Posted by: David | March 8, 2008

Art History Video

Here’s another cute video from the Carrot Revolution site.

Apologies to the bandwidth deprived. I’m working on an artsy little post of old photographs of mine that I’ve been scanning from 35mm negatives. Coming soon.


  1. What a glorious and creative take on art! 🙂

    I can’t say I know as much about art as I would like, but my desk at work is covered with Van Gogh prints, so obviously I loved when that one drinker’s ear fell off 😉

    PS: I look forward to your artsy post 🙂

    Thanks Romi! I’m glad you liked it. That Carrot Revolution site has some cool stuff. Did you see that Salad Fingers weirdness?

    Hey, greenmetropolis was kind enough to photodocument talea’s birthday jam, I’m sure you know, and we got to see more of you. You really know how to make like a tree! Didn’t know that they did piñatas in Canadaland! How multicultural of you blogqueens! That was a pretty fun post. You girls sure know how to party!

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