Posted by: David | January 2, 2008

What’s In The Fridge?

Rounding out week 2 of my holiday break, Wendy, at the Life With Buck blog, has invited me to a Refrigerator Meme. Well what the heck, I’m game. In fact I consider it a signal honor. But before showing what’s in the fridge, have a look at our snowpack here in the Sunapee-Mt. Kearsarge region.

There’s around thirty inches of accumulated snowpack so far.

And to build the suspense a little further, I’ll include the obligatory photo of the Dogmatic One. He’s looking somewhat presidential in this snap, don’t you think? Secretary of the Exterior maybe? Today we had some company that was paying too much attention to the cat. This drove him completely mad. Wonder if there’s a pill for that.

“I DID NOT sniff that woman’s butt!”

And without further ado, here’s a photo of the current state of our refrigerator. This fridge came with the house when we bought it about 12 years ago, and was ancient then. Our appliance repair guy says they don’t make ’em like that any more. Surely not in those awful coppertone, gold, and avocado colors.

Not that exciting really is it? Lots of condiments and salad dressings in the door.

I’m way too tired after 2 hours of snowblowing and 5 hours of sheetrocking to describe the contents of the fridge in any detail. Let’s just say that of the various plastic containers full of leftovers, probably only the one pink Tupperware container with refried beans from about 2 weeks ago will get tossed. I hate to waste food. The bottom shelf of the door also contains some terribly old pickly and jammy things, e.g., mint jelly at the extreme right. That’s Oliver’s food bowl on the floor below the fridge door.

And the freezer compartment- pink lemonade never got made last summer.

So there you have it. Our fridge on January 2, 2008. Thanks Wendy, this is a pretty cool meme idea, and easy to execute. If there are any questions on any of the items please feel free to ask in a comment.


  1. Forget the pink lemonade– you’ve got Ben and Jerry’s in there!

    This really was a fun meme, and your fridge looks fascinating– a treasure trove of interesting containers and foods.

    Thank you for the gratuitous Oliver picture. That is one photogenic pup!

  2. You look like you’ve got a lot of good stuff in there. I didn’t show my freezer but it’s just filled with weight watcher dinners and lean cuisines which I eat for lunch everyday. My kids have a fridge downstairs but they lock the door down there when they leave because they don’t trust me. They know I might have some kind of food addict attack and raid their snacks so it’s just as well.

  3. Hey! Where’s the beer?! and the pretty snow looks great on that new garage…

  4. Your fridge looks very good, the leftovers make me want to rummage through the containers till I find that fried item, a lovely little Peking ravioli, or maybe some cold lo mein that gets all shiny with grease when reheated in the microwave. Thanks for doing this, and for going that extra mile with the freezer shots! I wish I’d thought of that. And as I’ve said before, I wish I could design widgets to award. Yours would undoubtedly have something extra in it, a gold star because of that freezer shot of Ben & Jerry’s.

    And let me say that I thought Oliver looked pensive in this photo. I believe he is looking out the window and thinking, “One day last summer, when the grass was so very green, and there was the slightest aroma of mint from the garden traveling on the breeze, I took the most amazing poop near that tree over there. As the afternoon wore on, a squirrel ran right through it, which made it the perfect summer day. Sigh …”

    @ Joan – How did you know the door was locked?

  5. Wendy-
    The door on my floor which goes down to the cellar has two locks on it. This is not Sarah’s doing. Her husband is somewhat paranoid. After they moved in he put the locks on. I think he’s afraid I’ll go through his stuff or something. He is a VERY private person. At first I thought it was because Damon would come home soon and they certainly don’t trust him, with good reason, but he’s long gone and he still insists it stay locked when they are not home. They have their pit bull down there too. Though she is a sweetheart and I’m not the least bit afraid of her. I just pretend in my mind that he does it for my own good. Maybe he’s afraid I’ll fall down the stairs or eat something I shouldn’t. But deep down inside I know it’s just his paranoid ways which I have learned (through therapy to accept).

  6. Thanks for the comments folks. It’s inspiring to know that Ben & Jerry’s registers so positively. My wife has discovered her all time favorite B&J flavor: Coffee Heathbar Crunch. The containers y’all spotted are NOT that flavor. Which is why they’re still in there. Me I’ll eat any flavor, so I might take care of that surplus tonight, seeing as how I’ve been reminded and such …

    Wendy I like the way you write Oliver’s mind. For some crazy reason, it has never occured to me in all my years of dogs and stepping in dogshit in the yard, that dogs might actually take pleasure in this sort of “event”. Simple. Brilliant! Sadly though, no Chinese leftovers in my fridge.

    And no beer. Switching to vodka took an inch off my waist. *Hic*

    Joan your 2nd comment scared me a little for some reason. Could be because I just got done watching “The Panic Room”. I love Jodie Foster but this movie sucked it. This morning I watched “The Fountain”. It. Was. Hypnotic.

  7. So what flavour IS that Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer??? Mmm…ice cream…I should NOT be thinking about ice cream at 10pm, for any ice cream consumed at this point will wind up directly on my bottom…damn-bottom-magnet Ben and Jerry’s…

  8. You WOULD ask that Romi! (Kids!)

    OKAY, I was wrong. It turns out that the one on the left is just a little tiny bit of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch that my darlin is saving for herself, and the the one on the right is Dublin Mudslide, in which I put a good dent an hour ago.

  9. Ooh! Ooooh! Fantastic idea! I’m totally doing this because my fridge is in a TERRIBLE state. Ugh! It’ll be hilarious! There’s like…I dunno, some chocolate and maybe some mustard in there and the mesh bag from the onions I finished off a month ago.

  10. The fridge would look very different now. There would be more fresh things. So you should add a new photo and maybe re-publish the post by editing the date.

    Today I saw a photo of the miles and miles of vegetable plantations covered by plastic sheeting. It was a photo taken by a satellite. Seen from the satellite, long stretches of the landscape look white. That is plastic. Beneath that plastic, the immigrants crawl and harvest the veggies — at 40º C or more? It is very lucrative.

    Almeria does not have water, and the plantations are depleting the ground water, and so the ground is soaking up salt water from the sea. The lucre won’t last.

    It would be nice to add that the veggies from these plantations are terrible, but they are not. They are good, except the tomatoes which are all exactly the same size, exactly the same colour, and never completely ripe.

    And if I try to let one ripen in my kitchen, it will rot.

  11. This is the photo.

    Oh My Freaking God!!!!

  12. Sorry. That photo above was of course not taken from a satellite, but the satellite photo simply shows a white piece of land, not meaningful.

    I still don’t know the size of these rectangles. They would be rather large, because between them there has to be room (I suppose) for trucks to get through to collect the loot.

    Do you have any idea where this may be? Is it in Spain? It’s hard to tell from the photo what the material is but crop covers are used to keep things in or out, heat moisture, pests, etc. It must get awfully hot under that plastic if it’s somewhere temperate, like Spain.

  13. I have just been told that each of these rectangles is about 1 000 square meters and online that converted into 0.247 acres.

    That is of course much bigger than I had imagined, and the immigrants don’t have to crawl to collect the loot.

    That’s pretty amazing. What loot is it- were you able to find that out? Flowers, vegetables, or fruit- maybe some berries? Glad the immigrants don’t have to crawl.

  14. It is on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the regions called Almeria and Murcia. It has been going on for a long time,. Some people say it started about 20 years ago. But, you know, Almeria has been used to make Western movies called Spaghetti Western, and my friend Andy made photos of film sets, sham villages, false streets consisting only of house fronts.

    These were made in Almeria because there are desert like landscape conditions. There is no water.

    They produce everything all year round. And everything looks incredibly clean. The lettuce tastes the same as the tomatoes. The tomatoes taste the same as the zucchinis.

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