Posted by: David | December 9, 2007


OK. So I’ve been occasionally forced to comment on my own posts. And now I’m writing a post about it. I started this blog nearly a year ago doing this very thing. I try not to use the word “I” too much, but I can’t help it now, since I have been forced to comment on my own thoughts which I’ve deemed worthy of sharing with you, Internet. That you don’t respond is not my problem. I can comment myself. Sort of like the way Popeye mutters that insane crap under his breath. What the hell have I got to lose?? It had to be done, so I did it. Autocommentarianism.

Every day I ask myself, is it wrong to be so self-absorbed?

(nyuk nyuk nyuk!)

“Hell NO!”, I then tell myself. It’s not like I’m ignoring the other players who are part of my autobigraphical film-within-a-film, which I’m shooting 24/7/365.25. They all have speaking roles, and almost always have more lines than I do … Self-absorption is the “Prime Directive”. And it’s something that we all share- deep down inside …

People tell me that I’m indecisive, but I don’t know …

A well written yet self-absorbed blog post resonates because it’s real, it’s personal, like pages from a diary. A real person’s real thoughts. Blogging is the most brilliant way yet invented to let us turn the pages together, profane and profound alike.

So I’ll keep posting my vacuous thoughts. Making a fool of myself is something that I’m pretty good at. And if you can’t use your talents to make money, just remember this: Money don’t pay the bills y’know! Oh, wait, I guess it does. Never mind.

But blogging is still fun. I’m certainly not the only blogger pumping out useless crap. Sharing this way is like putting your face into that watery membrane of the Stargate sci fi shows. Only instead of looking into a transdimensional wormhole, you’re looking at and sharing the thoughts of other people from all over the world. And maybe seeing the back of your own head.

Thanks and god bless you, Internet!



  1. Now if we can just get blogging to pay the bills– even if no one is reading. Your post here made me think of two things: If you talk to yourself during sex, is that autoeroticcommentarianism? Also, if a blog falls in the woods, and no one is around to read it…Oh wait. I can’t think of an ending for the question.

  2. By the way, I love reading your blog, whether I comment or not!

  3. Sticking your face through a watery membrane and seeing an alien world… now why does that sound familiar? Oh, right, it’s like being born! You may have stumbled on something I would be forced to call deep if I’d been smoking certain substances. Which I haven’t been. I swear. So I’ll just say this.

    Whoa, man.

  4. [… just watched “The Big Lebowski” for the first time last night, staying up way past my normal bedtime … ]

    Whoa, man, indeed. Dude.

    It sounds like you picked up on the mental image I was trying to convey Ceridwen, regardless of what you were or were not smoking. And WHOA unto you too (hee hee) for noting its birthlike quality. Nice observation!

    Crap, I think I just heard my blog falling in the forest!

    Moonbeam, hmmm, “talking to yourself during sex” … it sort of implies, well, never mind. I don’t really want to go there. It’s kinda personal. Thanks, as always, for your lol comments (& also for the ones that you don’t make when I post [hopefully only] occasional tedious blather!

  5. TERRIFIC! And THIS is why I post. (that I is capitalized for a reason, you know…) I post so I can have an account and go read crap like this! I love it. And not that my comments are ever going to be as hilarious as Moonbeams… too too funny. Have a great day. Love the snowy icy tree banner, too. “C”

  6. Are you a fan of the Coen Brothers? they supposedly are making a followup of somesort to the Dude film… unless I dreamed it. Hey – I wonder if the Star Trek series could have Dude like people in the galaxy? Ok, I need more coffee…

  7. Thank you C! With any luck I’ll keep the crap coming.

    And yeah, I’m a Coen brothers fan! I loved Fargo (who doesn’t?) and too many scenes from Barton Fink have etched themselves into my brain for no understandable reason. That hotel in flames with John Goodman walking the corridor! And of course, O Brother Where Art Thou? George Clooney’s best work ever (after ER, which I never watch)!

    A sequel to Lebowski? That is the most wonderful news ever! I think the first film certainly left a lot of, well, loose ends shall we say? Like who won that tournament anyway? The Star Trek Dude mashup definitely merits some serious thought. Or maybe some non-serious thought.

  8. I love that word “autoeroticcommentarianism”! I’ll have to find the right time and place to drop it – casually – into a conversation.
    Right after using “omphaloskepsis” or “hermeneutics”.
    As in, “My omphalsoskeptic, hermeneutically-inspired autoeroticcommentarianism derives from an etymologically-driven essentialist negatively-powered antidisestablishmentariasm.” Cor!
    David, isn’t a pingback the ultimate in self-reference? Autoselfreferencing. Now there’s a thought to chew over.

  9. Wow shazgood, that has to be like the pithiest comment EVER!

    It took me a good 20 minutes and many dictionary visits in trying to deconstruct it. Not sure I’ve succeeded. Your comment touches on so many themes … existential, sexual, religious, and linguistic. Is “essentialist negatively-powered antidisestablishmentarianism” to be taken as in favor a state-church? I thought not.

    And, please explain “Cor!” Is that Irish slang or pertaining to the “heart” of the matter?

    Regarding pingbacks, I still don’t get how or why they happen. Is it bad form to reference one’s own posts within other posts? If so then guilty as charged. Thoughts-0-Dave is as self-absorbed as it gets.

  10. If you are a sponge and you are self-absorbed; do you eventually blow up or disappear?

    Just another ‘why are we here question?’…

  11. C’s comment cracks me up! We should start our own group blog, full of these deep probing philosophical questions. It will be our legacy.

  12. Nothing against the sponges, C, but they have no capacity whatever for self-absorption. Having no nerve cells, they are not even capable of the simplest thoughts.

    However, if a sponge were to be placed on a couch next to me watching TV, especially the Insider (Lara Spencer is SUPERHOT!!), it would be difficult to tell us apart. (Just kidding, I don’t really watch that crap, but Lara used to be on Antiques Roadshow and really is superhot!)

    Good going C, framing it as an existential question. Maybe moonbean has a good idea. Except that any legacy left by me will be completely by accident. And deep probing really kinda scares me.

  13. “Making a fool of myself is something that I’m pretty good at.”

    “If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise” — William Blake

    It’s also a hell of a way to pass the time.

  14. I like that Blake quote. Wonder what it means.

    Is it simply the Fool’s impatience at fault? Well if so then Mr Blake would be proud of me. For I have persisted in this folly since my adolescence. In fact, some would claim that I’ve not yet fully grown beyond that phase. Even after some 4 decades. It’s a guy thing …

  15. This is a great blog. It does not read self-absorbed at all. Go and look in the “thoughts” section of WordPress, and you will see one post after another all starting like this:

    — Today I feel a little different than yesterday (it is always different than)

    — I think today my feelings are more positive than they were as week ago

    — I am a little bored and yet I have such an exciting life.

    And they all munch on their feelings. That would be the meaning of “self-absorbed”, people caught in a vicious circle, trying to feed on reserves instead of creating them. Your blog is always remembered as sunny and light.

    Thanks for your kind comments cantueso. That my posts are remembered by you as “sunny and light” is high praise indeed! That’s my goal pretty much. There is plenty of fear and loathing for everyone, and we spend much time in the dark, self-absorbed or not. Still not entirely certain why I continue posting to this blog, the compulsion persists to do so as it does to keep up with the others in this little community.

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