Posted by: David | April 10, 2008

Check Out This Painting-toon

Here’s another fun & artsy video (about 7 minutes long- it’s worth it!) from the Carrot Revolution

Also, I have this question that’s been bothering me lately … maybe you can help?

Is it wrong to be prejudiced against bigots?


  1. I cannot watch the video, because either my connection or my computer are again slow. I have a better computer, or at least a newer one, but it is not connected, and I do not have the heart or the spine or whatever it takes to disconnect my good old chaib, no. No way.

    But I have to take out those winter pictures in my sidebar. It has been spring here for at least a month! All the nameless flowers, and the daisies, have come up, and the other day I saw a poppy.

    Is “the prejudice against a bigot” a wordplay? I had to look it up, and my dictionary says that a bigot is a prejudiced person.

    I’m sorry about the video not working for you cantueso. You probably would not have liked it anyway. What is “good old chaib”?

    Thanks for putting Oliver’s pictures on your blog. Bring on the flowers of spring!

    Yes on the wordplay- circular reasoning. In a recent conversation a coworker exclaimed “I HATE bigots!” I thought this was amusing.

  2. i love this toon. thanks, T0D! It is going straight into my bag-0-trix for class.

    πŸ˜€ Yeah it’s pretty amazing. No wonder Joan Gratz won an Oscar in 1993 for Best Animated Short. Thanks to The Carrot Revolution!

  3. I have often heard “bigot” and thought it would come from “by God”, and so I thought it was a Jesus freak — I don’t know that word either.

    Now is anyway the worst time. As soon as they all sit down at their computers in the US, things here slow down and get worse towards the evening. At 9, on a Youtube film, people move like in an old Chaplin film.

    No, I don’t like flower photos much. But I have a spring picture of Oliver, where he stands on a sofa looking very attentive to your camera. Is he the one that is sometimes called Dogmatic One? (which reminds me of

    — What is heterodoxy?
    — It is somebody else’s doxy.)

    Apparently the etymology of the word “bigot” is somewhat mysterious.

    Sorry about the trouble with the video.

    Please help yourself to any photos and thanks again for using them on your blog πŸ˜€

    Oliver is QUITE the “Dogmatic One”. And EXTREMELY prejudiced against all species of rodent.

  4. Damn you youtube – you brilliant sculpted slow moving choking monster of random nonsense and brilliant junk!

    I’m collecting all these links. Waiting for bandwidth.

    Also, I was thinking *the exact same thing* for 3 days!
    Only, “To be truly tolerant, you must tolerate intolerance” sprung to my mind.

    I guess we’re not saints – we ARE bigoted sometime or the other, all of us, even if we deny it, even if we don’t know it. So better bigoted against bigots than other groups. Right?

    Or not right? Because you can’t call yourself civilized if you can’t, at some level, give EVERYONE the same treatment that you feel you deserve. Only now can everyone vote. Only now can everyone at least hope for a fair trial. That took some work didn’t it?

    So maybe we can learn to eliminate bigotry without ostracizing bigots? Who knows. That would be perfect, won’t it? To not lose human beings to this specialized insanity! Wonder what that day would be like, when bigotry is to social diseases what small pox is now to biological ones – extinct apart from preserved in research labs and textbook footnotes.

    I’m sorry about that bandwidth issue. I was also bandwidth deprived until only a year ago.

    Your analysis of prejudice is impressive. There ARE saints among us, who judge nothing. They are invisible. Most of us are trapped in relentless cycles of microevaluation, weighing each datum coming into our field of view and finding it wanting, spitting it out and going to the next byte, and so on …

    It WOULD be perfect if we could grow beyond our small-minded judgemental crapola. Without bigotry there would be no bigots to ostracize. Of course, our birth control methodology would need some significant work if we were to stop killing each other off in senseless battles and wars as we’ve already dangerously overrun the planet.

    As the wicked witch of the west said as she was melting into oblivion …

    “Oh what a world! What a world!”

  5. Excellent video. Great concept.

    > Is it wrong to be prejudiced against bigots?

    Glad you like πŸ˜€

  6. I hope no one kills me for ANOTHER H2G2 reference, but the ending of the first series of the radio show reminded me of the ending of your comment David at the ending of my comment about the ending of that story!

    Well Nimish, I certainly won’t kill you for any H2G2 references and I take your comment here as high praise indeed! My response to your first comment was definitely coming from the Douglas Adams frame of mind. Probably due to my own exposure to H2HG via book, radio, and TV show. Still have not seen the recent movie. But it’s on my short list.

  7. I really enjoyed the video. It was amazing. As far as bigots are concerned–what goes around comes around. I know when I weighed 344 pounds people were prejudiced towards me. Fortunately for me, it didn’t bother me because I know I am cool. I’m losing weight for myself not for them anyway. If they don’t like looking at me they can just turn around. One thing I have a lot of is self esteem. I know inside I am fabulous.

    Fabulous AND a helluva blogger too! Weight Watchers, your great attitude, your extensive knowledge of nutrition and natural foods are working really well for you πŸ™‚ congratulations on that! I know what a struggle it can be and you’re providing a great example of how to do it right!

  8. 2 things off topic as usual :


    I think that “teaching moment” has become a buzzword, but where did it come from and what is the idea? I saw Frank Rich use it, too.

    Time ago: I told you something about my blog. You answered: “I am glad you like your blog.”

    What can be seen as a whole and liked and disliked and, indeed, managed in the long run is the list of top posts. This is what my readers read. They never read my recent posts, where accordingly anything will do, for instance old posts, rewritten or amplified.

    Sometimes, by now nearly half of the time, the top posts include 100% posts that I wanted to be there. That makes me hurrah! at my computer and it makes my day. Sometimes, very rarely, about half the top posts are bad choices, i.e. posts I meant as fillers.

    “Teachable moment” is a buzzword used by educators to connote a serendipitous moment illustrative of some subtle profundity or other. The apple hitting Isaac Newton’s head constituted such a moment. Does that help? In its most positive sense, it’s a moment in which the student is optimally oriented to receive the lesson.

    Liking one’s own blog … I recall feeling a little spark of joy from time to time, a year or two ago, just after clicking PUBLISH, when a particular post felt particularly good to excrete … but that feeling is less frequent now. The novelty of blogging has long since worn off, and there is only the adventure of discovering other people’s minds through their words. The worthiness of this adventure is one of the few certainties I find in the blogosphere.


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