Posted by: David | June 18, 2008

Twittery Post

For the record I think Twitter is really dumb. Even the name. But this post is really short since I just have 2 photos to share.

Mom’s guitar. That thing in the strings is a humidifier to keep it from drying out. It’s a 45 year old instrument. It looks and sounds great. I need to learn more chords.

I wish you could see how Oliver trembles while he watches the chipmunk. George Carlin would blush at the stream of swear words going through his little spotted head.



  1. Cool BIG picture of the guitar! and don’t worry, I know enough JRTs to get a good sense of how trembly Oliver is. &*%$#@ Chipmunk, anyway.

    I could have sworn I commented on the garden update but I can’t find it. ANyway, it was NOT boring.

    Thanks C. I wish we could just let him go get one of the chipmunks but being tied up is rather a handicap, and those &*%$#@ chipmunks are pretty fast too!

    Thanks for the comment on the garden post. I’ve done that before with comments, especially when I have like a dozen tabs open to different blogs and stuff. What really sucks is when you write a really long comment and lose it by navigating that tab off the comment page. πŸ™‚

  2. I dont even know what Twitter is.
    That geetar (yes, I pronounce it) a thing of beauty.

    Thanks Red. It really IS a nice geetar I’m lucky to have inherited it. πŸ˜€

    Twitter is a microblogging website where members can share momentary details of their tedium, for example:

    Hey I just blew my nose!
    Wow I just sneezed and peed my pants … 😦

    You get the idea. It’s like a cross between chatting and blogging. Stupid as a basdid!

  3. Great looking geetar. Looks like they did an awesome job. Have fun with it.

    We have a cat that does the twitching thing when he sees things out the window (which is all the time). He also clicks and clucks like a psychotic coocoo clock.

    Yeah thanks B&G, I didn’t even know that the bridge was ready to pop off. But besides gluing that back on they also cleaned it up and put shiny new strings on it. I am having fun but my left fingers now hurt. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to play B and F chords. Ow.

    This evening Oliver got to watch Hunter (our cat) playing with a dead mouse. He seemed slightly entertained if not a bit envious.

  4. I’m so glad you posted that guitar photo and explained the humidifier. My mom left us a very expensive guitar she bought in the 1960s and I had no idea such a thing as a humidifier existed. I’ll have to get on that asap.

    That photo of Oliver is priceless.

    The humidifier was $12 and I can’t say that I’m that impressed with the way it stretches the strings, but whatever. In the old days we used to just put a damp paper towel in a sandwich baggie and stick that in the guitar case. In your arid environment it might be a good idea to do something about that. Maybe your mom’s guitar is around the same age as my mom’s guitar? Maybe you should have someone check it out for you. Maybe maybe maybe … no nagging.

    Thanks on the Ollie photo. In the past few days we’ve heard the barking of a grey fox outside at dawn and dusk. That really gets the doggy going. πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t know what Twitter is either though I have seen references to it.

    I love the photo of the guitar. I hadn’t heard about the humidifier thing either. I’ve been playing some chords that I remember only I don’t remember the names of them so I need to get on line and look them up. I don’t practice every day so I’m still not getting the callouses.

    Oh, let Oliver loose and get that damn squirrel. I tremble too when I see them eating up all my expensive bird food and there’s a stream of words going through my head too only I say them out loud.

    I hope that sites like Twitter go away soon as I predict they should. Blogs are ephemeral enough as it is.

    My fingertips hurt. I don’t remember chord names either, but I found plenty of web charts to look at. I only know G C D A E and I play them all wrong. But they sound good anyway!

    It’s the woodpeckers that make me tremble. They stick on the bird feeders and just fling seeds around.

  6. Wow I’m listening to Fake Plastic Trees! Amazing…. I know nothing about music, but that looks like a mighty fine guitar! The kind that can only be handed down generations. An heirloom types…

    Fake Plastic Trees!! πŸ˜€

    Exactly right Nimish! An heirloom. It’s only 7 years younger than me. πŸ™‚

  7. You can call Tumblr and Pownce as this brand of idiocy, twitter is more texty…

    Do you think this type site has any hope of survival?

  8. I think Twitter is stupid and I dont’ even know what it means! Haha…just hate how it sounds πŸ˜‰ …and WOW…that guitar is stunning…it’s funny just today as I was gazing out the window on the train ride home, I was wondering if it’s possible for grown ups to learn how to play the piano properly from scratch, or if it’s more a skill that gets absorbed from childhood…hmmm…

    OF COURSE it’s possible! Well, I don’t know about the “properly” bit though. Everything is better learned by younger minds. But that doesn’t mean that adults cannot get serious pleasure in the attempting to learn to make music of some kind.

    Music is really important!!

  9. i LOVE the pic of Oliver and I can almost hear the jawbones clacking in anticipation. don’t tell joanharvest, but I actually put little pots of seed out for the chippies, and coax them into eating out of my fingers. This is vastly entertaining to my two indoor kitties who watch from the screen porch. It takes their minds off the stress of seeing me Outside. They get really upset at me when I go Outside. ‘we don’t GO Outside,’ they remind me. Noisily. At length. Anyway. Great shots.

    Thanks vermonter! I really like your chipmunk shot too! It’s really nice of us humans to provide such entertainment value to our pets, isn’t it? I hope that they fully appreciate all the trouble we go to!

  10. I finished the tax declaration.

    Imagine. I thought it would take me all eternity. And it is negative, which I knew in advance. How stupid. There are some intelligence tests which operate along the same lines:

    Here are twenty families and twenty “entertainment values”. Say which family would opt for which value. You have 6 minutes to complete this task. And I can’t do it. At every step I get again so angry that I have to stop.

    Hooray! Congratulations. Sorry it was so frustrating for you.

    I remember experiencing a similar reaction when trying to figure out the higher education deductions when my daughter was in school. This sounds incredible as I write it, but the tax forms and their instructions here in the USA seem to be pretty well written. Necessarily since they must be understood by the masses (the extra stupid bring their forms to H&R Block and pay someone else to do it). I think also the fact that they are revised annually has helped. But I am probably a poor example, since I strive to keep it simple, have more taken out of my paycheck throughout the year, and have the positive motivation of a “refund” as my goal.

  11. Spain has always run on the “sisa” principle. You steal from your employer in small amounts, but regularly. Your employer knows that and talks about it at parties among friends and tells stories. You often try to figure out whether he actually knows that you are stealing. From time to time you realize that he actually knows. This continues for generations. Its perpetuation is in the employers’ interest. It is easy to perpetuate.

    By stealing you lose whatever it takes to confront your employer from time to time to request a pay rise.

    The tax form reflects the sisa principle. And I think that corruption everywhere operates along these lines.

    Oh the wisdom of the old nations! SISA! How civilized. Here in the barely adolescent USA my dad persistently advised me with this blunt imperative: Lie, cheat, and steal if you want to succeed! While I did engage in some trivial thievery as a youngster it only took being robbed once to learn how bad theft is for the victim.

  12. The SISA is not wisdom. For centuries Spain has maintained a negative idea of work. If you are from a good family, you do not need to work. I once heard a Catholic priest arriving at a cafeteria and sitting down at a table with some friends. He sighed: “Thanks God I will never have to work. I have just been at the notary’s with my father to sign his will.”

    This was recent, but there is the same thing in the Quixote and the Lazarillo and I saw it in a little biography of Saint Teresa, one of the great writer saints, the daughter of a Jew who got persecuted in the city of Toledo.

    This debasing idea of work makes the workers feel like slaves and the bosses like slave drivers. That is bad for both.

    Yes, what a debased conception of work! The work of time and money. In my fantasy universe, work has meaning and value beyond money and time. Work provides time and space in which to learn. Learning is where the meaning comes from.

    Hopefully, that priest you overheard will do work of great value until his father dies :). After which he will be able to retire.

  13. By the way, it should not be spelled SISA. It is not an acronym, but a noun meaning something like bribe.

    As always, thank you for your clarifications. πŸ™‚ I don’t think we have an equivalent term here in the USA, though we certainly should.

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