Posted by: David | February 26, 2008

My Paper Mind

It’s my first time posting video on this blog, and I found a cute little short piece of stop-frame animation by a young fellow named Javan Ivey. Try it! It’s wicked cute! He made it out of some 400+ paper frames that he cut and photographed, then ran through his computer. (Sounds simple enough!)

I found this video clicking through Blogger’s assortment of notable blogs. Liked “The Carrot Revolution” enough to add it to the blogroll. It’s a blog on art education. If you look there you can see a little more video about this Ivey fellow.

[*Random Tangent Alert*]

Good a time as any to mention an enjoyable quote from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), which, thanks to Wendy, at Life With Buck, and another brainy artist friend of mine, I’ve just gotten around to seeing via Netflix (thanks Sarah!). When he gets to his 80s or 90s I think that Bill Murray should play God, like George Burns did. Anyway, Steve Zissou, at the denoument of the film, apologizes to his long lost son (played ever so lamely by Owen Wilson) for his absence …

“I’m sorry I never acknowledged your existence all those years. It won’t happen again. I mean it.”



  1. That video was so nice, and so is the website. Thanks, Unca Dave!

    I have got to watch “The Life Aquatic.” I’ve got to.

  2. That WAS cool! We all feeling ‘artsy’, yes?

  3. whoa! I’ll watch once I’m in a will-trade-paper-currency-for=bandwidth mood.

    I’m sorry. I assumed that everyone in India had gigabit fiber into their homes. If you must know, I got away from dialup just over a year ago. LOVE the DSL. Give me megs and megs! SORRY- now I’m just rubbing it in.

  4. That paper clip was fantastic! I loved the swing through the blades of grass….magical 🙂

    I’m glad you liked it Romi. 🙂 This artist shows some promise!

  5. I loved the way you said it was “wicked cute”. You must be from New England or have lived in Boston. I say wicked before everything. Anyway that video was wicked cool.

    Glad you liked it Joan 🙂 I’m from the Nutmeg State! Born in New Haven. Left to go to college out west and returned to New England- New Hampshire. Been here 30+ years. It’s a wicked great place to live!

  6. Great quote. And I had no idea CT is the Nutmeg State. I learn so much ovah here.

    Well thank YOU for pointing me to that movie. 😀

    Uh, about the Nutmeg State … I was wrong about that being CT’s nickname. Apparently it’s officially the “Constitution State”. Read here a most confusing explanation …

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