, “virgin” post and make the first comment because it indicates a certain synchronicity among fellow bloggers. It IS simple. Simple is GOOD.

  7. I have three black cats but they are short hairs. Sometimes they spell Machu Picchu, Peru, Machu Pichu. Maybe you have a Peruvian cat there.

    I’m sorry but I can’t believe someone cut the pods off the aloe plant. And I am very sad the cairn is down again. I hope it fell on its own and wasn’t vandalized again.

    I’m with Wendy, I don’t read the news much and I don’t watch TV anymore since blogging has taken over my life.
    I’m ready for the aliens when they come.

    Nope. He’s a Canuck Cat. For sure. Rescued as a kitten in Montreal. And I’m pretty sure his name has something to do with pee. Rebekah will corroborate these basic facts for us, she is Pichu’s owner.

    Blogging is rather an obsession, isn’t it? But I watch CNN Headline News (for Robin Meade) and our local news channel (for the local weather) while pedalling the spinning bike in the morning. I click between these 2 channels and IFC (if there’s a good movie on I may catch the last half hour). About once a month I’m so disgusted by a news story that I click away.

    These 2 particular news channels seem to steer away from the ghastly at that hour unless it is inescapably horrific Breaking News. Funny term isn’t it “Breaking News”? Heart Breaking News. It’s like Nimish said, “OMG V R GONNA DIE!”, But Not Today– Only Some Of Us. Hopefully not U or Me. Maybe instead we will win the lottery. What Ever.

  8. @Cantueso: thank you for looking all that up!

    Seconded. I am woefully uninformed on all matters Pokemon.

  9. Beautiful animals! How lucky your friend is to have you to catsit. We swap pet-sitting services with our neighbor, which is a major relief over using a kennel.

    We had a black cat (RIP Paco). He was much smarter than our pug, Zoe. A definite Garfield and Odie situation. Paco would clean Zoe’s face wrinkles daily…Zoe always sat still enjoying the cleaning session, but with her ears back because she knew how the sessions usually ended…with Paco giving her one slap on the face as if to say, “Take that, you dirty dog.” They got along great.

    That’s a wonderful little scene there Allison, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve always liked to think that when the lion lays down with the dog it’s a sign of a peaceful home. Even if it doesn’t always end well. Cats always seem smarted don’t they? Even when they’re really dumb. Our cat Hunter is tormented by Oliver, but very rarely gives him grief back. She’s made him yelp maybe twice in Oliver’s 3+ years (she was here first). Hunter is a pretty dumb cat, but she has way more experience so that’s something.

  10. Pichu and I are indeed so very lucky that Dave cat sit for us twice in a row, he is our hero and we owe him big time. Pichu loves Dave. The pee at the front door was probably intended for me to say how pissed he was that I was gone again. Usually his preferred method of such communication is to poo not in, but directly in front of his litter box, in order to make a point. Fortunately he picks cleanable surfaces for such things, which is lucky considering the apt. is mostly carpet.

    I was interested to hear about the various connections to Pichu’s name. We did used to joke about Machu Pichu since we have been there, but he is actually French-Canadian and he got his name from my ex’s mom who had a very grand black persian named Felix. Felix’s nickname was the Piche or Pichu and because my cat was a smaller version of the giant Felix, he became known as Piche junior. (and my cat grew up to be almost as big.)

    Sorry to hear about the aloe and the cairn and other bad stuff. On a brighter note, I saw an exhibition by an artist who makes little cairn sculptures and takes photos of them so I will bring the brochure back for you.

    See you soon!

    Thanks Reba!! ๐Ÿ˜€ [Pichu’s mommy!]

    So I guess I was wrong about the name Pichu having something to do with pee. His Persian genes are a good explanation for how noisy he is. I tried to take a video of him eating his quarter can of Friskies a few days ago because he was purring so loudly while he was eating and even sort of moaned a couple of times. A combined purr and meow. The camera didn’t pick up the sound so well.

    I cleaned up the pee in the front hall the other day, and he has been the perfect gentleman with the litter box. I’m sure he’ll be very happy to see you.

  11. Are those the cat’s actual eyes? Okay, dumb question; I mean as if you’re gonna say he’s wearing coloured contacts ๐Ÿ˜‰ …anyhoo he’s adorable, and reminds me of my own Black and White beauty, though my boy Sammy is a touch bit more overweight…ahem.

    PS: your Oliver is so stunning! Don’t you think he has all the makings of a great cartoon dog character? Very photogenic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks Romi. Pichu does have some pretty intense eyes. God help us all when our cats start wearing colored contacts! Surprising how trim he is considering how much he eats and how little he poops.

    And Oliver IS a cartoon dog character. Funny enough (aural palindrome alert!) I took like 4 pictures of him that evening and his tongue was sticking out in every one of them.

  12. I told you about a blog called “Strange Maps”.
    This is the world as seen from Paris :

    Yes, that was a funny map! I studied a little French in school and admire their culture.

  13. I have indeed heard Pichu make some funny noises while eating, sometimes I swear he is forgetting to breathe. He also has endless bowl of dry stuff (but that is apparently far less interesting than the wet.)

    Anyway, I forgot to mention how nice it was to see you post about him when I was missing him while I was away. When he’s not around and I see some black clothing piled on the floor I think it’s him or when I open the door to a hotel I think he might be on the other side.

    Pichu is now with me here in Ithaca where I am visiting my family, he’s such a good traveller and adaptable cat it never ceases to amaze me. Usually I bring him everywhere. He has traveller to the most northern parts of Canada and the most southern parts of the states by car.

    Thanks Reba, I’m glad this post helped you not miss your kitty so much. I wish that the video had come out better. He’s such a loud purring cat! Especially compared to our cat, who drools instead of purring. My wife and I had some pretty good travelling cats way back in the day. We took them to Florida in our VW Fastback and camped with them for a couple of months.

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