Posted by: David | March 9, 2008

Mute Rock Star

In my blogroll you’ll find a link to a blog by a musician named Amanda Palmer. Her band, which consists of herself on keyboard and lead voice, and drummer Brian Viglione. They are called the Dresden Dolls. You may have heard their popular and catchy tune “Coin Operated Boy“? Their music is described as Brechtian Punk. Amanda’s from Lexington and travels a lot but usually calls Boston her home.

Anyhoo, she’s also been blogging for a while (since April 2003!) as she and Brian launched the Dolls. Her posts are very interesting to me, as she reveals so much of the sturm und drang of the creative performer, as well as her considerable intellectual humanity. It’s refreshing! Many of her commenters are gothy teenaged girls just like me!

So she’s been screaming this music that comes straight from her 31 year old heart a little too hard for a few years maybe, and wound up with “kissing nodes” on her vocal cords! They required surgery. She posted the laryngoscopy pix on her blog. They’re kinda gross! And I should know, since I posted my own colonoscopy pix last February. My wife got really mad at me about that. Go figure. It’s not like I was mooning the internet, right? That’s how she saw it. Sheesh!

As part of the healing process, Amanda Palmer is staying at her parents’ Lexington home, and must remain mute for a time, on which she’s posted lately. I don’t know for how long she must remain mute for her cords to heal, but I’ve tried my best to encourage her via blog commentary, along with her many other readers. In her early years as a street performer, she was a “living statue”. So she’s had practice at not speaking. But she’s a singer too, and here is the ironic kernel of this post. The singer forced to be silent.

I asked her in a comment how the not-talking was going, and she responded in her next post that she’d slipped up once but it was OK because only Brian knew about it and she caught herself right away. I hope her cords heal up well, because I’m looking forward to more music from this lady. Selfish of me, ain’t it?



  1. I snorted my coffee on the line about you being a gothy teenaged girl.

    Thanks for the comment, and sorry about that C! 😉 I’ve taken a certain amount of crap for the weird music I listen to. But Amanda Palmer really captured my interest with her blog. She seems quite genuine, in spite of being an ass-kicking rock&roller.

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