Posted by: David | January 13, 2008

January Thaw Over Now

We’ve had a wonderful melting this past week. Almost all of the snowpack is gone now and we’re waiting for the next blast of winter here in northern New England. It’s coming tonight. The snowbanks on the roads are winged back, ready for the coming storms.


The ashtray in front of the library at work filled up with rain. It made for a wonderfully disgusting photo.

Mmmm. Cigarette butt soup.

The thaw also means that I was able to work on the greenhouse project. Saturday I got all the roof panels of SunSky Polycarbonate Virtually Unbreakable Whatever fastened down. Sunday I got the rest of the panels on the front. It turned out that the east side of the  greenhouse is two inches higher than the west side. Hmmm. Who can I blame this on? I think I’ll blame Tom Cruise, since I just got done watching Eyes Wide Shut. Yeccchhh.

The greenhouse is all glazed now.


  1. Cool sky photo! Gross buttsoup shot. ew. We’ve got snow! It is so pretty when it snows in NewEngland, dont’ you agree?! and happyHappyJoyJoy that I don’t have to go anywhere… I have no problem with you blaming Tom Cruise for anything that’s gone wrong. But I’m sure it will be a lovely greenhouse!

  2. If I knew better I would think Wendy and my sister were standing next to that ashtray for ten minutes because that’s all it would take for them to fill it up. Only kidding, Wendy. It would probably take at least an hour.
    We got mostly rain out of this storm. Just as well. Now no one has to shovel and I can go get the mail.

  3. You take such great photos.

    I’m horrible, I’m looking in that ashtray and thinking, “Why are there so many long butts in there?” It looks like people are taking one or two puffs, and putting them out, and that’s just wasteful.

    And almost everything is Tom Cruise’s fault. Except global warming. That’s Bob Seger’s fault.

  4. @ Joan – HEY! You’re absolutely right. And then we’d stand back and look at the damage we’d wrought and go, “Isn’t that disgusting? So gross. Let’s have another one.”

    This will sound weird, but I really like people’s photos of ashtrays. I think I’ll post one on my minor blog, an ashtray shot I took last summer. Now I gotta go find it.

    The photo of the road made me homesick. It doesn’t take much …

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