Posted by: David | March 29, 2008

Winter Won’t Leave

So Friday we got a snowstorm that left us with 6 inches of very sticky snow. The local school districts all canceled. Still fighting the remains of the flu, I canceled too. Sort of. I was “martialing” my energy. Yeah. So I emailed work that I would be staying home. But I connected to my work desktop and stayed connected most of the day, closing a few open tickets, and completing a couple of ongoing things I could do remotely. Never really did the work-at-home thing before and thought this was a good chance to unofficially try it out. Glad I did. It went well!

In case you forgot how shaggy Oliver was …

On Thursday, my wife decided to give Oliver his spring haircut. She has a bunch of electric dog clippers that she scored from someone a while back. Oliver doesn’t especially like this process, so she fed him a sour gummy worm (Easter candy leftovers) at regular intervals to keep up his interest. Remember the expression “Got your ears lowered, hey?” This was, in my youth, the smart ass way of acknowledging a man’s recent haircut.

Olive’s haircut makes his head look bigger. No?

I asked him when I first saw his new haircut, “so did you get your head enlarged?” He just looked at me and wagged his tail. His now visible undercoat reveals a lot more spots than he used to have. Guess Jack Russells get more spots as they age. There were some difficulties with the clippers. But he likes his haircut. After a day or two the itchies go away.

Does my head make my butt look small?

Oliver’s not so happy about the turn of weather now that he’s more exposed. Spring is really here, the weather just doesn’t know that quite yet. Seedling plants are well along, and I have to figure out how to get the final wall of the greenhouse completed, with a door.

Baby onions (and African violets) under lights in the cellar.

Some unusual seedlings this year- cotton (on left) and okra.

Optimistic to plant these southern species, but lets hope for a good summer. The horses always have such hopes. They are ready, having been clipped and had the farrier work on their feet.

Justice (left) and Buddy. They don’t like cameras.

Inside this china cabinet, second shelf down …

… a fox hunt is underway, in glass figurines …

They don’t look very hound-like do they?



  1. How much light do you need to keep those African violets in the cellar? Is that a special light bulb? I had a dark blue one, but it was never happy, I think too cold near the window and not light enough further back in a room.

    And are the little glass figures from Italy? I had a poodle and two penguins, but they were less stylish, more trying to get it right . Of your figures I like the fox best.

    And those pots by the window, isn’t Oliver going to throw them over? What if he sees a chipmunk?

    The plant table is outfitted with standard 48″ fluorescent tubes in fixtures commonly sold in hardware stores as “shop lights”. There are special bulbs available, but we’ve always used the cheapest most available. A timer is connected to turn them on early morning and off in the evening to give a photoperiod of 13 or 14 hours. Our African violets seem pretty adaptable.

    I’ll ask my wife if she knows where the figurines might be from. There’s no labeling or artist’s marks that I can see.

    Oliver has yet to damage any of the plants in his surveillance window. Once he gets excited he tends to whine and run from window to window. But thanks for your concern.

  2. Ah but the question is what does Oliver think of the hunting scene? Maybe that is why he burrows! Pity about the snow again. I was so enjoying all the photos of everyones “new life” coming through.Did you participate in Earth Hour? I made the stupid mistake of yet more sorting and cataloging of my fabric just prior to the hour and was really into it..had to stop as could not see what I was doing.My husband said 33 million people worldwide turned their lights out…was your Earth Hour in your evening at eight or was it the same hour worldwide?

    Hi Quilter, and thanks for your comment. Don’t know what Oliver thinks of the figurines, probably nothing. But I’m sure he’d be very happy to participate in a real fox hunt!

    I missed the Earth Hour. Good cause, alas, too little too late. We needed to take action the first time we fell down these stairs back in 1973. 😦 Sorry for the pessimism. It’s all good, but if not, at least it is what it is. Fer sure.

  3. Oliver looks so cute with his new haircut. I see you eat Stonyfield yogurt. That’s our favorite. I have to eat the fat free ones. Your plants look terrific. I sort of participated in Earth hour. I had to leave a few little lights on because I don’t want to break my ass again. It’s been three months and if I sit on it for a long period of time (like I am doing this morning at the computer) it still hurts. Plus with my three black cats always trying to trip me up in the dark I need a little light.

    We just got rain from that storm. But it has been unusually cold for the Cape and I still have not heard any spring peepers. This is the latest they have gone without singing in the 34 years I have lived in this house. I listen for them every evening. We have a pair of red shouldered hawks nesting in our yard. They are beautiful.

    Thanks joan for your nice comment. Yeah the Stonyfield is a staple food. I eat the low fat plain, but the fat free plain is OK too. I hope that a) you never break your ass again, b) you (and we) hear the peepers soon, and c) we are somehow able to put the breaks on climate change caused by our burning of everything.

  4. Your seedlings look awesome, really-really beautiful. Oliver, of course, looks fabulous. His haircut reminded of an editorial in Vanity Fair a couple of years back. Graydon Carter has a dog just like Oliver, and he had a friend dogsit while he and his family were away for a week. When they returned they saw that the friend had taken the dog to the groomers and had him clipped right down to nothing. Graydon was furious, he was so angry and bitter he actually wrote an editorial about it in Vanity Fair. Maybe the dog looked terrible with the new cut, I don’t know. But Oliver looks adorable, so I have to assume Gradon was overreacting. 🙂

    While Mr. Carter surely doesn’t look like the type of guy to overreact 😉 I’m sure we can all appreciate the tragedy of a badly groomed pet. Oliver is lucky enough to look good no matter what, even after an hour of dirt-spelunking in search of the ever-elusive chipmunk. If Graydon saw Oliver’s clipping job close up, it would probably mean another rant in VF. Thanks for visiting Wendy 😀

  5. i would burn a lot less stuff if it was a little bit *warmer* around here…

    I think that Oliver looks tres soigné in his dappled clip coat.

    Me too vermonter. Soon it just may be a bit warmer around here. Soigné indeed, the little bugger! Apparently nobody else thinks his head looks bigger now. His head was big enough before.

  6. I know my hounds look nothing like that. They’re big and fat and short to the ground. With long ears.
    I like Oliver’s new do. He’s such a smart-looking pup.

    Yeah, they almost look terrier-like. But they are also cartoonish looking so what EVER. Oliver is pretty smart. He’s the only one who willingly lets me post about him. The cat doesn’t count. She thinks the internet is a fad.

  7. They just had a recall on Stonyfield Fat Free blueberry yogurt. Of course I had bunches of it in the fridge but only one with the correct recall date. Hopefully my daughter hasn’t eaten any glass or plastic this week.

    Wendy says Oliver has my address and wants to come to Falmouth to help me rid my yard of squirrels.

    Yeah I hope nobody ate any glass or plastic this week.

    Oliver’s daddy is afraid to drive over that bridge too.

    Besides, I thought the Wasband was in charge of squirrel annoying?

  8. A: I would LOVE IT if I had a melon-head that made my ass look petite!

    B: those hounds look kind of sensual…I think it’s in the curves…you know?


    Down girl, down. They’re BITCHES you know!

  9. The pictures are great as usual, and Oliver just makes my heart flip flop every time I see him. A dog who loves Gummy Worms…wow.

    It’s nice to know that our dog brings joy to a special lady in Ohio. I mean that quite sincerely. And he’s not a huge fan of gummy worms, he just likes them enough to forget, for a minute, that he’s being tortured by electric clippers.

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