Posted by: David | March 12, 2008

Royalty Free Wallpaper

This was Nimish’s idea. I merely provide the imagery. He stroked my enormous ego and then asked me to provide hi-res images of some blogsnaps. So that he could have “royalty free wallpaper” on his computer screen.

In lieu of payment, please make a generous donation to that poor Nigerian fellow who cannot get his deceased uncle’s fortune out of the country … Gosh I hope he’s OK!

The images below have been configured to display well at fairly high resolution settings. The files are around 200-300K in size. Click on a thumbnail below to see the full sized image. Then right-click on the image and choose “Set as Desktop Wallpaper”, or save the image somewhere and use it however your system works.





P.S. Cantueso, I tried to lighten the images up a bit. However your comment about their darkness is one I’ve heard (and tended to ignore) many times in the past. When I printed these in a real darkroom, I always tended to print them dark.



  1. 😀

  2. poor Nigerian fellow who cannot get his deceased uncle’s fortune out of the country

    😀 LOL!!! 😀

  3. I’m rotating them, one a week, starting at the top.

    Thanks MB, 😀 now I too have a nice crapstack of happiness, just knowing these comfortable old image-memories of mine are glowing on others’ screens!

  4. Oh crap. I just read this:

    In lieu of payment, please make a generous donation to that poor Nigerian fellow who cannot get his deceased uncle’s fortune out of the country … Gosh I hope he’s OK!

    Um…I just wrote a check. A really big one, and I stuck it in the mailbox. D’oh! Did I forget to sign it?

    At least you can honestly say “it’s in the mail”. Or, get YOUR deceased uncle to spam the world and the hex will be reversed. I think.

  5. Thanks, MrDavid . . these are awesome. You are awesome.

    Yer welcome MrsRed! You’re too kind! Maybe I’ll just have to inflict y’all with some more of these old pix.

  6. *Polite Cough

    Thanks NB!!!!! 😀

  7. […] response/thanks to this, I’m bringing out some photos that I have taken @ Bangalore. All the photos are clickable and […]

    Retaliatory gratitude, like revenge, is best served on the INTERWEB!

  8. Guess who’s gonna give herself a new desktop at work???????

    Thanks, that is some serious awesome-ness of you 😉

    You’re welcome Romi. I’m glad you like. 😀

  9. I was heavily tempted by the NYC photo, but in the end I took the bedsprings. Thanks!

    Collect the whole set Wendy! Totally free! More to come …

  10. […] But, what really motivated me to participate in today’s photo expose was to highlight another blogger friend’s photo work:   Thoughts-0-Dave.    […]

  11. 🙂

    Like wildfire spreads the meme,
    Photos being the theme,
    I’d say something silly,
    Who’s eating the anti-fungal cream?

    (No honestly, who does that kind of… eugh!

    [Homer Simpson] MMMMMM anti fungal cream! glah glah glah drool …

  12. It’s official, the ocean is now my desktop background!!!

    In a related story, I find myself very distracted at work, and gazing aimlessly into my screen…sigh… 😉

    PS: thank you!

    You’re welcome Romi. I’m so proud and happy to have this presence on my bloggefreunden’s desktops.

    Be careful your dreams don’t chafe under the harness. 😉

  13. I took the city one. I love candids of people.

  14. Oh, almost forgot, Thanks, I was really sick of my wallpaper. Now I have something wicked cool to look at.

    You’re welcome Joan. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that photo was taken on a weekend, when I was visiting NYC with a friend. I’ve always imagined that that pedestrian lady was on her way to either church or a funeral.

  15. I have never used a camera and don’t know a thing about photography, but I have a picture collection, and at least of older scans I am almost sure they got darker.

    However, in JPEGs any small modification will suddenly reduce the size of the photo. And at that time I may not have known that. It is not the kind of thing I learnt very willingly, no. I learn it teeth-gnashingly. It used to feel like I was employed half time by Explorer, half time by Kodak, half time by Word97, and I just barely avoided getting employed by PhotoShop and Adobe.

    You have never used a camera? Never taken a picture? EVER? In your WHOLE LIFE?!?! Sorry to shout, but I find that so incredible.

    And to be honest I though you were making a computer geek joke about JPEGs darkening. I should not try to explain the joke as that is always pointless …

    Now I get that you’re saying the scanning process resulted in digital images that were darker than the originals, yes? That happens.

  16. Wow. The first picture is AWESOME. The hell with the wallpaper/screensaver. Can I print it and put it in my house??

    It really is awesome.

    Thanks VAGB, I’m glad you like it. I’ll email you a link to larger version of that image which would be better for printing.

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