Posted by: David | December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day Internet! I hope you’re in the boxing spirit. If not, then maybe you should read the Wikipedia article. (NPR’s All Things Considered had a brief piece on it today, but I’d started writing this post BEFORE I heard it, I swear!) If I understand it correctly, it’s really about the presents. And they must be in boxes. It’s supposed to be something like the picture below (emailed to me by my dear friend The Talking Mime).

“Presents Opening Children” download this wallpaper at Rob’s Sketch Blog.

Huh? Boxing Day? What’s that about?

Christmas was invented in the Dark Ages to herald the Advent of Boxing Day. The Sephardic Monks of Hispaniola saw the boxes in their visions, following their fasting and supplication at the 17 Stations of The Box. (OK. I made that last part up!)

So there, now you know something about Boxing Day. And speaking of Canadian stuff, some new music has come to me from a Canadian friend at work. She turned me on to matt pond pa, who apparently are NOT Canadian, but I like them anyway (can heartily recommend the albums I’ve listened to: Emblems and The Green Fury). The newest music from my Canadian friend is from Feist. Don’t judge her by that cute little 1234 song on the iPod commercial. Her second album, The Reminder, has some really solid songs. Check out her MySpace page.

I figure it’s time for another photo right about now.

Not a great picture, but you’ll never guess what this is anyway. Never in a million years.

Happy Boxing Day!



  1. So Dave, WTF, are you hoping to elicit comments with your loldoggy pictures?

    And DUH! Dude it’s a frickin’ quarter.

  2. Hey, it’s not my fault the internet loves Mr. Jack Russell Oliver Dog.

    Yeah it’s a quarter doofus. What’s the OTHER thing?! Thanks for taking the picture Sarah.

  3. Happy Boxing Day. As you know, I’ve been wanting to box ever since pre-menopause came to town. I’m excited about this holiday.

    Oliver should be causing your hit counter to explode. That is one precious pup.

    Um…the thingie in the picture looks like some kind of weird antenna. Or a pipe cleaner for an elf.

  4. And thank you for matt pond pa and feist! Great Christmas presents!

  5. BOXING DAY presents moonbeam. Ms. Feist’s album has passed the 17-listenings benchmark- an important one for me.

    Thanks too for your comments and your guess at what the object is next to the quarter. Not a pipe cleaner or an antenna, nice tries!

    I think this item might be the thing for the pre-menopausal training period. I smell a witty ad campaign. Or maybe that’s just dog farts.

  6. I so didn’t realize that was your doggie. Must be my insomnia eyes making me see a kitty coming out of the doggies head round about where the right ear is. I thought it was another picture by the artist who did the presents opening children. Weird. I’m twisted, I know.

    The other thingy is a screw, isn’t it?

  7. HEY! Thanks Little Miss. We’ve been wondering what that thing coming out of Oliver’s ear was. We’d better get him to the vet soon. (Yup that’s the 3.5 year old Oliver the Dogmatic. Insane Terrier-ist and Rodent Dictator. He’s really my wife’s doggy.)

    That’s some nasty insomnia, but I guess you have reason to be a little sleepless, reading your recent blog posts. Twisted though? Maybe you’re just knitted, har dee har har … not to make light of it. Sleep is really important- they say our sleep habits can change as we get to middle age. From my category “Preachy Crapola”: A regular aerobic workout routine 3-5 days a week helps a lot. Not that I’ve ever really had regular sleep issues- lucky I guess.

    DING DING DING DING!! Yes Little Miss, that thingy is definitely a SCREW! You are correct! And a sort of “self tapping” one at that, noting the sharpened chisel-like surfaces at its point.

    Now that we know that, it should be a simple matter for my nerdy internet friends to guess what type of material this screw is used to fasten. Right? I thought so!

  8. OOooo! I love the pink boxing gloves! But, really, David? You’re seeming to be much hyper right now! I give up on the funky screw thing. Can’t wait; tell us soon, oK!?!?

  9. You’re probably right C. I’m halfway through a 2 week vacation and spending way too much time online. Maybe I’m getting bored. That would be awful since I’m always proclaiming complete immunity to boredom. Maybe too much coffee?

    Promise that I won’t keep you waiting too long on the screw’s specific purpose.

  10. WOAH…we have a psychic connection: about 1 hour ago, I was literally thinking about how I LOVE (don’t shoot me) that 1234 Feist song from the the ipod…I’m Canadian so I suppose I should listen to her other music as well and support the team, and if it’s good like you say it is, well then I guess I’ll be enjoying myself 🙂

  11. The pink boxing gloves are fantastic! Oh, how I yearn for them.

  12. romi I like that song too, so I won’t be shooting you. I especially like the use of the banjo in 1234. And the video is really cool too, first brought to my attention by this Graceful Flavor post of blogger Jeff Ventura. Jeff was convinced that the video was shot in one take. I doubt it. But anyway, romi, as a Canadian you DO have an obligation. I hope you like the rest of The Reminder.

    The pink boxing gloves are cute, but apparently they are not so great after all. Scroll down to Lisa’s comment. I guess they’d be OK if you were not planning to do a lot of punching.

    OK friends. The screw is a BONE SCREW. My mother-in-law had it removed from her ankle this year after having had it in place for about a decade and a half. The surgeons asked her if she wanted it and shined it all up for her and she was showing it off at our xmas dinner. Well not during dinner actually. I told her that I wanted to take a picture of it and then got distracted but she remembered and told my daughter, who actually took the picture. All for you Internet. I’m sure that my daughter had a suspicion that I’d want to post the picture. Right?

  13. Jeezus I’m mad that I didn’t comment on this yesterday, before you revealed what the mystery item was! Dammit!
    I blame Buck for this. I was about to type: “It means Screw Money, Who Needs It?” when Buck-the-editor snuck up behind me and asked me how I was coming along in my copy editing, to which I replied, “I’m coming along excellently! I’m like Hans Brinker at the computer!” But then he asked for proof and I had none, so I had to click off before leaving my witty-witty remark. Whatever.

    The O-man looks terrific from every angle! And the velvet really brings out the rich color of his snoot. I’ve always avoiding getting a Jack Russell because they’re such a handful (read: psycho) but these photos of him are slowly changing my mind. I’m all like, “I could totally overlook the manic behavior and ADHD if Lee Harvey (what I would name him) were as cute as Oliver.”

  14. Wendy’s comment was hilarious. I kept thinking, “What’s with the white quarter?” Now I have a good answer, and can finally get some sleep.

    I use the same rationale about the boxing gloves as I do about Oliver. Who cares if they’re defective? They’re so darned CUTE! And in the end, that’s really all that matters.

  15. Actually Wendy I was sorta waiting for you to come up with something witty about screwing and money, and you did. Thank you! Now get back to work.

    Don’t let the still photos fool you, Oliver Dogmatic IS psycho. The cuteness helps, but mostly there’s a lot of yelling, fingersnapping, and pointing required to reign in his psychotic episodes. It would be so much better if he were employed.

  16. “…if he were employed.” Ha! LOL

    Yes, by checking on my progress with work, Buck is ruining the giant cocktail party that is my Internet life! I’m still brooding that I didn’t get to be the first commenter on this.

    Oliver employed. Lol.

  17. Yeah, well LOL all you want. Guess it IS funny.

    I ran into this lady at a local public library, and she tells me yeah Jack Russells are a little hyper, but basically all dogs need jobs! They need to work and to have a purpose in life, or some shit. Well look at THIS lady’s job, will ya? She’s a dog loving ANIMATOR.

    So I keep telling the dog, yeah, you just need a job. Not just staring out the windows and trembling all day at the birds and squirrels. But that’s all I know how to do, he says.

    Oh, and I’m sorry that I beat you to the first comment. If I knew how I would post-production place your comments before my own autocommentarianisms. But I don’t know how to do that. Thanks for commenting anyway!

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