Posted by: David | June 5, 2008

Ewa’s Miracle

During my time off I went to help a friend from work with her new laptop. I sort of helped her buy it, but not really. The time we spent looking around on the web was mostly trying to figure out how much she wanted to spend, what she wanted her new laptop to be like, and whether the things that I normally recommend were meaningful. She travels a lot, and wanted something small and lightweight, with a good battery life. We didn’t really get anything picked out during that lunch hour of mine, but she did buy me an eggplant sub.

Ewa (pronounced “ay-vuh”) is a poet and an English professor at the college. She has a very cute Polish accent. Here’s her website. We’ve gone bicycling a few times and she got herself a nice little road bike a while back. She was riding by herself back in May and hit a sandy patch and fell off. Initial reports of the accident said she’d broken her clavicle and a couple of fingers. There were a couple of little boys playing in the yard where she went down. They asked her didn’t she knew how to ride a bike? Their mother came out to help and brought her and her bike home. Ewa drove herself to the hospital where she got an xray and a splint for her hand. They thought that her collarbone was broken but it turned out that it was just unusually shaped. Anyway my sympathy made me promise to come over to help her move her stuff from the old laptop to the new laptop whenever it finally arrived.

Then I went on vacation. Ewa had managed to narrow her selection down to a Sony Vaio and some other cheap piece of junk. The Sony was $1500 but sounded good so I emailed back to go with that.

She likes the new computer. I connected the old and new together and moved her data.

After an hour or two of computer talk and play, we went for a bike ride. Ewa had ridden already once since her accident, and we went to see the new place she’ll be moving to in late July. Our route traversed some of New London’s bigger hills and Ewa went up them easily, but down them riding her brakes. As we got to the bottom of the first big hill on County Road, a doe and her fawn crossed the road. The fawn froze in the bushes by the roadside and stared at us. Ewa was able to get this great picture of Bambi.

Apparently the fawn’s defense mechanism is to freeze and stare.

We rode on.

Being a good Catholic girl from Poland, Ewa takes her miracles seriously. Other than the $500 xray, she’s looking at the rapid healing from “broken” clavicle and finger bones as, well, you know. The insurance not covering the xray, however, is somewhat less than miraculous. She’s giving her old laptop to her niece and nephew in Poland when she goes to visit them next week. Bon voyage Ewa. πŸ™‚


  1. Deer gets stunned just as easily as me. Odd.

    We learned a little later that day why the fawn seemed to behave so oddly.

    Next time we spoke Ewa told me that in addition to how cool it was seeing the baby deer, she also really liked the word “fawn”. She had to say it a few times. I thought she was saying “phone”. D’OH!

  2. Oh also, Vaio = good!

    And then there’s the whole matter of i don’t knnow what a clavia is or does, and I’m curious at all today to go hit teh_wiki, but it’s good nothing was broken – how can you enjoy a Vaiio with a cast?

    πŸ™‚ All’s well that ends in a well.

    Or… uhh… I can’t remember what I was talking about. :d

    She is happy with the Vaio, but some dork in BestBuy sent her into a tailspin questioning her purchase. She actually briefly contemplated sending the Sony back to save $600. I finally said she had to stop talking about that or I would stop moving the data. That sounds so threatening doesn’t it?

    Anyway, dude, that was a clavicle, also known as the collarbone. It can get broken if you land on your shoulder just wrong.

  3. Another thought – old hardware being put to good use (dated June 5th – World Environment Day)… ooh shiny!

    That will get you many brownie points with Al Gore!

    The niece and nephew in Poland (ages 10 and 12 I think) will be very happy to get her old Dell. Now Al Gore can take me off his shit list.

  4. wow- That’s an excellent bambi photo very nice!!!

    Yes Ewa did a nice job taking that shot. I ‘shopped it a little teeny bit …

  5. I have not been reading you, because I am all high on this election business and in anticipation of all kinds of fun and surprises ahead, and THEN my computer went into a tailspin.

    However, just now I went to look up PiedType. I read two bloggers on politics, one a Hillary supporter and the other an Obama fan. And the Obama fan talked about a webcam that is installed somewhere high up in the American mountains. She lives somewhere high up there, too, and the webcam gets pictures of people and wildlife and flowers! And there was an access! And so I clicked all excited! And what did I see? Guess.

    It was 0820 a.m. here.

    A doe and her fawn? (cool!)

    A miraculously healed Polish poetess on a bicycle? (weird!)

    Would you mind sharing the link to webcam high in the American mountains? Nevermind, I found the link on Pied Type, thanks!

    Most of us are sick to death of the primary campaigning. The idea of the “fun and surprises ahead fills me with agonized nausea.

  6. In case you can’t guess, here is a parallel:

    On a US forum there was somebody who lectured everybody on everything and was usually right. He usually bitched at me for all kinds of reasons and finally one day observed bitchily that I had better look for professional help about my insomnia problem, instead of spending my nights writing on the internet.

    This “parallel” doesn’t seem to be helping me guess.

    But I agree that insomnia is a problem. Unless you don’t think it is. It’s hard to let go of the internet sometimes. Just shut the computer down. Hours and hours of reading and your eyes begin to weld to the screen. Not good. Bit fatigue. On the other hand some people don’t need much sleep.

  7. And I will be back reading here as soon as this Obama Hillary thing looks a bit clearer.

    As you know, Hillary is officially “suspending” her campaign today. Giving speech at noon, eastern time.

  8. You could not guess or are you kidding? The time difference. It was 0820 here, but about 0200a.m in the US, and on that webcam I saw black night.

    I never typed at night, but on any US forum I would be typing at 2 or 3 am local US time.

    I could not guess AND I was kidding.

    It being nighttime was so obvious I overlooked it. I imagine that you have tried the tundracam while you’re up all night not sleeping? I had to revisit the site a few times and upgrade the Java on my system before I was able to really use the camera.. But once I checked out TUNDRACAM and read your comment on the Pied Type blog it was all worthwhile. The tundracam and Pied Type are both pretty neat. Thanks cantueso πŸ™‚

  9. Wow. Half of America’s internet population thinks internet = America.

    Sad. Funny. And yet, scary.

    Dude, half of America’s ACTUAL population thinks UNIVERSE = America.

    I hope that you don’t think I represent them there bloody gits. If I ever do please tell me, or just come and shoot me.

    I’m not big on travelling, but really appreciate making these connections via the interweb.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a great day. I love the photo of the fawn.

    Thanks Joan πŸ˜€ You too! Ewa got a good shot. I’d never seen one that young before. We were both taken aback by the way it just stood there frozen.

  11. New computers are so exciting and fun, I’m happy for Ewa. Her photo is excellent. And now I want a fawn. These people have one, and corgi puppies, too, which is another thing on my wish list: a litter of corgis.


    Fawns make horrid pets. The people in that flickr photo are making a terrible mistake! Fawns just stand there and stare at you, waiting for their mommies to come back. Then they grow up to pony size and eat up all your tulips and glads. And as for the litter of corgis, well, it looks like you DO need some more dogs in your life. Corgis might be just the thing! Now there’s a dog who’s diary pages should come easily!

  12. Oh wait…I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Thanks Wendy. 52. The number of cards in the deck. Minus the jokers. Ten more than 42, the answer to question of Life, The Universe and Everything. I feel good. πŸ™‚

  13. you are so nice to work on your friend’s computer, and as for the “freeze ‘n stare” thing, that’s what I do whenever my mom catches me eating a cookie, ’cause I’m suppose to lose 15 more pounds according to her….hahaha…HA… πŸ˜‰

    PS: just so I can say it twice “Happy Birthday!”, but obviously I have to read your “52” post πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Romi. I’m sorry your mom is counting your pounds. That’s really just not nice. 😦 Bad mommy.

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