Posted by: David | March 15, 2008

More Old Photos

Wow, it’s never felt this great to have such a nice, captive audience before! I have some more old photos from my past … but first, I’d like to ask a blogging question. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken to responding to comments by editing the actual comment, inserting my response afterward, in italics. Anyone have any opinion(s) on this practice, for or against? Just wondering …

Pretend you’re in an art museum …

So here are some more of my old pictures, scanned and digitized …

But unlike when you were trapped at your weird Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Frieda’s, seeing tray after tray of slides of their vacation trip to the Grand Canyon, you can end this show whenever you want!

On the Reed College campus- lots of my old pix have 2 trees in them.

Hamden, Connecticut 1973.

Just click here to escape this black and white boredom!

This is a pile of lumber rotated 90 degrees. Doesn’t it look like a futuristic megalopolis?

Multnomah Falls, Oregon 1975. This beautiful little waterfall pool is photographed often.

Actually, it looks a lot better in color. It’s very green. But on this overcast day, when my friend and I hiked through here, the grayscale was all we had.

I’ve never been back to Portland since those days, but have always been thankful to have seen and photographed it. It went on forever with its numbered avenues and streets, like an endless maze. I rode my bicycle all around that city. Sometimes I still dream about it.




  1. very VERRRRRY nice. Pls keep indulging us…

    Thanks C, glad you like them. I have a scary amount of negatives and now that I’ve got this scanning contraption there may be no end to it. Be careful what you wish for … πŸ˜€

  2. I’m a born & bred Oregonian. I’ve lived here in the Willamette Valley my entire life. The images that you’ve posted here of the Oregon coast, and now of the Columbia Gorge & Portland (merely a stone’s throw away from me), are so very familiar to me, yet you’ve done an incredible job of capturing them in your photos. You’ve really depicted the beauty of this moist little state.

    As for the comment responses… I think the editing of the comments & putting your reply within looks more elegant than posting a separate reply. Yet I can’t bring myself to do it on my blog… I think I just like my responses adding to the total count on each post πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your considered opinions and critique Adam. I was drawn from CT to OR by a pamphlet from Reed College, which I’d never heard of, but something about it drew me. The beauty of the place was enough to hold me and my 20 year old brain there for a year more after leaving Reed. The people were friendly too, it was so different from the New Haven area where I’d grown up. I still dream occasionally that I’m riding my bike around Portland’s sprawling avenues, usually looking for someone or something that I don’t find before the dream ends.

    I like doing the comments individually too, for the reason you cite, it looks more elegant. And it doesn’t seem to inconvenience the commentators much either. I like seeing responses to my comments on others’ blogs right beneath my words. There’s bound to be lots of scrolling no matter what … It’s worth the trouble.

  3. Gorgeous! And I love the lumber picture!

    I did a poll about comments once, and the consensus was that people liked responses better in one big long list. Sometimes I get tired of scrolling up and down though, so I do individual replies. Personally, I like individual responses.

    Goodie! I’m glad you agree and that you like the photo. This method feels more efficient too, but not in a way I’ve measured yet. I’ll get back to ya on that.

  4. :O wow.

    Taking that as a compliment Mr B!! Thanks.

  5. Awesome eye, David! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks B&G, it’s my pleasure really!

  6. good eye there, dave… really: tres neat. Yes, the lumber pile could easily be a futuristic megalopolis. I also really like the multiple planes in the pic with two trees. Oh, & I also vote for replies-within-comments.

    Thanks vermonter, from the 20 year old me. He DID have a pretty good eye! I’ve lived with these images for so many years that they’re iconic to me now, and nostalgic. It’s pretty wonderful to have all my bloggefreunden show their appreciation.

  7. Dave, you have an amazing talent here! Really, I would have had NO idea that the one picture was slabs of lumber if you hadn’t told me, and the two big trees reminded me of the movie cover of Big Fish (which is a great movie if you haven’t seen it)….have you ever thought about compiling all your photos and making like a book or something? This sh*t is awesome!!! πŸ™‚

    …Now I can see where all your talent from those wonderful “sexy plant” photos came from πŸ˜‰

    PS: I always do up my comments in separate-list format, and I like when other blogs I read do that, because then when I hit up the “my comments” section of WordPress, I can see that the blogger replied (i.e. “1 hour ago”), whereas when you post your comments within your replies, I have no idea if you replied unless someone else comments on your post, which then makes your blog post reappear in my “My Comments” section…LOL does that make any sense? Haha πŸ˜‰

    Hi Romi, thanks for your compliments πŸ˜€ I did see Big Fish, and liked it a lot! I have never thought of doing a book of my old photos because so many others have already done this same book, and it’s remaindered at Borders, or wherever your better books are sold and/or remaindered. It’s just cool to have used this film scanner to make this bridge to my past and have all you fine folks boost me in the effort.

    I like the way you answer your commentators in your blog in one or two long comment-responses, it has a nice flow to it. And it does make sense how you can see in the comment listing when the blog author has responded. But I think I’m going to stick with this method for now, as it makes sense to me. When I use the Comments section of the Dashboard, I can efficiently keep track of where I have been and where my blogfriends have checked in. It’s tough to keep up with everybody anyway. But it’s all good! πŸ˜€

  8. These were really beautiful photos, and the lumber photo freaked me out. I really thought it was a city.

    I can’t help you with the comment thing. I like what you’re doing now and it looks elegant and seems more efficient, but like Romi, I prefer the blogger to answer the comments in a separate box. I have no idea why.

    Thanks Wendy. You did help with the comment thing by writing what you thought. The way you and Romi enter separate comments to answer your readers’ comments has the advantage of making it a little easier to find them with the way most WordPress templates provide prominent shortcut links to individual comments. And there’s a certain logic to answering comments that way, with the @ sign, etc.

    Funny thing about that lumber shot to me now is that I didn’t know poplar from particle board when I took that picture, but now I can see that it’s a pile of mixed hardwoods, probably to be used for manufacturing small furniture, tool handles, or whatever. OK, maybe it’s not that funny. πŸ™‚

  9. I like how you’re commenting on the comments within the one comment box πŸ™‚

    Im off to look at the pictures!

    Thanks Red.

  10. The wood . . I had no idea. I was looking at it, trying to figure out WHERE it could possibly be. And then I read it was pile . of . wood. Fantastic.
    Again, I’m going for the abstract.
    Though, of course, I could get lost in those trees .. the stream ..

    I took a few classes in graphic design and stuff at the college where I work (bargain for staff $25/class!!) and learned that it’s OK to crop and rotate and otherwise mess with photo images. In the old days I was a full frame snob. Compose in the camera or forget it. I would always print the full frame with edges showing. Live and learn, huh?

  11. I like the photo of the art museum best, especially because of its lucid comment.

    It took me an hour to come up with that caption!

  12. I love all the photos but I have to admit the lumber photo is wicked cool.

    You have inspired me to take my camera with me whenever I leave the house. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting it.

    As for the comment thing. I respond in a separate list because I’m lazy and think it is easier and faster. Your way looks nicer. I’ve tried it your way but it seems to take me forever and I am slow enough at this as it is. I would just keep doing it as you are because that’s how you like to do it.

    Thank you Joan for that nice compliment and for your recommendation on this commenting format. I find this way easier. That lumber photo is a pretty good illusion. We seem to have a lot of city imagery in our minds’ eyes and that takes over.

  13. To David

    “It took me an hour to come up with that caption!”

    What was it before?

    That was a joke. Before it was photograph with no caption.

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