Posted by: David | January 22, 2008


Apologies for this exceedingly random ramble. The title is taken from that of a song by Feist, from the album Let it Die. Check out this video on YouTube and tell me how lame I am for really liking this crap! Or that you like it too. Or why it took so long for me to find her music- thanks Rebekah! Whatever. I’m buying all her stuff!

An orchid blooms in our window. Isn’t this flower HOT?!

Had my rescheduled session of dental prophylaxis. My teeth are OK. Maybe the grit I’d thought was filling crumbs was just reflux from my crop, or gizzard. Anyway the hygienist told me I have little teeth. This statement took me aback some. Never thought I had little teeth. Maybe compared to Julia Roberts, I guess. Oh well. The hygienist is great. No pain and she always has interesting stuff to tell me about.

How about now?

And now for something completely different. A photo of my office at work. Told you this was gonna be random. Please don’t look at all the top-secret stuff I’m working on and try to steal my intellectual property. Dude, that’s MY content!

Don’t let the empty shelves fool you. I’ve been very busy throwing out books!

Seriously, software manuals go bad faster than mayonnaise in your glove compartment in August. A really hot August. In a non air conditioned car- you get the idea. So why keep the Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003 manuals, when it’s all Office 2007 now? So the shelves are cluttered instead with computer junk that should probably be stashed somewhere out of sight. At the top of the frame, just left of center is an unopened Simpsons Family Action Figure Set. Including Santa’s Little Helper. I need to take a picture of the techno shrine on top of my software file cabinet- you will like that. The coolest thing on my desk as pictured is a peeled orange. I ate that. There’s an apple too, which I’ll eat tomorrow. Check out the aloe plant behind the desk. It’s about 5 years old I think. My office needs some major feng shui.

It needs some water. I’ll water it tomorrow.

I hope that by putting the aloe vera’s picture on the internet that it doesn’t get sick and die. The young zucchini I put on the internet last summer didn’t live long enough to get gigantic and be tossed on the compost. It withered on the vine and died shortly after being photographed.

The baby zucchini that never grew up.

In conclusion, we have the final paragraph of this post. After which appears yet another piece of drippy floral porn. Please enjoy.

Totally tweaked out color saturation!



  1. Gorgeous photos, as usual. I’m glad your tiny teeth are okay.

    Your office windows are wonderful, but you really need some of Buck’s decorating tips.

  2. Yeah. Maybe I should bring in the Virgen de Guadalupe candle to get the whole feng shui-ing. I’m a little too busy helping students get their internet to do a proper redecoration, but I try to throw at least one thing in the trash each day.

    Woo hoo!

  3. Such a range of emotions as I read this post! I giggled, I commiserated, I wondered, I agreed, I got sad (for the baby zuc) and had to be careful not to stare too long at the sexy orchids! I enjoy your random posts. Thank you, “C” My feng shui top of the day: painting your door red will bring prosperity…

  4. Tip of the day, whatever…

  5. Prophylaxis. That sounds personal. I’m blushing at the mere mention of it.

  6. I am also a fan of these random posts. It’s a lot like dropping in at a friend’s house (which I don’t get to do anymore, since we’ve moved here) and saying, “So what’s new?” and the friend says, “Nothin’. I’ve been gettin’ rid of some books, but that’s about it.” And then you walk around their house and look at stuff. At some point, you tell the friend, “Man, you really need some feng shui in this office of yours,” and the friend says, “Yeah, I know.” The conversation eventually gets around to Feist, and you tell your friend, “I can’t believe you just heard of Feist. You need to spend more time looking up the music you hear on TV commercials. Where’s the dog?”
    “Oh, he’s outside somewhere. I’ll go get him.”
    “Don’t bother, I gotta run. But tell him I said hi.”

    Yeah, these random posts are exactly like that.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments all. C, If I painted my door red they’d be calling those nice young men in their clean white coats …

    So I guess randomness is a popular theme these days. Good to know! Randomness R Us!

    I forgot to mention another funny thing that the dental hygienist told me. She told me about a dog they used to have before their first child was born. The dog had the habit of “spinctering” across the rug. She wasn’t keen on having her newborn play on that rug, so the dog was given to a relative. She actually went into some detail about the canine anal glands while scraping the tartar off my tiny teeth. Dental prophylaxis has never been so entertaining! This lady is the best dental hygienist in the whole world!

  8. I’m glad you finally fessed up at the end as to how pornographic those photos really are!! Great bedtime reading LOL…much appreciated 😉

  9. Everything is beautiful!

    I’ll take that as a compliment Romi, thank you 🙂

  10. Yes, no books on the shelves, but I think there was a later photo where there is a toy collection on the shelves. Toys instead of books might forestall aging. (I came up with “forestall” all on my own, but had to look it up in the dictionary to find out what it really means).

    It is not just the manuals that get outdated. Everything else does, too. Tell me something that does not.

    Software manuals are a useless waste of paper. All the information is found on the web.

    I think that time’s arrow is accelerating. Thus things get outdated almost immediately. It’s like the whole world has ADD.

  11. Очень вам признателен, полезная инфа.

    I think this is a spam comment. Can anyone translate this?

  12. According to Babel Fish, it’s

    “Very to you it is grateful, useful [infa…”

    Now if we could get a translation for the translation! I don’t think it’s spam though.

    Okay, back to my vacation. 🙂

    Thanks for popping in Moonbeam. I hope your vacation visits are going well. [I still can’t get over how much you and your daughter looked alike in those pix you posted- what cuties!! 🙂 ]

    Babel Fish- Brilliant! So it IS a sales pitch spam! Thanks for the help.

  13. I agree with MbMcQ: Decide it is not spam. We should be grateful for gratitude wherever we stumble upon it.

    Thank You Very Much, wise Vermonter. I AM grateful indeed for astute readers such as yourself 🙂

    Очень вам признателен, полезная инфа.

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