Posted by: David | March 4, 2008

Weird Weird Weird

My best friend is closing in on a doctorate in psychology. We’ve been friends since forever and have shared a sense of humor which knows no limits. No BOUNDARIES. He sent me a link to this Flash animation cartoon on the web that is, well, weird. Maybe you have already seen it. It’s called “Salad Fingers”. There are 8 little installments of this, uh, thing. My friend is a fairly normal, hard working, sincere, honest guy. I had to ask him. How the hell did you find this web creepiness?

This is a boundary.

So one of the freaks in his doctoral program  pointed him to this cartoon. This weird weird cartoon series. (Yeah, guess it turns out that it takes a nut to go for a doctorate in psychology! Hee hee!)

But the cartoon also has some weird music to go along with it. By this Scottish electronica band called “Boards of Canada“. (Don’t ask!) I like them. Bought their album “The Campfire Headphase” on iTunes. Zoning out to it right now …. … .. .


  1. 😯

    Holy *#&$!! I may never be the same again! 🙂

    It’s like the deluded nightmares of Edward Gorey & Frank Miller’s schizophrenic crack-baby.

    Yeah I was reminded of Gorey too. Not familiar with Miller, but googling revealed the Sin City connection. Say no more …Don’t worry you’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.

  2. it’s just so easy to go with it…



    Yeah I got pulled through all 8 of the creepy little things. Twice.

  3. I clicked (I fear for my sanity, but still) … let’s see where we go. and are also very freaky. (Latter has image-hover jokes too).

    And is AMAZING!

    Thanks for these quality links Nimish. I knew of xkcd already, but the other two are now “favorited”. Just what I need to waste some MORE time on the interweb. Actually a guy at work has loaned me The Flight of the Conchords first season DVD. So I may just have to close the lid on the computer tonight …

  4. my comment went to spam?

    Yup, because of the links I guess. I thought I’d set it to allow up to 5 links. Also I thought of your limited bandwidth after posting this link. Were you able to see the Flash animations?

  5. Salad Fingers and I have been really close friends for about two years now. Granted, we’re MySpace friends, but friends are friends. I met him when one of my kids called me and said, “I have thing that you’re gonna love.” And I wasn’t even insulted, because he was right.

    It’s a big, wide, wonderful world we live in, isn’t it? Didn’t know Salad Fingers had a MySpace page, but I guess it figures.

  6. Nah… sucky internet access.

    Careful with the other two though — both of them are so offensive that I have no words.

    I’m sorry Nimish. It’s OK, you’re not missing much. Just disgusting depravity …

    I’m sure it would be just fine if you and your manager watched these cartoons at work, where you must have good bandwidth. He’ll think you’re quite the modern fellow looking at totally depraved Flash cartoons. You’ll be promoted before you know it! Then you’ll become the President of the company, and you can start mailing checks to me for helping you figure out how to move up. 🙂

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