Posted by: David | March 27, 2008

More Portland Photos

I bicycled all over Portland. Didn’t own a car.

The city sprawled for miles in every direction.

Even ugly bits of Portland had a stark beauty.

This photo was shot April 4, 1976, believe it or not.

Yeah, another lame self-portrait reflection. Sorry.

The scanner which brings these images to you.

The scanner software knows it’s scanning B&W negatives, but it renders the scan in an RGB mode jpeg. I mention this only because I was surprised at the different tonal ranges of grayscale. Some frames scan in a cooler, neutral gray, while others take on the more olive-tinted blacks like the Agfa Portriga Rapid paper I once printed them on in the darkroom. Trick of the digits I guess.


  1. Another great batch, thanks MrDavid!
    I definitely saved the 2nd picture as I’m a fan of anything Volkswagen.

    Thanks Red. I should direct your attention to some earlier posts where I photographed unusual autos I saw last summer while riding my bicycle. The fancy summer people their their fancy cars around in the sun. Scroll down to the bottom of this post.

  2. You crack me up. Giving some love to the scanner, huh? posting it’s picture… funny.

    😀 Thanks C. Loves me my scanner!

  3. Homer: Hmm… photos.

    April 4 1976 – Apple Computer Inc is now 3 days old.

    I like the top 4 shots A LOT

    I’m glad you pointed that Apple connection out Nimish. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College not that long before I did. I think that means he owes me somehow. Right?

    Glad you like the pix! Thank you.

  4. Proving, once again, you can find beauty in the most common places.

    Great work, David.

    Thanks B&G. I like your outlook!

  5. […] TO CHANGE THE DEFOCUSSED/PIXELY LOOK. Wokay?Unless I can improve the pic to my satisfaction.In continuum… and this too. Expect these in the photobook, which is officially halted.  Title:- The […]

  6. Wow, t-0-D; has Prof. Tolley seen these? You should maybe do a guest shot in her class and demo this device for the students. These are really lovely.

    Thanks vermonter 😀 I remind RT to look at my blog every so often, but these kids today, they’re so gosh darn busy don’t ya know?

  7. To Nimish Batra:

    Do you know the birthdate of all the computers? And when you see a date, you imagine the event complete with cake and candles?

    I think it’s kind of odd that Apple counts April Fool’s day as its birthday.

  8. The captions are all of the same length, and for a second I was tempted to count the syllables to see what makes them sound so military or mechanical.

    I also think that the first photo is the best, whatever that means, but it is the last one that takes the cake and will be remembered! Yessir! But why or how, that is the question. No idea.

    What? Do? You? Mean? Mech an ic al?? Glad you didn’t count syllables, as I wouldn’t. Unless I was going for haiku. I’m glad you like the first photo best, though I’m sure that it means nothing at all 😀 You like the scanner eh?

  9. There is a new WordPress Top Blog called the Fail blog. Like the Lolcat blog, it depends entirely on captions. Give it a look, just a minute. It gets boring very quickly because each photo is only funny.

    It is listed as one of the top blogs on the dashboard to the right

    I checked out FAIL. I’m always happy to look at snapshots of stupid stuff. But as my mind attempts to somehow engulf and devour the interweb, sites like FAIL remind me what a pitched battle this really is. The interweb seems to have some sort of toilet function for our collective mind. Eeewww.

  10. Hey David – Apple computer was actually FOUR days old! :S (worried about 4 being the junior 42)
    I hate JPEG saves – they save space, but kill the natural color – it’s just an algorithm, it knows not what beauty is. I blame the people who choose NOT to include RAW modes. 😥 Soon I will find a better camera and overcome my lazy habit to go places I never been to – the mountains in off season. The sea front without a beach for people to play in. And the part of my hometown called Old Delhi – wonderful old buildings in a very filthy environment and a higher population density than the rest of the city (have I mentioned dust, crowds and noise as being my kryptonite?)

    Cantueso – I’m a ‘quizzer’ – I love collecting eclectic knowledge and looking for links that may or may not exist. It’s now second nature. 🙂

    So does Apple officially count a birthday via Steve’s reckoning? Or is this lost to the mists of history? April Fool’s Day, right? I love that. And I like the connection you’ve made to my past. Here I was pedaling around Portland snapping photos of nothing while portentous events unfolded around me. Hmmm. Sounds like my present life, but different locale.

    Regarding travel and photography- they are a natural pairing. The wandering eye sees more. Or something like that …

    I think the Joint Photographic Experts Group did a fair job. RAW modes seem to be getting increasingly popular. I should know more about that than I do …

  11. Sounds like everyone’s life.

    yea the algorithm guys a re a-okay. The scanner/camera guys are the ones to blame for not using the hi-quality algorithms or for not having RAW mode.

    Guess you need a professional quality camera for RAW images. I wouldn’t know about the “algorithm guys”, but I’ll take your word on that. Are you an algorithm guy?

  12. I meant the JPEG group.

    I got the reference to the JPEG group 🙂 I was making a general inquiry on the nature of your particular nerdwork.

  13. A haiku
    It’s a damn sunday
    I have things to do, but bored
    so bloody bored, me.

    A scan-ner, Bright-ly
    scans im-a-ges nice-ly, Past
    brought to life, black-white.


    Oh, I like these little verses!

    Boredom is a disallowed state in my world. How can boredom exist when you have a life, a purpose, a future and the interweb?

    Sunday is a good day to rest (as is Saturday). Rest your mind by pushing the “things to do” out. This is not easy to do. 😀

  14. Damn I had a lost comment.

    Anyways. I said that I’d become excited, then it rained, and I got sick and depressed.

    I blame Adam – I was listening to U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (25 years old this song).

    The song by itself has a very powerful meaning, and I don’t want to take anything away from it, but for me each line has a different meaning than the original.

    Anywhu, I want to force every thought from my mind – even the thought of thought. Then, maybe then, I will have a Zen clarity? Who knows.

    That’s all I’m good for right about now – comments from a strange land far away, and a haiku (or two!)

    I keep taking pictures. I think I’ll find a couple of good ones. Want to upload, but so lazy. 😀

    I lose at least 3 or 4 lines worth of comments weekly.

    *Full-time employment = NOT lazy*

  15. My nerdwork is in code for the services industry – we do up intranet-portals and all. Not terribly interesting in itself, but pretty good when you deal with new stuff. 🙂

    Novelty is important. Keeps us interested.

  16. Did anyone else notice that this 🙂 smiley looks like a slightly worried smile? Almost like my avatar/userpic?

    Yeah, I only just discovered the 😀 big smiley vs. the 🙂 worried smiley. These days a slightly worried smile might be as good as it gets …

  17. But I love your cool kind of distorted reflection pics….it’s like a mysterious alluring view of the younger you…what did he really look like way back when? Can we handle the hotness? I think not…a.k.a thanks for keeping my hormones at bay…LOL… 🙂

    Thanks Romi. I like your new avatar with the CLAW!! Truth be told I have a history of being rather unphotogenic. I’m quite sure that YOU, anyway, would be able to handle the hotness.

  18. hahaha…you know what the best is? I was so intoxicated when this was taken (*shhh!”) that I still have no idea what my CLAW was reaching out for, but I love the photography trick that makes the claw fucking dominate that pic…like I thought of you when I saw this pic for the first time on the weekend…and YAAA…it’s a “photography trick” that makes the CLAW so big….LOL… 🙂

    Oh Romi, I think we can all GUESS what the CLAW was reaching for 😀

  19. One and five are a little trippy, man. Five kind of makes me think that you were shrunk by some sort of ray gun, then placed amid giant stacks of CDs which threatened to topple at any moment, sending you to your doom. Fortunately, you were smart enough to photograph your plight, and your tiny little camera was discovered by a keen-eyed yet kindly giant who took the film to Fox Foto where it was developed in only one day, then delivered to the police, who found, rescued and restored you to your normal size. The end.

    Nice scanner!

    Thanks moonbeam! Fortunately, I don’t remember a thing from that incident. All I have is the trippy photos. And one more thing that is extra weird – they didn’t even HAVE CDs back in those days!

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