Posted by: David | April 24, 2008

Still Here, Just Real Busy

So I haven’t been posting much lately on account of how busy things get at work as we approach Commencement. I don’t even have time to watch TV, which is a shame since we just upgraded to Dish and a DVR and all that fun stuff. And as I’ve been saying, we are in the midst of the Golden Age of Television. And DVDs out the yinyang …

Last weekend I went for the first bike ride of the season with 2 friends from work. I thought that I’d feel that funny feeling I’d felt last year after the winter months of spinning on a stationary bike. Kinda wobbly like. But I didn’t.

I rode with a couple of fun professors.

That morning a special orchid bloomed in our home. Unlike most of the other orchids we have, this bloom is a very short lived one. I asked my wife if she knew what kind it was but she didn’t.

The flower blooms for just one day.

We rode the Henniker-Hillsborough ride (33 miles) that’s one of my staple rides. It was a beautiful day. We got back before 4 o’clock.

Me (on the right) with my professor friend.

By evening the orchid blossom was shriveled and dying.

Used my closeup lens for this.

Can I be in this post too please ?!?!

We learned something about Oliver last weekend. He’s terrified of balloons. We’d been to a party last Friday night and brought home some balloons (not helium, just the regular blow-up kind). I blew one up Saturday morning and Oliver wasn’t too happy about the blowing up part. Then when I bounced the balloon toward him he sorta freaked. The balloon’s been sitting on the floor all week now. If we kick it, throw it, blow on it, or otherwise cause it to move he backs away rapidly. It’s kinda funny.

And by the way, Spring is now in full force. The daffodils are up. The grass is growing. It cannot possibly snow again until next winter. πŸ˜€



  1. Oliver afraid of balloons : have you tried a mirror and whether he sees himself in the mirror? My cat (may she rest in peace) used to walk towards that mirrored image of herself, then sniff at it and look behind the mirror, then withdraw walking backwards looking scared and angry.

    Here all the flowers have been up for weeks and now it is hot. All the flowers come up almost at once. Some dungheaps look like the prettiest gardens. And everything will burn up in another few weeks.

    Yeah, I like the mirror idea. Oliver is very visual. We’ll have to try that.

    Our dungheaps are anything but pretty. I wish we had nicer dungheaps!!:D

  2. What do you suppose he thinks they are? If we take as a given that dogs live in a noun universe, and that their minds are contained in a neuronal mass about the size of a navel orange, and that Oliver is an exceptional dog, what connections could he possibly have space in his head to draw? What could a balloon be a case of? for a dog, I mean. This dog, that is. (Evidently I have way too much time on my hands in the wake of Senior Scholars’ Day.) Nice biking pix, Dave!

    That’s a nicely framed question vermonter! All I can imagine is that sight of inflating the balloon, and the odd way it moves when kicked or batted across the floor just doesn’t fit into Oliver’s notions of physics. So it’s a case of “WTF!?!?” which is fearful to the dogmind I guess.

    I thought Symposium day went better than ever, not that I had time to see many presentations. Most of the ones I saw were great!

    Glad you liked the pix. Hope to ride today before the rains come …

  3. I know someone who does orchids so I sent her the pic to see if she knows what it is. I’ll let you know what she says.

    Thanks B&G that would be interesting to know. I can supply a better photo if that would help.

  4. That Orchid is awesome. That’s so funny about Oliver and the balloons. You should paint squirrels on them and see if he likes them better.

    Good idea joan! But too much work. At this point he won’t get close enough to the balloon to see anything painted on it. Maybe I’ll try a white balloon and not let him see me blowing it up.

  5. I can’t say I blame Oliver. I’m not afraid of balloons, but they are rather unnatural. Fortunately for his nerves, he hasn’t attacked one yet, and had to deal with the post-traumatic-stress of the explosion.

    Good point Adam, balloons are explosions waiting to happen. That’s what I was hoping to see him do- pop it. This reminds me that we had an inflatable easter bunny a year or so back that also terrified him. Doesn’t like inflated things. Should be a name for that phobia …

  6. It’s RIDING TIME! Yay!!!! I’m taking the bike out, dusting off the streamers, and hoping I’ll be able to do some serious trail riding this year.

    The orchid is gorgeous– I love how melty it looks in the second photo.

    I heart Oliver so much– I’m thinking maybe Jack Russell instead of teacup pup.

    YAY indeed!! Thanks for visiting moonbeam. I hope you can get in some riding too! I’m going out today hopefully, if I can get up off my ass and get off the effing internet.

    That orchid, if it really is one, is unlike other orchids in many ways. It produced another single bloom which is now all shriveled up.

    I’m sure Oliver would heart you too. Jack Russell terriers are well known for their hyperactivity, and therefore are often available for adoption from folks who didn’t realize what they were getting into. They’re brainy too, even if only the size of a navel orange (by vermonter’s reckoning), and very attached to their people.

  7. πŸ™‚

    I can’t type anymore. Ti-re-d. πŸ˜€

    Me too, buddy. Me too. Ti-errrrrrrrd.

  8. Your mystery orchid is really an iris – walking iris, Neomarica gracilis

    Thank you Laura! That’s it all right! πŸ˜€ Good to know.

  9. See? I may not be useful but I know people who are:

    And therefore you too are useful. The transitory property of usefulness. Thanks B&G πŸ˜€

  10. I have a little begonia and it was always sick, so I kept changing its location. Now it is the picture of happiness.

    I am glad I don’t know how to use that little camera, for otherwise I would now not be able to resist the temptation. Its flowers are a dark but translucent pink, and its young leaves of a red-brown or brown-violet so dark that they looks almost black, and the older leaves are olive green. — The flowers are small, the size of a small coin, and for some reason out they seem to hang in clusters so irregular that it looks almost as if there were movement. — In fact, they look as if they were trying to be an orchid. What language do orchids speak?

    As last year I had to go to the net to look for advice, I found out that the world is big and there are dozens and dozens of begonias with dozens and dozens of associations talking about nothing but begonias.

    Now I have discovered that there are two future seeds hanging among the clusters of flowers. Ah! VoilΓ  un passtime: watch the seed and whether it will make it.

    Good work moving your begonia until it was happy. A lot of plant problems are caused by us humans applying too much of something, light, water, fertilizer, etc. I don’t know what language orchids speak, but the long lasting blooms speak patience and wisdom to me.

    I was also a bit surprised at how many photos people post on the web of their flowers. But before the web there were always people who took their particular flowers very seriously. Formed societies and clubs, made beautiful paintings, wrote books, songs, poetry. All about the flowers.

  11. The blue in that orchid is incredible. And hey, you have my respect for riding where you live. Buck did the mountain bike race in Hillsborough a few years ago and that area is sooooo hilly. I could barely walk it. But you’re riding it…good for you!

    Oliver looks amazing. You can tell him I said so.

    Thanks Wendy, but the blue is from turning the color saturation way up in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, then hitting the Autofix, etc. Sorry but the “walking iris” is digitally enhanced.

    I think mountain bike racers are insane. No offense Buck!

  12. That orchid/iris is such a beautiful item, and to only be able to cherish it for a day? *tear* at least you got it “on film”. It’s gorgeous.

    That’s a lovely sentiment Red. Thank you πŸ™‚

  13. Yes, love all the pics.

    Poor Oliver and the balloon. Since, my pup is a hunting dog that doesn’t get to see much action, we have a game to pop balloons and yell ‘BANG!!’ so that he doesn’t freak out with loud noises. I’m sure his dog mind is telling us, ‘man, my humans are really strange…’; he just looks at us with this you’re-nuts look…

    Thanks for visiting Care! He’s actually getting much braver with the balloon. He leaped at it a few times yesterday. But, as we all know, the POP must come eventually. We’ll see how he handles it.

  14. I can’t believe it took me so long to get here, but I cannot leave without saying “hellllllo…” to the pic of you on the bike (lol), and also by saying, your collection of porno-flower-pics keeps getting better and better; like that dying orchid pic looks like “I don’t wanna say”… know what I’m sayin’? Hahaha….love your pics πŸ™‚

    Thanks for visiting Romi! I too have been delayed in visiting my favorite blogs lately, with spring here I have less time to spaz out in webland. Hopefully our schedules will loosen up as summer comes on. Yeah, it does look like a virgina don’t it? I heard Sarah Silverman say it that way once and thought it was darn cute!

    But anyhoo, hellllllo to you too! πŸ˜€

  15. Some irises are incredibly tough. The ones I had in my garden had roots that grew sideways like branches made of wood and they were invasive. They were able to live without water and sat one beside the other on a steep little slope. The slope as as if made of a wood board because of all the roots, and every spring they all started to open up those large flowers.

    They smell wonderful too!

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