Posted by: David | February 14, 2008

Aloe baby!

Just a quick update on the aloe flowering. It’s a little difficult to photograph this plant due to its surroundings. It’s in a space with huge sunny windows. So I’ve tried a few times during the day to get different light on the blossoms which are opening, and, though I have not captured it in these photos, the blossoms are also secreting some kind of sap.




I’ll try to get a picture of it. Some of the droplets of sap actually land on the plant’s lower leaves and dry up into little beads. What the heck is this plant doing? Will the flowers make seeds? Stay tuned. I’m interviewing the plant’s main caregiver, who tells me that this plant flowers a few times a year.



  1. David, you are my favorite flower pornographer in all the world.

  2. MBMQ, I agree .. David, you’re like…the George O’Keefe of the blogosphere.

  3. Thanks vermonter, I’d been waiting for someone else to name O’Keefe. Flower images potently illustrate the homologous structures of our genitalia, don’t they?

    I can’t stop looking at the pretty flowers …

  4. I never saw an aloe flower. That’s amazing!!!!

  5. Oh the drama! The 3rd pic has such awesome color.

  6. Ooooh, kinky!

  7. Hi Red, thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned- the flowers are still “doing it”. I expect to be taking more pix this week.

    I like your blog too, btw. The story of Freckles was powerful.

    And have always loved Dr Pepper. Now that I think of it, my two FAVORITE doctors are Seuss, Pepper, and Who. I mean my 3 favorite doctors …

  8. The blossoms are secreting some kind of sap????

    Woah, it’s too early for me to be reading stuff like that…you seriously need to quit your day-job and start writing erotica…. 🙂

  9. You could also interview the plant instead of “the main care giver”. The plant would tell you. I don’t know why people always prefer the “about” books to the real thing.

    And did you see the beginning of this post? “due to it’s surroundings it’s in a space…” Recently I have also seen its´. I really did not like that at all, because it seemed to suggest that somebody smelled a rat and, instead of trying to find the rat, she sprayed the room with some (what DO they call it? a deodorant spray for the room?). In Spanish they call it an “ambientador”, which would be a creator of atmosphere.

    The plant is nice, but a little strange. I can’t imagine what it looks like.

    DAMMIT!! I hate when I screw up apostrophes!! Thanks cantueso!

    Yeah, people like to spray stuff instead of finding the rat. It’s easier I guess. But you helped me find the close up flower photos that I was looking for to show ericat the aloe gardener, so thank you for that too.

    What do they call an “ambientador” in German?

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