Posted by: David | February 13, 2008

Um, Well. Sorry.

Sorry, I got nothing. Again. I had to move too much snow and slush today. I soaked two pairs of jeans and a couple of t-shirts. Weather was so bad that work was closed!

And I ran out of prescription Head-On®. (Yeah, I bet you didn’t know there’s a prescription version!!) So I have nothing to apply directly to the forehead. Other than a hammer. Don’t need more aches and pains. Comic relief is available …

So please watch this YouTube video. The Flight of the Conchords was brought to my attention by The Bound and Gags Wonder Blog. Thank you Bound and Gags!



  1. Ahem.

    Tell us more about Head On. I am fascinated by this product.

  2. Oh Wendy. 😦

    I’m sorry, it’s all a big LIE. Save your fascination for worthy objects like Sea Monkeys. That’s why this post is titled “Um, Well. Sorry.”

    There’s no prescription version of HeadOn. And the non-prescription version (also known as the ONLY version) is almost pure wax. Like a giant chapstick for your head. No active ingredients. Cause it’s homeopathic. Placebo. Migraine sufferers rejoice! Then cry some more.

  3. Shoot. I thought you were serious. I was going to recommend it to my son, Mr. Migraine.

  4. And have you tried reducing your milk intake? That did the trick for me, but the doc had to help by advising how get calcium otherwise.

    I googled for HeadOn; is it better than a hot or an iced rag? I put rags individually in glasses in the freezer, so they would not stick together, and when one was no longer cold I put it back and took out another one.

    Some people here use a small plastic bottle filled with hot water to press against the forehead. —

  5. Sometime in the “..the distant future…” say, around 8 AM…from work…I must google these New Zealanders…hilarious! Thanks!

  6. Yes. That blog has a great title.

  7. Well, I just got back from viewing ALL of the youtube vids of these clever muscians. Thank you. Happy Valentines Day!

  8. FotC are awesome so I’m always spreading the word. I was lucky to have a Kiwi friend send me their first CD some years ago so I’m just keeping it going.

    Speaking of humorous lyrics, this:

    Like a giant chapstick for your head

    must be in a song one day.

  9. Thank you again boundandgags! Too many Mutha Uckers is hilarious! What the heck is that awful bully holding in his hand at the very beginning, while he’s counting to 10 in his head? OK, it must be a peeler, since he’s selling fruit and he threatens to peel off their beards. There’s a theme here of peeling, isn’t there? And fruit. And money. And bigotry. These guys are AWESOME!

  10. Is my Ahem not working or what? Not that I was looking for credit, it was just a gentle reminder. An elbow to the abdomen, so the speak. 🙂

  11. Oh yeah Wendy! Shit! Sorry, what a dope, I didn’t even notice that your first AHEM was a link. No wonder after looking at the B&G links I’m thinking to myself- “crap, where have I seen this guy with the glasses before??” It was almost like a month ago, which is about 7.7 years in blogtime.

    So ahem acknowledged mam! Sorry about missing the original ahem- (where was it?)

    I’m not having enough time to keep up with all this blogginess. So do me a favor folks, and stop spinning off more blogs. I DO have a full time job you know!

  12. Oh yay, we have one more thing in common!!!! (aside from being super-cool and humourous 😉 )…FOTC is HILARIOUS! One of my NZ blogger friends got me on that show about six months ago, and I LOVE IT!! I’ve seen every episode so get yourself acquainted so I can be all like: “Remember when Murray had a crush on IT girl and wrote a song about her? And remember when crazy-fan-Mel made dinner for the two of ’em, and locked her husband in the basement stairwell the whole time? And remember when Bret thought he had an eating disorder???” Ohhh goodness :-)….

  13. I’ll pretend as if I’ve been online for the past 7 months and I understood all of that.

    By the way. Guess who’s back (in an interstellar burst… to save the Universe…)?

  14. Hi Nimish! Welcome back. Where in the universe have you rematerialized? I hope you’re not in that STUPID dimension 9 again. You KNOW DARN WELL we cannot read you there …

  15. I may not be helpful for weeks, but I am back.

    Waiting to install Linux @ new laptop. 😉

  16. OK Nimish, thanks for the update. I’ll definitely save your seat.

    What flavor of Linux would that be? Ubuntu?

  17. Either Ubuntu or Open SUSE… “lessee wassup”

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