Posted by: David | December 19, 2007

Tis The Season

The first box of the season has arrived at the house. It’s from my sister via UPS. She always sends xmas stuff and I never do. I suck. You’d think she’d’ve stopped by now. At least I provide her with the opportunity to bitch me out for never sending anything. So that’s something. I bet there’s a really nice sweater for me in that box. My sister picks out the best sweaters for me. I always get great compliments at work on how sexy I look in the sweaters my sister sends me. Guess I’ll stop there.

Look it’s a box from UPS. Contents: Cat Toys, Tuna, and Live Mice.

Um, would you please check that packing list again? Did you say “Live Mice”?!?!?!

No! It’s just a sweater and some other stupid stuff for humans you dumb pets. And don’t dare take a whizz on that box Oliver! I know you want to. Little dork. No pissing on the amaryllis either.

This amaryllis flower is for real. Believe it or not.



  1. Aren’t packages fun!? Your sister knows the joy of wrapping it all up, sealing the box, getting the address right, and lugging it to the shipper-people. I LOVE to send packages… The look on Kitty’s face is precious.

  2. Oh, sure, you may look sexy in the sweaters… but do you smell like patchouli? I think not. 🙂

  3. There’s Oliver again! His cuteness is whipping the Internet into a frenzy. My god, he’s adorable. The cat’s cute, too.

    And your plants look excellent, by the way. To combine these two things, go look at these cool pet houses with plants growing on them, they’re awesome. My favorite is the heart box and it’s only $3,000! It’s a steal. I bet your cat would like it:

  4. Thanks C, I’ll tell the kitty. Her name is Hunter. She’s kind of a dope, but since this is her first appearance on the internet, I’m sure she’ll want to know.

    Mom-nos, there was a time, in the distant past, the 70s I think it was, that I DID smell of patchouli. But it always smells better on someone else is what I learned.

    LWB, credit goes to my wife on the houseplants, although I do water them when they look thirsty. My cat has not asked for any home improvements yet, happy with our laundry baskets she is. Those pet habitats. Hmmm. Maybe the cat can get a mortgage. Do they have banking services for felines yet?

  5. Do you live in a real house, or is it like this magical gingerbread house with adorable pets, thriving plants, and sexy sweaters?

    Your sister sounds like a sweetheart.

  6. Oh gosh moonbeam, it just seems like a magical gingerbread house on account of it being like some kinda xmas miracle or something. I do feel awfully lucky sometimes, but then I don’t trust it and fear that doom is just around the corner. And yeah, we do have too many pets and plants. It’s nice to have the living things around, even though they excrete.

    My sister IS a sweetheart. She survived the years of abuse I inflicted on her as her big brother (3 years older am I) and the death of our mother at a way too young 62 years. She and I don’t really agree on the xmas and birthday thing though, but hey, life’s too short.

  7. I read your response to Moonbeam wrong, I thought it said “…and fear that a dorm is just around the corner.”

  8. Ref : TBB – That Batra Boy,

    I bet packages like that come for the cat too – with the cat toys, tuna and live mice !! It looks too well fed to get of that box !!

    Hey, my sister got me pastries, yum, and in return I ate them.

  9. My cat loves the boxes, too, but only because she loves to pull the tape off. For hours. In the middle of the night.

    Dang cat.

  10. No packages for the cat. She’s definitely got her winter fat layer going, which is good since she’s outside most of the time. She’s got a quota of birds and flying squirrels to kill. And she’s not smart enough to notice the tape on the box. She just likes to be on top of things.

  11. All of this is very nice. Very nice! And do you have a little camera always with you in your pocket as you walk around the house?

    There seems to be another bulb plant, and behind the amaryllis, ¿is that a geranium? Maybe it is not getting enough light.

    (The Spanish question mark in the middle of the sentence is very useful, ¿can you see?)

  12. Thanks cantueso! The Canon PowerShot A710 is never far from reach, and a pair of spare batteries is in the case.

    The geranium has variegated foliage, and is healthy. But as you mentioned it, I looked for it and saw that it had been moved. I put the laptop aside and went to look for it. I found it in the front entry. It was thirsty. That’s what I love about the internet! Your attention in Spain means that a houseplant gets watered in New England. Beautiful!

  13. Trying to figure out how you would have that camera ready when you need it I remembered a joke that Almodovar made in one of his films. (I saw the joke but not the film). There was a newspaper reporter that had a camera attached to her forehead, just as if it were a third eye.

  14. These little cameras are so handy and easy to use it IS like having a third eye!!

  15. I am going to start a new life now and read the blog by following the categories as they are listed, in alphabetical order so as to find the place where I was last.

    ” The Canon PowerShot A710″: why do photographers insist on what camera they use? I saw it also on Wikipedia; if the author is mentioned, the camera is mentioned, too. But they do not say whether the photo is doctored up and how.

    The photo of the sleeping cat and the alert dog is a novella.

  16. […] Little Miss often posts pictures of her dog. Lily, melting my heart with every photo. Dave over at Thoughts-0-Dave made me entertain thoughts of dognapping his pooch Oliver, the world’s most photogenic Jack […]

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