Posted by: David | February 19, 2008

The Little Things

Blogs, bloggers, and blogging in general are still very interesting to me, having been involved for just over a year. There are millions and millions of blogs out there, and I have discovered but a tiny collection that I like enough and have enough time to read regularly. Why should anyone, other than my immediate clan, care about my stupid little life? And/or why should I care about the minutiae of others’ lives? I don’t know, but this caring is the very engine of blogging for me. It’s a selfish act, performed in solitude, but requiring the attention of others to be truly satisfying.

The blogs I love to read are not always sophisticated, not always witty, profound, or even properly punctuated. But they move me because their authors have taken the time to share the smallest, and therefore most important details of their ordinary lives. And this validates my ordinary life. It’s that simple. That saying about the devil being in the details? Well apparently the original quote was about god being in the details and is generally attributed to Gustave Flaubert. Some stupid architects got hold of it after that. At least that’s what a quick Google reveals. Good enough for me. Have I read any Flaubert? Nope.

Thus ends this little post about little things. God bless the internet.



  1. This is such a nice post. The blog world effects me the same way. It’s not so much the posting (though of course that’s fantastic), it’s the things we learn about others. It makes me laugh and cry, care about and feel connected to other human beings whom I’ve never met. It’s inspiring and wonderful.

    Thanks again for the great post.

  2. … and God bless you.
    And yes, I do agree with McQueen by saying that this post was a good one. Quite nice, and accurate in that blogging is so versatile and inspiring and a learning experience. I’ve learned not just about myself, but about others .. And I enjoy that. It’s a daily routine of mine, to blog, and to read others’ and when Im unable to do so, Im a bit saddened.
    Wonderful post, MrDavid .. really.

  3. Like Red, I feel sad when I haven’t had time to read the blogs that are normally part of my daily routine. I feel like something is wrong if I don’t know what’s going on with everybody. For me, these bloggers are my friends and co-workers, the people with whom I spend my days, evenings, and even my days off. And one of the unexpectedly great things is running into each other on different blogs. It’s a community, and at this point in time I feel more a part of it than I do the community in which I have an actual house.

  4. that hugh laurie clip is wonderful! “when I’m with you…I just sit there and drool…” I really think you’ve nailed it: “…validates my ordinary life…” I find myself paying better attention after a good round of reads… and i can feel it, too, in my own writing…i can tell when i’ve hit the “authentic” vein (What wag counselled: “Sincerity! That’s the key! If you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”) There’s just something about the dailiness, and the way others pay attention — i get invested. i love it.

  5. Thank YOU bloggefreunden for your attention and your wonderful thoughts! 🙂 It’s very encouraging and uplifting to find this resonance and “community” as Wendy puts it.

    I’m a little deblogified this morning as a late night out to dinner, lunar eclipse, shot down sattelite, and yet another disappointing loss of a Megabucks jackpot have all conspired to deprive me of the 2 or 3 evening hours normally spent loitering on the net. I need my sleep. I’ll try to catch up tonight.

    I would like to know the source of that funny quotation on sincerity vermonter. It boils down to “Sincerity- you can’t fake it.”, which is not funny, but true.

  6. And god bless all the 2 billion monkeys who hammer away at electronic typewriters and occasionally come up with something Shakespears *might* respect in between the trilion LOLs.

  7. Dribble away; I think you’re cool. (I had to go back and figure out the link – I glossed right over it! keep eye VTer and thx for calling my attn to it.)

  8. I meant ‘good eye Vter’. ?

  9. I love this blogging business. I don’t have a whole lot of readers but the ones I do have I’ve come to really care about what happens to them.

    I look forward every day to see what everyone is up to. I look forward to sharing my petty little problems and my strange family dynamics with everyone.

    I laugh and once in a while cry but it’s all good.

  10. Oh, David, another blog? How am I supposed to keep up? You’re blog is cooler, but if I join this one I’ll have….three blogs? Too much…too much. I guess since you think this one’s COOLER, you aren’t going to read mine if I update it more often, huh? Well, you should, I want to make a public blog, I’m not sure if I’m going to turn this old one into my new one or if I’m going to join your COOL blog site, lol.

    Happy Blogging and keep in touch!


  11. This WordPress template (Ocean Mist by Ed Merritt) could use to have its links a little more visible. Maybe I should put [link] in my links to make them easier to see. Anyway glad you found the Hugh Laurie vid CuriousC and thanks for the compliment.

    Speaking of compliments, it sounds like Nimish is complimenting the entire blogosphere. I second your blessing Mr. Batra! Or third.

    Joanharvest 🙂 you’ve invented a new term for the bloggefreunden: strange family! I like it.

    alicia!! Hi there. This is my only blog, though I moved it over here to WordPress from Blogger quite a while back. Thanks for visiting, and don’t feel any pressure to “join”. This blog is just silly.

  12. I freakin’ love the Internet, and I only fully embraced this love once I started blogging…I’ve made some great friends from these here parts, and I love hearing about your “ordinary” life 😉

    Right back at ya there Romi! Thanks for playing along. I hope this blogging gig pans out.

  13. It is “Bloggerfreunde”; that N that you added is for the dativ.

    I like the idea of blogs better than the blogs themselves, and I have already spent some time trying to figure out how to explain why “to write about my life” does not work.

    There are two reasons, which boil down to one.

    After all, this blog, the best of its kind AFAIK and/or IMHO (meaning as far as I know and in my holy opinion) is wonderful because you leave yourself out almost completely except when you have to drive to the dump. Your subjects are the plants and the rides, but mainly the plants.

    And this is exactly how everybody’s “I” can become visible to others: only through the objects which is what everybody discovers or sees every day mostly around himself, but also inside, of course. Yet, even if it is inside, it becomes apparent as (always?) a reaction to the outer world.

    It is as if “I” were only a mirror. And some, like David, have better mirrors than others.

    This is very philosophical and US people can’t handle that kind of thing. Comes the practical inference from above elucidation:

    The categories of a blog have to be named according to the objects of an idea, not according to whatever movement of the soul was at the origin of it!

    The categories should be:

    Jack Terrier, Mustard, Tomatos, Orchids, Corn, Zucchini, Camera, Bike;

    Instead of which you would have (without looking, but trying not to make too much of a spoof of it):

    Doubts, Random, Thoughts, Skepsis, Biking, Thinking, Not Bitching, Considering, Camera, Dubiousness, Surprises, Xmas phobia.


    So now: have you ever googled for any of these? Can you imagine that any of these would ever be googled for?

    Thanks for the correction on the dative. I had no idea, know nothing of German (other than the lyrics to Beethoven’s rendition of the Ode to Joy) even though my BFF’s father was a native German holocaust refugee and spoke with a heavy accent all his life, even though my Yiddish forbears often used German originated expressions … for all this time I thought adding the “n” was how to make a noun plural. Dopey me. Finding this page when I googled dative was all the convincing needed that the less I know of German grammar the better.

    And for the rest of your thoughtful comment, thanks also. I am happy that someone as thoughtful as yourself finds some worthwhile content here. 😀

    IMHO=In My Humble Opinion (which really means the same thing as Holy, I guess).

    If you mean that the average citizen of the USA cannot handle philosophical thinking, I would agree, but add that this is true of people everywhere, whose lives are fully occupied with mere survival amidst the chaos of their realities. We who make time to sit and read and ponder may think we have some sort of advantage, but do not really.

    Your obsession with categorization is so interesting. I often neglect to assign them after publishing a post and have to go back and add them. I even did away with the “Conceptual Vortex” for a while, putting it back mainly for you. My mind is like a sieve, most stuff just passes right through it. What remains is lumped into one category: Stuff. Upon reflection the Stuff gets separated into Stuff I Care About and Stuff I Don’t Care About (which is probably pre-categorized as Stuff I Already Forgot About).

    Your observance of categories, googling and such must work for you as you’ve amassed 10,000 hits more than me. Blog on sister!

  14. Well, yes, I think that Xmas phobia would fetch quite a few hits.

    I think a Spanish poet once said that the longer you stare inside the more surely you only discover things from the outside, and the more you look out of your window, the more surely you see your inners reflected in the World.

    This theme of inside/outside reflection is very meaningful to me. If you find that poetic citation, please relay it here. Thanks 🙂

  15. Now I did look at your cloud, and “gardening” is there as one in about 24 categories mentioned !

  16. I keep saying “categories of the blog”, but I also mean the tags of a post.
    An example:

    I have a migraine headache which is now receding. However, what has my life been these last four hours?

    Materially, visible in a video = what most of you think is real:

    I tried to vomit and couldn’t. I got up and tried to have a coffee, but had to go back to bed because of dizziness. Took a fizzi. Tried to figure out what brought on that migraine : what did I eat? Tried to find something to think about :

    Oil crisis, US mortgage collapse, US dollar problem, how they all try not to think of it and published it on a Friday; and how is my little Begonia? Andy (an American friend of mine) sent in photos of olive trees; maybe could have a looksie at David’s blog to see whether that kills time better; and continue on that question of object versus subject in a post….


    the video would be
    1 hour for the first part (somebody sitting in a dark silent room staring into a plastic bag)

    and 3 hours of somebody sitting at a large window amids immense street noise typing.

    I’m glad your headache is getting better. I wonder if too much reading makes those kind of headaches worse? Thanks for that expansive mental “video” on your stream of consciousness.

    Quote from Woody Allen film Love and Death: “Objectivity is subjective.”

    I have to go to the dump now.

  17. The idea is NOT to get many more hits. The idea (ideal) is to be able to steer Google. Do I want to be at the top of the Obama joke collection? No. Would I want to be near the top of the Socrates listings? No! But if I do get there, it would get me more towards the right readers anyway.

    Socrates is after Manchac Swamp another of my “most active search keys”. So the idea is to put in my blog more things about Socrates.

    However, the way things are right now is already pretty much what I wanted. Obama now is second to the “biggest buildings”, but every day now most of the top posts now are OLD posts that I wanted to succeed.

    Sometimes I had to change the title up to 6 times.

    I have about 100 posts, keep destroying the ones that pull the wrong way.

    “Steering Google”. Interesting. Good that you’re happy with your blog. It’s quite unique and thoughtful.

  18. Anyway, in your way there looms large (notice vocabulary) a danger that you get tired of the whole blogging thing. Two of the people I used to read have recently closed down. But they DELETED their blogs! Instead of just leaving them there! For people to keep reading! Incredible! Predictable!

    So if you get tired of the circus, consider. Don’t destroy the blog. It costs nothing to leave it hanging where it is. And it costs only a few minutes a week to change a little this or that so that it does not look so abandoned.

    I have felt occasional twinges of that “why am I doing this again?” and sometimes, when I’m tired, I wonder how much longer I can continue … It’s largely a matter of time. Free time that is. Hours fly by when reading and writing posts … I’m missing important TV programs!

    But then I’ll read a simply beautiful post that moves me somehow, and I remember what’s so great about the blogosphere. In any event, I would not delete. I like the thing as its grown and I would no sooner delete it than I would throw away all my old black and white negatives that I was scanning and posting some months back.

  19. !!!!!!

    Watch out!

    I said “object versus subject”, NOT “objective versus subjective” which is an entirely different thing, a different problem.

    Yikes! Six Exclamation Points! I know what you said (and I think I even know what you meant!), it just brought to mind a silly quote from an old movie that I liked … for no good reason.

  20. Well yes, steering.

    Somebody (Rilke) said that you have to tie a string to the world and then pull! pull! pull with all your might! otherwise you get dragged along.

    My theory is that you can pull all you like, but you still get dragged along …

  21. Two quotes:

    “I think a Spanish poet once said that the longer you stare inside the more surely you only discover things from the outside, and the more you look out of your window, the more surely you see your inners reflected in the World. ” from “cantuso here further up, July 12, 2008

    I happen to know that the poet who sid this is Antonio Machado, but I have no idea where.Maybe he said it when he was younger, because when he was older he said that, when looking inside himself, the older he got, the more it was as if he was looking at a mirror where the layer (of quick silver?) had been scratched off.

    And here is another quote from yourself:
    “My theory is that you can pull all you like, but you still get dragged along …”

    That could be, but as long as one does not know it……After all, what’s called intelligence could just be an illness, but if it doesn’t feel that way…..?

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