Posted by: David | January 27, 2008


You’ve maybe heard about this already. Vermonter turned me on to this fun little combination of web surfing and networking called StumbleUpon. Here’s how they pitch their free service:

Join 4,345,591 Stumblers & Discover New Sites
Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great sites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations.

Just what we need right? Another thing to help us get more mired in the Endless Infernet! Download the little toolbar application and give it a try. After only 3 “stumbles” I found this site, which helps you find a recipe based on what ingredients are in your kitchen. It’s called CookingByNumbers.

Y’all notice that “VODKA” button on the left? It’s recipes for what we Americans call “jello shots”.

I tried to “fool” the recipe finder by checking only Bacon and Lemons in the fridge and Flour in the cupboard. Turns out you’ll get recipes for which you may be missing some ingredients. Fair enough. Fool me once, shame on you … That’s when I also noticed that this site was British. I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say I don’t recommend “ticking” the “I feel lucky!” box.

Anywho, my next Stumble got me to a pretty cool animation of how black holes happen. Very simplified, but good for me and others who don’t understand astrophysics without the aid of cartoons. So try StumbleUpon if you’re not yet wasting a full 5-8 hours a day surfing the web.

Movin on … Here’s a shot of what the inside of the greenhouse looks like. It’s easy to see inside because that whole west-facing wall is not built yet. That’s where the door will be. I leave you to enjoy your Sunday with a couple more flower porn shots.


This begonia leaf took on an interesting teal hue when photographed.

It’s the same orchid that seduced you last time, but backlit.



  1. The greenhouse is looking great, and I think you may have “stumbled upon” a new career as a botanical pornographer. With this new backlighting effect, you’ve reached a new height of pornography as art. It’s excellent.

    Thanks for researching StumbleUpon. I’ve long wanted to check it out but like so many wonderful things online, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. And it sounds like one more great thing I should stay away from. Like penuche fudge. StumbleUpon + penuche = bad.

  2. What are feeding those begonias?

    Can I have some?

  3. 🙂 hee hee, thank you Wendy, I think that is high praise indeed now that I’ve seen your garden! I think I like “floral pornographer”. The more R’s the hotter! Isn’t that what they say? Regarding the StumbleUpon, please trust your commendable instincts.

    vermonter, the begonia hasn’t been fed since I don’t know when, only watered. The color effect is a totally digital artifact, sorry to say. Although this plant lives on top of one of our stereo’s speakers. So it does get to listen to some pretty great music. Radiohead at the moment.

  4. I’ved always heard that begonias respond especially well to Karma Police. The Radiohead original, not that weird cover version that’s floating around.

  5. The begonia seems to like most of the music played on our stereo. But the CD changer is having some issue now. I liked the cover of Karma Police, but it did not best the original, like a bunch of the covers did on your mix CD.

  6. you did NOT just back-light that orchid’s ass; you kink!!!!


  7. OH YES I DID!

  8. I love the floraporn.

  9. The Cooking By Numbers site is GRRREAT! What a cool idea, and wicked useful. I just discovered I have all the ingredients for Vegetable Fritters, which I haven’t made since Home Ec class in 1978. This site is going to be fun.

  10. Thanks moonbeam 🙂 My eye is quite drawn to beautiful plants. They photograph well. Floraporn is a pretty great word too! Nice goin’! I’m gonna have to use that word again.

    Cooking with Numbers is a great idea, so many times I’ve played that spin the wheel game of making dinners from whatever’s available. The fact that I’ve made Horrible, Barely Edible Soup/Stew only a handful of times is just miraculous.

    Have you tried StumbeUpon?

  11. I can’t wait to visit Cooking with Numbers. It may be a life saver, as I’m currently down to some broccoli-wokly and a can of pineapple.

    I love StumbleUpon. It’s one of my very favorite time wasters!

  12. Hmm. Good luck with the broccoli and pineapple. Sounds like a sure-fire recipe for major bloat. Be careful! Tom sure won’t be touching that will he? I think you’re gonna need some bacon.

    And why am I not surprised that you already are a stumbler!

  13. I haven’t tried StumbleUpon yet, but I did watch You and Me and Everyone We Know. I did like it, especially that whole goldfish thing. Not the end result, but the whole conversation about what would be the ideal situation for the fish. And I must be sick, but that whole poop conversation on the Internet made me laugh out loud.

  14. Yeah wasn’t little Robby just the cutest with his poop obsession? Then the gallery bitch steals his ASCII string for her exhibit banner!

    I’m glad you liked it Wendy. I watched all the credits at the end. The goldfish didn’t really die. The animal protection people said so. But that old lady did! Sorry not funny.

  15. Wow, she did? I didn’t watch the credits, I ran outside and started smoking.

  16. Nice of you not to smoke in that freshly painted room.

    Not really on the old lady- I just made that up. That’s why I said ‘sorry not funny’. She was a smoker too I bet. I mainly watched the credits to find out about the music.

    Watch it again Wendy. I dare ya.

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