Posted by: David | January 14, 2008

Snow Day!

We’re expected to get 5-10 inches of fluffy white stuff today. At midafternoon it’s still coming down, in the tiny little flakes that usually mean good accumulation. The heavy snow warning runs till 7 pm. I was supposed to go in for my semi-annual dental prophylactic treatment. That’s what it’s called on the Delta Dental “Explanation of Benefit This is not a bill” thingy. The appointment was for 8:00 this morning, and I’d planned to be late for work. Well there was about 4 inches of snow by then and I was ready to go when the call came that there would be no dental prophylaxis today. Too bad, I really like talking to the hygienist, I mean listening to the hygienist.

But what I really hate is going to work in the snow, having it snow all day, then coming home and either trying to crash through the big snowbank-left-by-the-plow and/or listening to my wife complain about how much it sucked shoveling me a little parking space. Normally it takes me about 20 minutes to get to work, but if the roads are bad, it can take an hour or more. No fun. Listen to all this whining. Long story short: (too late!) I decided to stay home from work today and watch the pretty snow fall.

The greenhouse is covered again.

It is beautiful when it snows, and after answering some emails from work, there is nothing to do until the snow stops falling. It takes about 2 hours to blow all the snow away, with all the driveway and footpaths, etc. Only want to do it once. The snowthrower has a light on it so I can do it tonight if it really does stop by 7:00. Or I can get up really early and do it tomorrow morning, in lieu of my morning spin-bike ride with Robin Meade. So I finished something I’d started yesterday- pickled eggs!

About a dozen and a half eggs in a Tupperware pickle container, sans cover.

My daughter has been selling a little Tupperware lately to support her grad school habit, and my wife bought this pickle container along with a bunch of other crap. Oh, good, solid, nicely finished plastic crap I mean. I think we have more bowls than anyone in New England. The pickle thingy has a strainer bottom with a handle that sticks out of the brine so you don’t have to, well you know … Anyway, haven’t made pickled eggs for a while, and who doesn’t love pickled eggs? I made up a recipe and in a few days we’ll try them out. They might suck, but here’s the recipe.

Hard boil and shell 17 eggs, and put them into the Tupperware Pickle Keeper. In a 2 or 3 qt. saucepan with a cover combine:

1.5 cup white vinegar
0.5 cup wine vinegar
1 cup apple cider
1 cup water

Heat to just under boiling and add:

1 Tbsp Coleman’s Mustard powder
1 Tbsp celery salt
1 Tbsp kosher salt

0.5 cup sugar
7 whole cloves
1 small cooking onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, lightly crushed

Cover and cool the mixture by putting it in the snow on the front porch. Pour it over the eggs and refrigerate for a day or three.

If they turn out yucky I will let you know Internet! So don’t try this at home just yet, unless you like such experimentation. At least you wouldn’t be working with toxins or explosives. What harm can there be? I am an experienced egg pickler, after all. Once I pickled eggs in some leftover beet pickle juice and the eggs picked up the color in the nicest way. The whites were sort of violet magenta, and the yolks were bright orange. Psychedelic.

Also psychedelic- a quartered cabbage, the last from the root cellar. Had to peel most of it away and it gave an unfortunate “old” flavor to the corned beef dinner. Oh well.


  1. Big snow = little snow; Little snow = big snow. My mother used to say that all the time. I filed it under “he who laughs last laugh laughs” which was my mis-hearing of the old adage. Turns out she meant — big snow coming down, little snow on the ground OR (like today!!) little snow in the air (tiny flakes) and giant snow piling up on the ground. Let me know how those eggs taste!

  2. Thanks Carol, for the reconstituted adages. Always on the lookout for malaprops too! Had a workmate who was an expert at these. They “ran the gamma” her malaprops did. She was a veritable “timber box” of words. If that’s even possible.

    I’ll file that snow thing under “purple sky at night, sailors take flight”. Which in my middle-aged brain, is filed right next to “I before E except after D”.

    I’ve checked on the eggs. I was showing them off to my wife. She came upstairs to make dinner after spending the afternoon watching TV while I was upstairs interwebbing and listening to music. A powerful burst of sulfurous gas came out of the Pickle Keeper. I think they gonna be good!

  3. hmm.

  4. What?

  5. The snow is beautiful, but I do pity you for having to go out and blow it.

    “Who doesn’t love pickled eggs?” I don’t! Well, I’ve never actually tried one, but they seem icky. I’m a pickle fan, but not an egg fan. I wonder what the voltage is on an egg fan.

    I’m tripping on that cabbage, man. The colors….

  6. Sorry, pickled eggs just doesn’t sound good to me. Kind of like escargot. I’ve tried escargot, though, but haven’t tried pickled eggs. I’m not much of a pickled anything liker anyway, so maybe that’s why.

    Hope you don’t have to shovel another foot off your roof again. BTW – We’re looking at some snow in the Seattle area here tonight. Probably only a dusting, though. I never believe the weather guys.

  7. Oh, and my dad, an experienced avid sailor, always quoted it as:
    Purple sky at night, sailors delight.
    Purple sky in morning, sailors take warning.

    Never heard the sailors take flight version. Doesn’t that sound a little weird. How can a sailor fly? Unless it’s in a plane. LOL. Or maybe they are hydroplaning. ROFL.

  8. 0-Dave, please don’t be too cavalier about the explosive potential of this culinary escapade. If your *Tupperware* is giving off sulfurous gas within mere hours of burp-sealing the batch, I think you might consider storing the whole shebang (and I choose that word deliberately) on the back porch. Of your neighbor’s house. When I was about 11 my then-father blew apart a stoneware crock making pickled eggs in the garage.

    When they are done, can I try some?

  9. I think a pickled egg fan would be anywhere from 17 volts upward.

    Wait! It’s lavender sky at night, vanilla sky in mourning. I think I may have inhaled some of the pickled egg gas cloud …

  10. OH vermonter! I was wondering what you were “mmmm”-ing about. My house could have blown up by now!! Sheesh! I will release the pressure buildup before I go to bed tonight, which is any minute now … I will place a test tube of Hushaboom next to the Pickle Keeper, just in case. And I will bring some samples when they have reached full pickle-ocity.

  11. ok then

  12. for some reason only the top of my comment was posted last night. Ahem: [tap tap tap] is this working now? [Cue the screeling whine, the onrushing aural equivalent of a hall of mirrors].

    ok then.

    But consider that if you put the Keeper outside in the driveway you might not have to blow snow in the morning.

    And for the record, that Hushaboom stuff really works! I was not awakened in the night by a dull boom from the direction of [your town]. I woke instead the natural way (when a cat leapt upon my abdomen from atop the wardrobe across the room) feeling “fit as a fiddle and twice as stringy.”

  13. No explosions happened! (The snowclearing idea was BRILLIANT!) And I even forgot to purge the pickle gases before going to bed. They look good this morning, but not quite ready yet. Perhaps Wednesday …

  14. I’d try it! I once ate a 1000 year old egg – some chinese delicacy, so I was told. It was like jello… But, I don’t suppose a pickled egg will be anything like that. I’m always up for a good play of ‘dare-ya’ when it involves food.

  15. No. No. It’s “Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” At least, that’s what we go by in Boston, the home of the bean and the cod, where the Lowells speak only to the Cabots, and the Cabots speak only to God.

    I love Tupperware.

  16. There’s so much I want to comment on here: the snow and how it makes me happy I’m not dealing with it, the pickled eggs, which both repulse and intrigue me, but I keep getting sucked into the picture of the Clovis Cabbage. Trippy, dude. Of course, that could be the overdose of allergy medication I have to take to deal with Austin’s cedar fever. Hmm, suddenly the snow is looking more inviting.

  17. What a great way to spend a snow day! You should do some cooking videos with your tunes like these ladies did

  18. Oh yeah and I remember it the same way Wendy does but I think my memory is based on the song

    Though apparently some of them there librarians agree

  19. Moonbeam, I guess I’m a little sad that your pickle love doesn’t extend to eggs. But hey, to each their own.

    CuriousC- good for you! 1,000 year old egg sounds disgusting. Likened to Jell-O, I would imagine it’d be like the Ox Snot flavor, which is not a favorite, in spite of it’s inviting brownish green color. However, I admire food adventurism.

    Wendy- Yeah red sky at night, beans and cod. Thanks for setting me straight on that. Now I can go ahead and buy that yacht I was looking at on ebay. Evidently you can get Tupperware on the interweb.

    Ceridwen- here in New Hampshire, state of your birth, we refer that as “red cabbage”. What is this clovis reference dear? And I wish you didn’t need so much allergy medicine. Austin’s cedar is another thing I don’t understand. Please splain that Lucy.

    Kevin- those punks in the kitchen have some charm don’t they? And the Fixx really sucked didn’t they? If only we’d known that back then. They should never have sung about weather. Bad idea. What song would go well with pickled eggs I wonder?

  20. Wow, I never had you pegged as an experienced egg-pickler 😉 …I’m scared of anything that carries the vinegar smell (except for cider vinegar on my fries…I don’t know if that’s just a Canadian thing 😉 )….

    And listen, you SPIN-bike in the morning before work? I’m so proud of you; I’m going to feed off your discipline, and…and…do one jumping-jack tomorrow morning! 🙂

  21. OH YES Romi! I pickle the EGGS! OOO that sounds so DIRTY, doesn’t it? Please do FEED off my discipline, don’t wait until you’re 45 to start taking care of your body. Do that jumping jack, then 2 the next day, and a situp. And so on. And what about balsamic vinegar? Tried that on your fries?

    BTW, we tried an egg tonight and it was good. Will need to bring some to work tomorrow.

  22. Do those eggs bounce? Or do they need to pickle for a lot longer? I remember pickling eggs in science class, just to watch them bounce.

  23. Actually, my wife commented on the “rubberiness” of the 24 hour pickle. I doubt that further time in the brine will help that.

  24. wendy, you read my mind. David, is it an “overboiled” (ova-boiled?) kind of rubbery? or are we talking Ovo-Vulcanization here?

  25. So much to comment on here.

    1. I feel like I’m crashing a party. I hope I’m not unwelcome.

    2. I was supposed to go in for my semi-annual dental prophylactic treatment. I know that means having your teeth cleaned, but am I the only one here that thinks that sounds really dirty?

    3. I really like talking to the hygienist, I mean listening to the hygienist. Don’t you hate it when they have two fingers, two wads of cotton, and four implements in your mouth, and then ask you a question that requires more than a yes or no answer? Why do they do that?

    4. and who doesn’t love pickled eggs? Me, me, me! There isn’t enough alcohol in the world to make me eat pickled eggs! Blech!

    5. Your quartered cabbage is quite lovely. I’ve never known anyone with a root cellar. I guess I lead a very deprived life out here on the West coast.

    6. @moonbeammcqueen – I wonder what the voltage is on an egg fan. I am still laughing about that one. Damn it girl, you crack me up every time.

  26. I don’t know what song would go well with pickled eggs but I suspect that the song would be by a band that were clients of

    The Zukanican track is…interesting.

  27. Egg pickle update: I noticed that the eggs, which had been buoyant before, now are sinking in the brine. As Martha Stewart would say, I think that is a good thing.

    Welcome Renee! Thanks for your considered commentary! On #4 of your list. I have learned via this posting that there are LOTS of people who do not like pickled eggs. More for me! Studies have shown that alcohol actually helps you digest them more thoroughly and, as long as it’s not beer, cuts down on the subsequent gas problem. Not.

    Kevin. YUK! Zukanican made me dizzy. How’m I gonna hold down my pickled eggs listening to that stuff? Try listening to “NALLE Iron’s oath” for even more displeasure!

  28. Clovis, you know, like the spearheads from New Mexico. It’s the shape, not the color. Though red cabbage is really purple. I love the stuff, but it’s not red. Tomatoes, now they’re red.

    As for Austin and the cedars, they’re really junipers with overactive if boring sex lives and their pollen makes many Austinites sick for two months out of the year. Calling it Cedar Fever adds a fabulous dramatic touch to the runny noses and itchy eyes.

    Sorry for the question-provoking comment!

  29. No, I don’t think that would be my cup of tea. However, I would very much to know what “kosher salt” is. I thought that “kosher” was a Jewish concept of cleanliness.

    Yes, that’s what Kosher refers to. What’s sold as “Kosher salt” here in the USA is just a more coarse, less crystally salt that usually has no additives. Are you saying that pickled eggs are not your cup of tea? You would not be alone in that.

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