Posted by: David | January 17, 2008

Pickled Egg Update

Important things are happening in the world today. You won’t find out about them here. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the pickled eggs have garnered some critical acclaim! I like them, and a couple of other people to whom I fed some have said that they liked them. Maybe they may were just being polite, or maybe it was the sulfurous egg fumes talking. I don’t know. Taking it as a compliment I am. Pickled Egg Recipe OK! That’s the good news.

BEFORE                                                    AFTER

The bad news is that the eggs have lost most of their buoyancy. Examine these two photos. You can see the eggs pressing their little one-celled bodies against the inside surface of the Tupperware® Pickle Keeper.

Tupperware® Pickle Keeper! Say that 5 times fast!



  1. Splendid they ARE, I can vouch. And don’t think of them as having lost bouyancy. Rather, they have gained…gravitas.

  2. I don’t think they’re supposed to be bouyant. I think they’re supposed to soak up all that pickle soup and become heavy. Vermonter is right: gravitas is the name of the pickled egg game.

  3. Please try bouncing one.

  4. Yes, good idea: please do. Then perhaps you might set one out alone in a dish in the fridge for *us* to play with via telekinesis. Foosegg, anyone? :o)

  5. Thanks vermonter for the encouraging spin on the sinking ova. Their time in the brine is finite, after all. But gravitas I associate more with these guys when the market drops.

    OK you guys, I bounced one. It didn’t want to leave at first, but it had no ID so … there was zero backtalk, I’m happy to report. Sorry, it was a joke that had to be made.

    The thing is, Wendy AND vermonter, even regular, non-pickled eggs have some elasticity. If you want to remote-view and play with my pickled eggs, then you can do it inside the Tupperware® Pickle Keeper. I’ll not have you terrorizing a solitary pickled egg with your magical powers!

  6. Those guys?! They are just pickled eggs in suits! If you run your cursor up the screen you’ll see that even they are smiling! They have no gravitas! But I do love Andy Foulds…You’re right though and I am suitably chastened: I didn’t look at it from the egg’s point of view. Or as Douglas Adams put it in HHGG: “What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?” “You ask a glass of water.”

  7. “encouraging spin on the sinking ova?”…LMAO….

    And dude, your cat is adorable; not as cute as my little black and white oreo-pie, but cute nonetheless.

    That is all 🙂

  8. So … did it bounce or not? It seems like not. If that’s the case, you’ll have to try it again Sunday, and then again on Wednesday, and so on until they bounce. You CAN do this, David. I did it in science class once.
    Please set up a webcam on that Tupperware container. I know you’ve got one.

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